I Have A Secret about pheromones

Women love pheromones. They love confessions almost as much. However, ma be ou aren’t read or willin to share some dee secret confession with a woman 7 you’Ve Just met her pheromone supplier. Learn more at http://www.e-sportarena.com/action-on-true-pheromones.php and http://www.wahlstromvaliant.com/turn-it-around-with-human-pheromones-for-men/

An excellent way to share a secret or confession with her is to set it up like you have something serious to tell her and then when she comes closer whisper a mundane thing in her ear.

If you’re sitting with her say, “Come here. I want to tell you something,”
Or, “Come here. I have a confession to make.”
Then when she leans in say something like, “I really love chocolate.”
It’s a tease, but at the same time it fi,1I1CtlOI1S like you have just told her something intimate. An added benefit is by sharing she’s more compelled to share one of her own secrets.
It makes her feel more comfortable being around you. Learn more at http://www.starlightsound2004.com/using-next-level-pheromones/

She feels you won’t judge her and she can say anything to you.

Sexual Tension Secret: Add some sexual tension to this when you’re standing by grasping her hips and pulling her towards you before you whisper in her ear. Then push her away. The dominance and closeness turn her on.

Flowing Hands:

bar games.

Token Resistance:

Sometimes things move along too quickly for her and she feels she shouldn’t be doing this or she doesn’t Want you to think she’ s easy when I use natural pheromones.

Never argue, disagree, rationalize, or beg in such a situation.

No means no, but if she says something like: “We shouldn’t be doing this,” you agree with her and then redirect [either physically or Verbally].

Let’s say you are making outwith her. A good redirect at this point is: “You’re right We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Then go back to kissing her with scented phermones.

Beyond Seduction: Logistics

After you attract her and make her comfortable you might be tempted into thinking your Work is done. And that’s assuming you don’t screw up one of the most important considerations - the logistics. Learn more at http://www.dragonfirekenpo.com/success-with-pheromones/

Resource management is perhaps the most important element of seduction that doesn’t deal directly with seduction. Learn about pheromone patterns.

You can do everything right, but if you have poor logistics you can still fail.

Basic logistics include:

When do I take her number?

If I talk to her in the daytime and she has other obligations she needs to attend to at that moment. If I don’t have time to talk, but still Want to contact her.
If the logistics are poor and I can’t get her back to my place.
After We’Ve slept together and I’m interested in seeing her again.


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