Alpha male behavior with pheromones

So, if you want to be an approach artist and not a closer [a guy that gets sex] then by all means stay in your diluted little world where you successfully opened all those girls, and got all those numbers only to find yourself alone without pheromones.

Why do opinion openers suck? First: they are not Alpha male behavior.

Trait. The transference of a trait involves the cultivation of traits that conform to her fantasies or personal tastes.

An example of trait transference, which fits into persona crafting, is when a girl likes a specific celebrity and you sort of resemble that celebrity. Learn more at and

Once you know this you can go back and study that celebrity’s look, dress, speech, and mannerisms, and then assimilate them into your own persona on how pheromones work.

A secondary example of trait transference is when you are in proximity of another person or group of people who hold desirable traits.

An example would be sitting with the cool kids in high school and by that mere association you become one of the cool kids.

Special skills that she finds interesting or desirable, which you have cultivated for the purposes of admiration fall under the transference opener on true pheromones. Learn more at

Let’s say you’re riding the subway and a girl you like is sitting across from you.

So, you reach into your book bag and pull out your Rubik’s Cube [because you’re into puzzles] and you start completing the cube quickly over and over again with your eyes closed.

Either she is going to be in awe and think you are amazing or she isn’t going to care [which leaves you where you started anyway]. Learn more at

Energy. An example of the transference of energy is when your home team just won. Or when she is on a high from some accomplishment. When she is in a good mood she is likely to accept your seductions. I’m not sure whyI said charms when it was only the one turtle, but I guess it sort of worked suggesting her charms were her breasts that she was putting on display. Learn about the specific role of pheromones.

She says it’s one of the major symbols of the Maori people of New Zealand and how it’s more for decoration than anything specific she believes in.

I think she said it had to do with navigation and she talked about the Maori a little bit.

Then we move on to talk about how she wants to travel all over and join an organization like the Peace Corps.

Meanwhile we’re touching back and forth. We touch each other lightly on the arm, she pushes off of my shoulder when I tease her, and somewhere in there I thinkI said I liked her nail polish while holding up her hand.


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