Why It Works with Pheromones

Hey, I’m out meeting women and I knew I could ask you for advice...you have a real home girl vibe going on...Help me pick out a girl to go talk to.

You immediately give her conformation on what she already assumes - you’re picking up women. That’s the “give” part.
The “go” part is when you take away the interest in her.
If you were interested in her you wouldn’t be asking her to pick out a girl for you to go talk to. Hey! I’m a woman. Learn more about pheromones at http://eastbaykerry.com/more-resilient-with-pheromones.html/ and http://www.taidemuseot.com/thanks-for-pheromones/

She starts to get slightly upset using natural pheromone perfumes.

Awww, it’s okay we can still be friends. Come here.

You acknowledge her feelings and make her feel better with a hug.

However, by putting her in the friend zone you set up the challenge to work for your affections.

Pivoting her around shows dominance and implies you two already have a friendly relationship. This is the way a friend or lovers would embrace. Learn more at http://www.entre-aines.ca/notify-her-youre-interested-in-her-pheromone-fragrance/

So, you’ve shifted her state from one of disbelief, to happiness and confusion. Then you shift her back a state of disbelief and attraction.

On the other hand if she said: Well, what do you look for in a woman?

This means she’s either not attracted to you, but is still willing to help you out. Or it means she’s insecure and has accepted her role as a friend of pheromone attraction and forms of social pheromones.

[Start describing someone that looks like and acts like she looks and acts.] The more you describe her the more likely she is to catch on that you’re actually describing her.

In that short time frame she had you, lost you, and then regained you shifting through several states and is more attracted to you now. Learn more at http://www.ludilire.fr/pheromone-connection/

11. Proximity Notice:

This is a situational opener where your pheromone laced nvironment allows you to be close to her and then notice her outside of what you were doing.

For example let’s say you’re in a bookstore and you’re standing in the magazine section flipping through a magazine.

So, you give her what she wants - a date with a night of sensual romance.

Running Out of Things to Say:

If you find yourself running out of things to say ask her if she likes [something you like]? Or you can perform a cold read, “That reminds me of... [Cold read].” Or just direct the conversation onto a topic you can speak passionately about.

Worst-case scenario you suddenly have to go do something and you ask for her number before you go.


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