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Alpha male behavior with pheromones

So, if you want to be an approach artist and not a closer [a guy that gets sex] then by all means stay in your diluted little world where you successfully opened all those girls, and got all those numbers only to find yourself alone without pheromones.

Why do opinion openers suck? First: they are not Alpha male behavior.

Trait. The transference of a trait involves the cultivation of traits that conform to her fantasies or personal tastes.

An example of trait transference, which fits into persona crafting, is when a girl likes a specific celebrity and you sort of resemble that celebrity. Learn more at and

Once you know this you can go back and study that celebrity’s look, dress, speech, and mannerisms, and then assimilate them into your own persona on how pheromones work.

A secondary example of trait transference is when you are in proximity of another …

The Wrong Mindset with Pheromones

Another mistake guys make when it comes to approaching, and seduction in general, is they have a“What canl get” mentality instead of an approach of abundance of pheromone scents.

A seductive man is not counting the phone numbers, or kisses, or rnake-outs he gets. A seductive man chooses what he wants with true pheromones. Learn more at and

It’s a “what I allow her to give me” mentality. *

* Keep in mind an approach of abundance isn’t going to put more attractive women in any given venue. You still have to properly pick your venues where attractive women gather around pheromone users. Learn more at

Most Common Direct Style Mistakes for Pheromone Users:

1.You seek a reaction from her.

When you seek a reaction from her after delivering your direct opener it shows he…

Lack of credibility with Pheromones

The credibility is a combination of how you present yourself and the words that come out of you mouth. Combined together this creates your first impression.

The problem with using a scripted routine verbatim is it creates an incongruent perception, which shows a lack of credibility.

Without credibility there cannot be seduction.
So, how do you establish credibility?
Establish Credibility by:
Being an expert. Knowing what you’re talking about shows credibility.

Presenting your words in an authoritative way by believing in yourself, your cause, and conveying them both in a verbal and nonverbal way. Learn more about pheromones at and

Creating a credible 1st impression:

0 Your look matches your persona 0 You appear confident and in control 0 You respect the girl you’re seducing, the venue, and her friends.

Another way to gain credibility is to speak with respect and understanding about y…

Pheromone Communication is Always Key

In Hong Kong people believe that inequalities amongst people are acceptable if they use natural pheromones. Recently the British gave Hong Kong back to China, but it still stands apart as a magical place separate fiom Mainland China. Learn more about pheromones at

Multicultural Hong Kong is rapidly changing and the people seem to tolerate this change Well. It’s an economic powerhouse, but despite this the people still act in the best interest of the group.

Schooling is very important. Children in Hong Kong learn English at an early age. After children finish their schooling and get a job they often send money to their parents to help out. The majority of children live with their parents until they get married with true pheromones.

Competitiveness can be seen in the long hours people will work. Learn more at


Express to her this is a pheromone quality

Express to her this is a pheromone quality you share. Say, “Most people are [one boring way], but you and I are different. We [the shared quality] and that’s rare. We understand one another. It makes us special.”

For example: Say you’re in Pittsburgh where family Values, conservative democrats, blue—collar workers, and being blunt to the point of being crass are the norm in pheromone usage. Learn more about pheromones at and

But you’re both cool artist types.

You say, “You know the cool thing about Pittsburgh is that most people here don’t have the subtleties and the joy for the finer things in life.

It’s a beer and sports town stuck in the past that makes some people [use a subtle back and forth hand sweep to indicate you are talking about the two of you] really stand out with their artistic Vision and open mindedness.” Learn about…

Why It Works with Pheromones

Hey, I’m out meeting women and I knew I could ask you for have a real home girl vibe going on...Help me pick out a girl to go talk to.

You immediately give her conformation on what she already assumes - you’re picking up women. That’s the “give” part.
The “go” part is when you take away the interest in her.
If you were interested in her you wouldn’t be asking her to pick out a girl for you to go talk to. Hey! I’m a woman. Learn more about pheromones at and

She starts to get slightly upset using natural pheromone perfumes.

