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Alpha A314 Pheromone Review

When it comes to the opposite sex, A314 is best at creating love, fantasy and "daydreamy" responses in women. A314 helps project the image of you as an Ideal Man. It's perfect for creating long-term relationships with women who were previously "out of your league".

More than ever, women will feel at ease and deeply in touch with you. Inside their heads, they'll be thinking "There's just something so special about him, I can't put my finger on it... but he's fascinating".

You can turn A314 from love-and-fantasy inspiring daywear into lust-and-fantasy inspiring nightwear by using it with our sexual excitement product, "Turn Up The Heat!" (you'll learn more about this one in a moment)

Pheromone Benefits
A314 is the world's first truly classy, high-end pheromone product that increases status, trust and cooperation

Goes beyond pheromones alone, in technology and results. The combination of pheromones with factors from nat…