False Attraction With Pheromones

Okay here is the last word on attraction, or rather on false attraction with human pheromones.
In bigger cities and sometimes in smaller areas you’ll run into a flirty girl who just collects guys. These guys are called orbiters. They are guys who will do things for her, or buy her things, or watch her kids while she goes out.

Sometimes everything seems to be going great with a girl only to find out she was just inviting you to the club/bar she works at to get customers in the door. These nice guys go out of their way to please her while secretly hoping one day she’ll sleep with them

Not going to happen, but thanks for playing. What’s more unbelievable is she has no problem with this situation of her natural pheromones.

It’s not that she’s cold hearted; she’s just entitled because that’s what the world has taught her to expect.

Meanwhile she’s busy sleeping with the men she really desires - A guy who isn’t a pushover. How do you keep from becoming one of her orbiters? Say, “I’m not that kind of guy.”

When she wants you to take care of problems she shouldn’t even be asking you to take care of say, “I’m confident in your ability to handle your own problems with true pheromones.” Learn about pheromone systems in mammals.

Usually this example shows up when she has some guy hitting on her and she doesn’t want to deal with it herself.

The basic idea is you’re keeping her from losing respect for you by not giving in to her demands without reason. Learn more at http://www.acimeksikabiberhapi.com/my-pheromone-preferences-changed and http://www.vialucis.us/the-evidence-that-animals-communicate-via-pheromones-is-abundant/


After you approach and get her attracted the next step is to create a bond [in most cases]. Otherwise if you get her number and then call her up you’re just one of many cool guys she met that night.

In other words even though you attracted her you fafled to standout and give her a reason to see you again with all natural pheromones.

So, she might talk herself out of dating you and cancel any plans you make. You failed to make a connection.

However, if you’ve progressed to a level where you can easily get a same night hook up the bonding stage isn’t as important. Learn more about pheromones at http://terrestrialdesign.com/trusting-your-pheromones/ and http://bearcruisesfl.com/equipment/meet-up-pheromones/

You aren’t likely to see her again.

The RaRE Process:

The acronym RaRE [Rapport, Regression, and Education] can sum up the process of making a connection.

Until recently these were the cornerstones to bonding. Now there’s a new style I favor over the rest, which I call Insight Game but l’ll get to that in a minute.

Rapport is about finding commonalities usually through sharing stories and interests.

Regression is a technique that takes her back to her childhood interests when things were simpler. This is a strong technique for connecting with her on a base level.

Education is a technique where you tell her something interesting she didn’t know or it’s a special way to do a something that’s desirable.

A good example for a bar or party setting is teaching her how to never miss a high five again. Another example is teaching her sexual mastery secrets.

Education is important to strengthen the level of your authority. And being an authority or expert helps her to readily accept anything you say as truth.

Regression and education are easy enough, but it takes some skill to tell a compelling story.

Stories: To Tell or Not to Tell

I believe exciting stories are dead ends.

Conventional wisdom suggests that somewhere in your conversation you’re going to put your best traits on display [covertly] by telling people a gripping story.

However, is this re ally what you want to do?
Is it the best way to go about getting her?
Or are you just working against yourself?
Give me a minute to explain.
It’s all about Social proof.
Social proof is when a girl becomes interested in you because other people find you desirable. This works on a sliding scale.
You can have positive or negative social proof and one of the determining factors is momentum.


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