Awww, it’s okay we can still be friends. Come here.

You acknowledge her feelings and make her feel better with a hug.

However, by putting her in the friend zone you set up the challenge to work for your affections.

Pivoting her around shows dominance and implies you two already have a friendly relationship. This is the way a friend or lovers wo…

I Have A Secret about pheromones

Women love pheromones. They love confessions almost as much. However, ma be ou aren’t read or willin to share some dee secret confession with a woman 7 you’Ve Just met her pheromone supplier. Learn more at and

An excellent way to share a secret or confession with her is to set it up like you have something serious to tell her and then when she comes closer whisper a mundane thing in her ear.

If you’re sitting with her say, “Come here. I want to tell you something,”
Or, “Come here. I have a confession to make.”
Then when she leans in say something like, “I really love chocolate.”
It’s a tease, but at the same time it fi,1I1CtlOI1S like you have just told her something intimate. An added benefit is by sharing she’s more compelled to share one of her own secrets.
It makes her feel more comfortable being around you. Learn more at http://www.starlightsound2…

Example of using Pheromones in Real Life

This is a routine you can share while bonding. Idon’t always tell it word for word as I calibrate it for the girl I’m speaking to, but I have included all the elements so you have it both ways.

You start out by mentioning how everyone out at the club or bar is trying to see and be seen to raise his or her social status. Learn about andro pheromones at

You say how it’s like a reality television show.

Most women like to watch trashy TV like reality television shows, but even if she doesn’t it’s impossible to live in our modern world without some understanding of what reality TV entails.

You: “So, today I was watching this new show called My Cat from Hell. It’s sort of like a retarded version of The Dog Whisperer. Have you seen this?” Check out pheromone secretions.

Her: [Laughing] “Oh? No I haven’t watched it. Idon’t have cable.”

You: “No? Well anyway, there’s this biker looking guy who’s all tatted up and plays in some band, …

Syngergistic Pheromone Flow

And it applies sensory transference by using her positive feelings in the moment, which causes her to be compliant to your advance.

Once you’re kissing her she shifts state again into a state of arousal. Not only that, but her joyous state is synergetic with her new state of pheromone production.

The body has several states with pre-arousal. In this example you’d make out with her for a while in the lobby. Skip dinner and take her up to your room.

Example 2: You allow her state to cool thus getting a bigger result from the next state you transition her into. Learn more about pheromones at

You help her put the necklace on. While leaning in you can whisper in her ear or nuzzle her neck.

Pull back slightly with your head while remaining close to her head [placing her in a comfortable state based on proximity to her implying you share an intimate relationship]. Learn more about pheromones at…

And he pulls out the bottle of human pheromones

So, that took roughly 1 minute to move her from admiring him for his money and having friendly feelings of gratitude [by the way he has treated her thus far] to a flirty seduction.

Let’s break it down:

State 1: Insecurity [looking for reassurance]
His Action: Withholds for a moment to amp up her state.
State 2: Confusion
His Action: He makes an ambiguous noise that cannot be figured out without more information.

Transition: He says, “Something’s missing.” This amps up her confused state distracting her while she tries to figure out what’s missing. And he pulls out the bottle of human pheromones.

Refocus: He says, “Maybe something in this box.” This suggestion focuses her attention on the box. State 3: Curiosity
His Action: Gives her a command to get excited.
He says, “I don’t Want you to get too excited, it’s only on loan.”

Quick Tip: The brain has difficultly processing negatives so it seems like he says, “I Want you to get [too] excited.”

State 4: Excitement His Action: He opens the bo…

I should probably leave that alone of pheromones

I ignore her comment and ask her what she thought. She says she thinks the girl is cute. I say, “I don’t know, she has a boyfriend...I should probably leave that alone of pheromones.”

The fact that she was interested enough to give me a hard time showed she was attracted to me [assuming I could handle her test and not get upset or scared].

