And he pulls out the bottle of human pheromones

So, that took roughly 1 minute to move her from admiring him for his money and having friendly feelings of gratitude [by the way he has treated her thus far] to a flirty seduction.

Let’s break it down:

State 1: Insecurity [looking for reassurance]
His Action: Withholds for a moment to amp up her state.
State 2: Confusion
His Action: He makes an ambiguous noise that cannot be figured out without more information.

Transition: He says, “Something’s missing.” This amps up her confused state distracting her while she tries to figure out what’s missing. And he pulls out the bottle of human pheromones.

Refocus: He says, “Maybe something in this box.” This suggestion focuses her attention on the box. State 3: Curiosity
His Action: Gives her a command to get excited.
He says, “I don’t Want you to get too excited, it’s only on loan.”

Quick Tip: The brain has difficultly processing negatives so it seems like he says, “I Want you to get [too] excited.”

State 4: Excitement His Action: He opens the box showing her his massive necklace. State 5: Awe

His Action: He waits until she reaches over to touch it. Then breaks her state by snapping the lid shut on her hand. with natural pheromones. Learn more at and

State 6: Embarrassment [momentarily]

His Action: Smiles at her being equally amused with himself as the situation. This reinforces her state. She thinks: “Oh that was silly. I overreacted. You got me.”

State 7: Joyous Laughter [at herself for overreacting]

7 States in roughly a minute! Learn more at

No openers, stories, negs, or cocky-fiinny - none of that crap.

It was just a simple, straight-ahead example of cycling her through a number of states. This is rapid state shifting - A game changer. Learn about pheromones and bacteria.

This shows Why rapid state shifting works so quickly and easily.

Why It Works:

It Works because most women filter the world through their emotions. and true pheromones

If you control her state, you control how she feels.

Specifically, you control how [and to what degree] she feels toward you.

The variety of emotions she feels with you keeps her on her toes and makes you seem more interesting. It gives you more depth.

Now, if this were a real life example the next step would be to physically escalate through touch.

I’ll give you two examples.

Example 1: Since it’s Julia Roberts [and she has such a great smile] you could wait until she calms down a bit, but is still smiling, and say, “You have a really beautiful smile. Come here.”

While you’re saying this you’d step in and at the same time slide one arm around the small of her back pulling her toward you as you kiss her.

It’s bold. It’s simple.


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