Super Primal For Her Pheromones

From the fragrance of a fresh rose to the aroma of our favorite foods, scents create a lasting impression on us. They’re also one of the most effective ways that a woman can attract a man. And that includes Super Primal for Her. But what exactly makes this scent so magnificent?

About Super Primal For Her

Super Primal for Her is a fragrance that’s been specifically designed for women. In the natural world, animals and insects use pheromones to impact the behavior of animals and insects of the same type.

The objective is for females to attract males, via the pleasant scent of a cologne. Dr. Pugliese, a researcher in the field, created this product with an enticing aroma.

What makes it so effective is that it combines natural plants along with pheromones that originate from humans. Learn more about pheromones at

How Long Does It Last?

Clinical studies show that various colognes that contain pheromones last for roughly 4-6 hours. This depends on how active you would be while wearing the fragrance. The more active you are, the shorter the time it will stay effective.

However, the studies also indicate that the pheromones remain strong even when you’re doing activities that are physically draining, such as workouts or dancing.

Super Primal for Her couldn’t be easier to apply. Like any other type of fragrance, you simply spray it on whenever you want to start attracting people of the opposite gender. It’s that simple! The container is convenient enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go, and then apply whenever you need it. Learn more about pheromones at


While Super Primal isn’t the only cologne that includes pheromones, the ones that they contain are 10 times more potent than any other human pheromone contained in commercial fragrances! The key to the product’s effectiveness is the chemicals contained in it.

By using Super Primal for Her, you will feel energetic, confident, and stimulated. This will help you and your partner to reignite the passion that you had when you first met.

Many customers have been satisfied.

The pleasant fragrances and the pheromones create a perfect blend, which causes women to consistently use the product. While there are tons of run-of-the-mill fragrances on the market, pheromones represent an innovation in the industry, This is what draws many customers to them.


And since pheromones exist naturally in our bodies, that adds another dimension to the product. Not only do the satisfied customer smell better, but they feel better about themselves! And a person who has an air of confidence is definitely more attractive than someone who lacks it.

Many women claim that after they wear pheromones for women to the same places they typically visit, their interaction with men is extraordinary better. Learn more at

If you want to attract men naturally, then you should definitely consider using Super Primal for Her. A state-of-the-art fragrance, it’s easy to use, long-lasting, and effective. Whether you’re looking for a date or to reignite a romance, here is your chance. It’s time to take your cologne to the next level!


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