Ignoring her test and showing a lack of interest in her, by asking her for an opinion on the girl I was with, seemed to be the best approach of pheromones.

Then I turned it around on her by saying I should leave the Kiwi alone, which made me available in her mind.

It seems really counterintuitive that a woman would be attracted to a guy she just saw with another
woman, but women are competitive creatures. They respond to status and men who are desired by other womens pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at and

Okay, I know you can only learn…

The Emotions of Pheromone Attraction

He was getting her turned on by rubbing her thigh and created an aroused state. Meanwhile I was engaging her mind and emotions of pheromone attraction

If it weren’t so obvious that he was insecure I would’ve guessed he was helping me along for some sort of group activity. Learn more at

His attempt to make me look bad while he still had the upper hand gave me an opportunity to see just how willing his girlfriend was to side with my human pheromones. Learn more at

One look to her, then to her boyfriend’s hand on her leg let her know, I knew. When she brushed his hand off it said, “I’m getting turned off by my boyfriend’s insecurity.” Learn more at

All I had to do was give her a knowing gesture. I was fit to be with her more so than he was, which was demonstrated by my eye contact and a slight smi…

She would sleep with your pheromones

All seduction accesses states, but there’s no universal law that says there has to be a time limit imposed on how quickly states can be accessed.

In the early days of organized seduction one guru suggested it took, on average, seven hours of interacting with a woman before she would sleep with your pheromones. Learn more at

Seven hours of pheromone usage!

It really makes me wonder how many poor guys out there were with a woman who was ready to go after twenty minutes, but the guy screwed himself over because he thought he had to wait seven hours.

Seven hours...there’ s nothing rapid about that. So, let’s get you up to speed.

I’m going to give you a chance to take a look at rapid state modulation in action, but first let’s go over a few of the basics. Learn more at and

All states are not created equally.

Typically you…

Pheromones on Your Birthday

Or you’re dating a girl and it’s a birthday gift for you, her, or one of her good friends who secretly has a crush on you who loves human pheromones.

Or you have a few female friends that want to have fun with you while they are drunk, but then one of them decides she wants this to really happen with yur pheromone scent.

Or they are roommates and one has a crush on the other girl who’s attracted to you.

Or a girl is interested in you and your buddy so she invites you both back to her place to have a strange role playing fantasy realized. Learn more about pheromones at and

Or you’ll lose out at the last moment as one girl gets jealous and doesn’t want to share.

Or one of the girls is just too tired and gives her friend to you as a third friend, who is playing video games in the living room, suddenly decides to see what all the noise is about [then tries to stick around to watch].

Whatever t…

sexual pheromones in nature

This is a questions style game that’s usually sexual pheromones in nature.

It allows each person to ask a question starting with the words “have you ever” followed by a scandalous topic. For example: “Have you ever kissed another girl.”

The general idea is to get her to become open to doing adventurous things with you sexually in a short amount of time of pheromones. Learn more at and

Also it allows you to judge how experienced she is when it comes to being sexually adventurous.

It doesn’t matter what show it is as long as it’s interesting to you and lets you continue with what you were saying.

Ye ah, I can totally see that! Never throw anything away it might be worth something when you’re old. She will just keep agreeing here.

Sometimes she’ll offer a counterpoint like maybe they are really just looting the hoarders stash and doing them a favor of greater ph…

She agrees with pheromones

Once she starts agreeing with you again and again it’s easier to get her to agree with wherever you are leading her.

Sometimes she will provide you with her own examples that fit within your example. This is good. It shows you she has adopted your worldview in this moment.

But I’ll tell you one thing. If you’ve ever watched that show Hoarders I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make you clean your place with natural pheromones.

You’re still on topic moving things along to another truism

That’s so true!

She agrees with pheromones.

I don’t know anyone who can watch the show hoarders and not feel a very strong urge to clean their house.

