Copulin Pheromones For Men

Even though Copulins are produced exclusively by women, many men find that when they use a product that contains these aromatic molecules, they receive benefits as well.

Some of these effects seem to tap into the deep recesses of our primitive brain and may affect how a guy is perceived socially by both men and women alike.

Copulin Pheromone Products

There aren’t many products for men with Copulins out there, but there are a few if you hunt around. I still maintain that Essence of a Woman is the best of the best as far as the pure stuff is concerned, but it does require skill to use effectively. Guys may be better off just using a fragrance that has it added in.

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It is logical that if a man wears these synthetic fatty acids that a part of his pheromone signature would signal to others’ subconscious that he just had sex with a fertile woman.

This could make him more appealing or desirable to ladies and could potentially boost his status with other men. There is an aspect that is unpredictable though and that is true for all pheromones.

Some men may find that their peers are more standoffish or see him as competition. This is where trial and error comes in and it may take a few tries to find that “sweet spot” concerning dosage. I think this is the fun part! Try different blends and doses to see what works best.

Copulins for Men

There is also a movement in the bodybuilding world where men are using Copulins to boost their testosterone during a workout. A Japanese study was done on elderly men where they were exposed to these molecules during exercise. 

It was discovered that the men involved did experience a boost in their endocrine function. Of course, I am not aware of any long-term studies that show the results these men would experience down the road if they continued with these methods.

I have read that combining androstenone with Copulins can potentially be a bad combo for men, although I think there are too many factors to make a blanket statement like that. The man’s age would be a factor as well as his personality and who he is interacting with.

One of my partner’s favorite blends has these two molecules in it and he has had only good experiences with them. I find him to be more confident and certainly more alpha when he wears it.

My feeling about this, and this concerns all pheromones is to take it easy. Start small. Make it fun. It’s my belief that all of it is just for fun anyway! If a person uses pheromones in order to try and control a person or situation, I think they will be disappointed every time.

Be light-hearted about it and you have a better chance of having a better time as you explore this world of chemical assistance. Learn more about pheromones.


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