Pheromone Massage Oil Review

Pheromone products can be beneficial if you are trying to attract someone of the opposite sex since pheromones are actually released by the body and have a lot to do with the physical attraction between humans. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all pheromone products out there work and provide the attraction results that you really want. One type of product is Pheromone Massage Oil, and here is a closer look at this product, how it works, and information to help you decide if you want to buy it.

Pheromone Massage Oil is a special massage oil that includes pheromones and it can be applied topically to your skin. There are a variety of different scents available, including Vanilla Desire, Plumeria Kiss, Exotic Rain, and Passion Pear. You can purchase these oils in different sizes, including a 1-ounce bottle or a 4-ounce bottle.


There is no information on how long the Pheromone Massage Oil is supposed to last. The smell in our tests did last for some time. 
These massage oils are very easy to use. They can be sprayed on with the special spray bottle and then rubbed on the body, wherever you want to apply the oil.


Feels great on skin
Pleasant scent


Pheromones not listed
Doesn’t attract opposite sex


We did find that the scents were lovely and the oil definitely feels great on the body. However, the problem with the Pheromone Massage Oil is that it doesn’t seem to be effective. It doesn't do a great job of attracting the opposite sex. There is no place where the pheromones included are listed. Learn more at and

So either there are none included or the concentration is very weak, because we did not get any good results when trying to attract the opposite sex.

For $12 a bottle, which I felt is a great deal, I wanted to give it a try to see how it worked. I ordered one of each scent so I could try all of them and see how they smelled. Once the bottles arrived, I smelled them all and really liked the way they smelled, although I have to admit that my favorite scent was Passion Pear and my least favorite was the Vanilla Desire.

To give this massage oil a try, I wanted to try it on a blind date. One of my friends set me up with this guy who was supposed to be super hot. So I figured that maybe the massage oil would give me an extra edge on this blind date. After my shower, I applied the Passion Pear Pheromone Massage Oil and rubbed it into my skin. It felt amazing on my skin and the smell was even better after I applied it. Then I got ready and went out on my date.


The date went well, but there never was a time when it seemed like the pheromones were really working. While the date was okay and he did ask me out on another date, I didn’t feel the attraction from him that I expected. I wasn't sure it was a good pheromone product. He did comment that he liked the smell though. 

In the end, this is a product I’d recommend people to use a good pheromone product. The smells of the oils are great, which can help mask the smell of some of the effective pheromones out there. I’ll definitely be using the Passion Pear again, and I expect better results when I use it with a good pheromone product.


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