I don’t think I could be with a girl that’s all messy like that. I me an I’m a little dirty, but not messy. I bet you’re a little dirty yourself. Learn more at and

Now that she has allowed herself to fall into this cycle of …

Transition of Pheromones

Here you’re segueing into a personal story. Everything else up to this point was riffing on reality television. Now you’re providing something of substance that’s a natural transition of pheromones. This shows you’re a human being capable of doing more then making her laugh.

I recommend if you are using this material verbatim that you at least plug in a story fiom your own life. Learn more at and

A sweet touching story like this is one of the few times I feel a story can add to the interaction.

So, I must have been six or so and I went and gathered up my Star War figures - at that age Star Wars was the most amazing thing ever! I loved those I offered to pawn them to help buy grandma her car with pheromone scents.

Shows you’re able to think of someone other then yourself.

Also it opens the door for a separate discussion on Star Wars [assuming …

Pheromone Complications

If she isn’t a club girl pointing this out it gives you “secret knowledge” and makes you look insightful comments on pheromones. So, today I was watching this new show called My Cat from Hell.
Most people watch TV so it’s a safe bet for a topic to talk about.
My Cat from Hell is an instant attention getting name for a show.
It’s also a good subject because most women have pets and they can relate to an evil cat.
It’s sort of like a retarded version of The Dog Whisperer. Have you seen this?

The Dog Whisperer has been around for a while now and it’s a decent show, so chances are good she has watched the show about pheromone usage.

If not it doesn’t really matter because she can pick up on the word dog in the title and relate it to pets once again.

My Cat from Hell isn’t exactly the best show. It’s okay at first, but it’ s very redundant and ridiculous if you really think about it. “Like a retarded version” is certainly not politically correct, but most women find pheromone sexy and attra…

False Attraction With Pheromones

Okay here is the last word on attraction, or rather on false attraction with human pheromones.
In bigger cities and sometimes in smaller areas you’ll run into a flirty girl who just collects guys. These guys are called orbiters. They are guys who will do things for her, or buy her things, or watch her kids while she goes out.

Sometimes everything seems to be going great with a girl only to find out she was just inviting you to the club/bar she works at to get customers in the door. These nice guys go out of their way to please her while secretly hoping one day she’ll sleep with them

Not going to happen, but thanks for playing. What’s more unbelievable is she has no problem with this situation of her natural pheromones.

It’s not that she’s cold hearted; she’s just entitled because that’s what the world has taught her to expect.

Meanwhile she’s busy sleeping with the men she really desires - A guy who isn’t a pushover. How do you keep from becoming one of her orbiters? Say, “I’m not that…

use more pheromones to attract women

I turn to the guy and say, “Congrats on landing the trophy wife.” Then I give him a high five and use more pheromones to attract women.

This set up my next state shift and was a subtle dig on him. Not only that, but it also gave them a chance to correct me. If I found out they were married then I would have ended the conversation. This isn’t because I couldn’t continue if they were married. It’s a personal choice. Despite the divorce rate I still find certain things sacred pheromones.

1 put up my hand to have her give me a high five too and say, “Awesome.”

She goes for it and I pull my hand away so she’ll miss. She nearly falls off her stool into me. “Ha, ha. Got you!”

This amplifies her pheromone attraction state greatly.

The girl laughs and I help her back into position as I sit down across from her. Looking over at

my friend he gets the idea and sits down across from the guy. Athletic girl puts her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder and says, “Oh, he’s not my husband.”

I noticed she w…

looking around for better pheromones

Since I scouted out the next approach while I was in my last conversation I didn’t need to take time looking around for better pheromones.

I already knew there was some sort of issue going on with the couple so I didn’t have to worry too much about wasting my time talking to a girl who was completely into her boyfriend.

I open the guy with my state breaking curiosity opener. I say, “Wow, I cannot believe she just did that.”

This instantly creates curiosity. I approached the guy first so he wouldn’t automatically object to me talking to his girl about how pheromones work in humans. Learn more at

They look at me for a moment seemingly confused. I wait. Then she says, “You can’t believe what?”

