How do Pheromones Evolve?

Maybe you've heard about scented pheromone perfumes and creams that supposedly attract mates. The people who coined the term pheromones where Peter Carlson and Martin Luther and they came up with that word in 1959, which is derived from the Greek word to carry and to excite.

In the animal kingdom, pheromones are set markers and these triggers certain responses and behaviors. Some trigger sexual responses and others territorial.

Pheromones Role In Humans

We know that pheromones work in the animal kingdom but there is much still unexplained in pheromones in humans. There's a lot written about them and nothing actually has been proven. It's the unconscious association with other sensory input that allows the pheromones of other people to determine who is what we prefer to see hear touch taste.

After conditioning to the pheromones, we behave differently than we otherwise would and differently than someone else does. So that's why your sexual preferences may be very different than someone else's. Learn more at

Understanding Pheromones

All these factors are associated right down to the genetic level and pheromone production. Pheromones from the opposite sex cause positive levels of hormones and testosterone to change. Men who prefer women exhibit an elevated testosterone response to women and vice versa.

Furthermore, a lot of the animal models for pheromones work for humans as well. Studies show males respond to the opposite sex female pheromones from their mother with a testosterone surge. Learn more at

That's their first erotically charged experience from a physiological level. Females don't get that response because they don't respond to same-sex pheromones. Pheromone exposure at birth boosts the hormone responses and testosterone associated with visually perceiving physical characteristics.

Pheromone Colognes for Men

Have you ever seen a really ugly bloke walking around with a gorgeous woman and thought, how? The answer is pheromones according to Pheromones claim to make you irresistible, even if you were short, fat, ugly, with no money and the personality of an ironing board.

Now, what I want to do for the rest of this article is to share with you my experience with pheromone cologne so you can judge for yourself. I want you to decide for yourself as to whether or not this is something you would want to research on your own.

How do Pheromones Evolve?

Sometimes we have a good clue to this and in fact, this is a good reminder that pheromones work under water just as well as in hair. Some scientists found the goldfish female pheromones are actually the same or very closely related to humans.

So to recap, pheromones have been found in all sorts of animals. And what does seem to be true is that all pheromones are detected by smell. And that's for the good reason that smell is much more sensitive than any sense of taste. And while smells are important to us as they are to every other kind of animal, not every smell or odor is a pheromone.


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