Transition of Pheromones

Here you’re segueing into a personal story. Everything else up to this point was riffing on reality television. Now you’re providing something of substance that’s a natural transition of pheromones. This shows you’re a human being capable of doing more then making her laugh.

I recommend if you are using this material verbatim that you at least plug in a story fiom your own life. Learn more at and

A sweet touching story like this is one of the few times I feel a story can add to the interaction.

So, I must have been six or so and I went and gathered up my Star War figures - at that age Star Wars was the most amazing thing ever! I loved those I offered to pawn them to help buy grandma her car with pheromone scents.

Shows you’re able to think of someone other then yourself.

Also it opens the door for a separate discussion on Star Wars [assuming you were interested in taking it there and she was into Star Wars].

I have an interesting story about a bartender taking a buddy and myself back to her place for a little [unusual] Star Wars sexual role playing. Learn about pheromone olfactory signals.

Aww, that’s sooo sweet!

Yeah, this is basically the response you will get every time.

After this touching story transition to something else. You don’t want to take a chance with her becoming too emotional in the wrong setting of pheromones.

So, what are some of the toys you had back in the day you wish you would have held onto? This is a question that will cause her to regress back to childhood and become nostalgic.

Everyone at one time or another has had a conversation that usually starts out: “Hey, whatever happened to [some toy everyone had]? Wasn’t that toy the coolest?”

Most people enjoy short journeys into nostalgic times that were simpler and carefree. It’s an excellent state to help cement your new bond and makes it feel like she can go off and do anything with you.

If she isn’t particularly nostalgic or is more of a party girl, who’s attracted to fame, then you ask her what her reality television show would be.

This taps into her desire for attention and fuels her exhibitionist side. Again this gives her the feeling that she can be adventurous with you.

Deep State Acceleration of Pheromones

So, let’s say you aren’t interested in turning this girl into your girlfriend, but you would like to sleep with her tonight or at some point in the future. All you do is create an “us verses them” dynamic.


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