This was only a second or two, but l’ll be damned if it didn’t feel much longer. You just have to hang in there. One of them will say something eventually. They can’t resist. Learn more at

“What you just did. You would…

I was still there with natural pheromones

I introduce my friend talking him up a bit by telling her he is a champion thumb wrestler. They thumb wrestle. Cheating she wins by using two hands and insists it still counts.

Even though I have my arm around her my focus is on getting my friend into the conversation. The thumb wrestling set a fiin state, offered her a challenge, and gets them used to touching each other. The fact that she got into it means she was interested in continuing the interaction.

We all Vibe for a while and I lose track of What is going on. I’m casually looking around for another group we can get ourselves into.

I haven’t decided if this is a smart move or just sort of rude to the girl. I like to think it gave her some private time with my friend even though I was still there with natural pheromones.

I notice a girl near the back of the patio fighting with her boyfriend.

The couple was off to the left and people kept walking past so I have no idea if they noticed me before I went to talk to her or not. Lear…

Toward your overall pheromone seduction

Showing you’re able to have humorous insights on your own pheromones allows her to see you can deal with whatever life throws your way.

Remember: Insight game by itself will do little toward your overall seduction [she still has to be attracted to you and care about your opinion], but when you combine it with the other elements of seduction it’ll set you apart and supercharge your pheromone attraction results. Learn more at and

How do you come up with a topic to have insights about? Find something that has universal appeal.

Pop culture topics that she’s heard of, but not necessarily experienced are good.

It allows you to convey a deep understanding of her attitudes and beliefs, which connects with her on an emotional level of pheromones. Learn more about how to manhandle your wife.

Inwardly she says, “He understands me! That’s just how I feel a…

a long story about how pheromones work

So, why would you want go from a solid opening and mutual attraction only to bring things to a grinding halt with a long story about how pheromones work?

Why would you want to make things harder on yourself?
As time creeps on anticipation builds.
Your audience becomes more and more enraptured.
BUT as the anticipation builds so does the need for that big payoff at the end. Mess up anywhere in between and you run the risk of boring her.
Girls these days have ADHD in the bars.
Having an ending that doesn’t live up to expectations and you’ve lost her. Come across as braggart and you never had her. Learn how to give her sexual pleasure.

There are many potential pitfalls.

So, while you prattle on and on with your “amazing” [attractive lifestyle] story another guy is looking for her emerging boredom. Learn more about pheromones at and

One crack in your storytelling ability and it’s time for …

Kissing and Making Out with Pheromones

Sexual touch involves touching her erogenous zones. The inside of her thigh, a kiss on her neck, and so on are touches in this pheromone category. Learn more at

Kissing and Making Out:

The seduction material is split on public displays of affection.

In my personal experience kissing is sometimes useful for making other women jealous, but can cause her to withhold more when you finally get her back to your place.

She doesn’t want to appear easy so she stops herself from sleeping with you because she made out with you back at the club in front of her friends.

Remember: If you’re planning on sleeping with her somewhere in the Venue or around the Venue then most of this advice can be disregarded his true pheromones.

Be nonjudgmental, appeal to her adventurous side, and get her emotionally as well as physically worked up and you’ll be amazed at the things she’s willing to do. Learn more at


see you again with greater pheromones

It’ s helpfiil when you managed to get her attracted to you, but you didn’t provide her with enough of a reason to see you again with greater pheromones according to

You should know however this is a double-edged sword.

While she gets a better idea of your interests and what sort of person you are online it also lets her snoop around.

Not to mention you may fall into the trap of having an emotional relationship with her online, but never actually seeing her in real life on true pheromones.

Good First Dates:

I have no idea how the dimer and a movie first date got started.
It isn’t a good approach for seduction since you can’t talk in a movie.
When you are at dinner you’re physically separating yourselves between the tables.
What’s a good first date?
1. Go for a hike with her. It’s free and gets the blood flowing.
2. Go to a flea market, garage sale, or farmer’s market. It’s an inexpensive and interesting date. 3. Go to an …