Athena Pheromone Perfume Review

Athena Pheromone Perfume is an oil-based product without a distinctive scent of its own. It was created by Dr. Winnifred Cutler, an expert within the pheromone industry. Users must combine Athena Pheromone perfume with their own scented perfume. Since Athena doesn’t change the smell of the wearer’s perfume, many question the value of using it.

About The Athena Institute

But the Athena Institute is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the pheromone industry. The makers of Athena Pheromone Perfume must be doing something to have lasted for 20 years. Exactly, what does this perfume have to offer? First, this perfume is unscented. Consciously, you can’t smell it. However, pheromones work on others unconsciously.

So, do not worry that you cannot smell the perfume. Just know that it still gets the job done, even if it’s unscented. The manufacturer suggests that you mix Athena with a branded alcohol-based perfume. This stabilizes the wearer’s base perfume. Remember, this will not change the scent of your cologne. Your cologne works as a primer for Athena.

Pheromone Content

Unfortunately, many people are confused about the content of Athena Pheromone Perfume. According to the manufacturer, these ingredients are secretive to deter others from stealing their formula. Although this may be a valid point, many would like the company to be more transparent about Athena. Learn more at


Supposedly, Athena works up to 6 hours after application. However, this also depends on the wearer’s perfume when combined. When used by itself, it’s hard to determine if and how Athena works.


Five women field tested Athena Pheromone Perfume. Three women said men reacted differently to them when they wore Athena. The other two didn’t see a difference.

What Stood Out to Me

I like the reputation of the Athena Institute. Dr. Winnifred Cutler was one of the first founders of the pheromone industry, which dates back to the 1980s. If this company began back then, it must be a successful one.

What Needs Changes

The company lacks transparency. No one knows the ingredients of the Athena pheromone perfume. The company claims it doesn’t want to entice copycat companies. But it would give everyone a better peace of mind if the contents of the Athena formula are known. Also, no one likes the high cost of Athena Pheromone Perfume. One bottle costs close to $100. This is 50 percent higher than other pheromone oil products. Overall, Athena Pheromones work but they seem to be overpriced. Learn more at


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