She agrees with pheromones

Once she starts agreeing with you again and again it’s easier to get her to agree with wherever you are leading her.

Sometimes she will provide you with her own examples that fit within your example. This is good. It shows you she has adopted your worldview in this moment.

But I’ll tell you one thing. If you’ve ever watched that show Hoarders I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make you clean your place with natural pheromones.

You’re still on topic moving things along to another truism

That’s so true!

She agrees with pheromones.

I don’t know anyone who can watch the show hoarders and not feel a very strong urge to clean their house.

I don’t think I could be with a girl that’s all messy like that. I me an I’m a little dirty, but not messy. I bet you’re a little dirty yourself. Learn more at and

Now that she has allowed herself to fall into this cycle of automatic agreement you lead her to your next point while changing the vibe slightly [to a more sexual vibe pheromones].

She’s laughing and views you favorably so you’re going to subtly show her you’re screening her. You don’t like messy girls. It’s purposefully vague.

She can either understand the statement literally - you don’t like girls who make messes - or figuratively - you dislike girls who are unable to keep their lives together with natural pheromones.

“I’m a little dirty, but not messy” sets up a distinction between the two for her. Learn about pheromone factors.

“I bet you’re a little dirty yourself’ brings home the idea that the word dirty has a double meaning here.

Translation: “I bet you have dirty thoughts [about me] ,” Or, “I bet you like to get dirty in the bedroom too.”

Oh my God, stop. You’re so bad!

She can’t believe you called her on this, but she still likes the attention of pheromones.

[Laughing] And you KNOW they are making the hoarders of tomorrow with all those pawn and collectible shows.

Although, the one I really like is called Toy Hunter. It’s the one where they find all the old toys

you used to have and are now like, ‘This is worth a bazfllion dollars! I’ll give you a hundred bucks for it.

You show her you’re amused at her girlish ways with your laughter. Then you release this by going back to the topic.

Now you share a show with her you do like [giving her a breadcrumb of information about your likes, which gives her a sense that she’s beginning to know you], and you provide her with another truism - other people [the people in these shows] won’t give you what your treasured toys [memories] are worth.

Depending on the type of girl you’re talking to you might want to substitute the show Oddities in place of Toy Hunter.


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