Syngergistic Pheromone Flow

And it applies sensory transference by using her positive feelings in the moment, which causes her to be compliant to your advance.

Once you’re kissing her she shifts state again into a state of arousal. Not only that, but her joyous state is synergetic with her new state of pheromone production.

The body has several states with pre-arousal. In this example you’d make out with her for a while in the lobby. Skip dinner and take her up to your room.

Example 2: You allow her state to cool thus getting a bigger result from the next state you transition her into. Learn more about pheromones at

You help her put the necklace on. While leaning in you can whisper in her ear or nuzzle her neck.

Pull back slightly with your head while remaining close to her head [placing her in a comfortable state based on proximity to her implying you share an intimate relationship]. Learn more about pheromones at

Then languidly run your finger along her exposed collarbone [an erogenous zone]. Say, “You look really good...uh, it looks really good on...” Learn about pheromones homeostasis.

As you trail off you turn your head and kiss her.

Creating movement while you are talking helps to smooth it out. The words are sort of a planned Freudian slip showing how much she overwhelms your pheromones.

By waiting longer between shifting her from a happy state to an aroused state makes the arousal state deeper.

The moment hit you and you were powerless to resist it. All you could do was submit to her. Whereas the first example was a bold display that lead to the same state.

Both work equally well.

Now that you have a basic idea of how rapid state shifting works let’s look at a common problem guys run into - being witty in the moment.

If you’ re just able to approach, attract, and tease a girl it will dramatically improve your results.

Teasing Practice of true pheromones:

So you tried to tease a girl just to stumble all over your words.
Or maybe you thought of the perfect comeback ten minutes too late.
I know. It happens to the best of us. So, how do you get to the point where the witty comebacks are there when you need them? You practice.

Write out a sentence or sentences a girl might say and then identify “target” words that you can build off of for your comebacks.

You aren’t.
The approach is just different based on how the world has treated them.
Now, if you fail to give her this excuse she’ll start testing your true pheromones.

From your male prospective [valuing looks first] the effort to reward is ratio is skewed and you become frustrated.

You think: the attractive girl warmed up to me easily, why won’t this girl do the same?


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