Example of using Pheromones in Real Life

This is a routine you can share while bonding. Idon’t always tell it word for word as I calibrate it for the girl I’m speaking to, but I have included all the elements so you have it both ways.

You start out by mentioning how everyone out at the club or bar is trying to see and be seen to raise his or her social status. Learn about andro pheromones at http://bluepearl-templates.com/never-expect-sex-pheromones/

You say how it’s like a reality television show.

Most women like to watch trashy TV like reality television shows, but even if she doesn’t it’s impossible to live in our modern world without some understanding of what reality TV entails.

You: “So, today I was watching this new show called My Cat from Hell. It’s sort of like a retarded version of The Dog Whisperer. Have you seen this?” Check out pheromone secretions.

Her: [Laughing] “Oh? No I haven’t watched it. Idon’t have cable.”

You: “No? Well anyway, there’s this biker looking guy who’s all tatted up and plays in some band, but he’s using natural pheromone perfume. Like you can not use pheromones.”

Her: [Laughing] “Sure. Using pheromones?” Learn about pheromones at http://www.buildavillage.org/using-natural-pheromone-scents

Stuff like that. Learn more about pheromone attraction at http://3ddvdrentals.com/pheromones-ratio/

All the while the boyfriend is jumping in where he can and my friend is doing a good job talking to him At one point he tries to make fiin of me by saying I have a big nose, but his girlfriend says it gives me character.

He ends up getting her number and for some reason the numbers of a few of the guys. Not sure why, maybe he’s looking to build up a social circle at that bar? Regardless, this is the end of the night.

Now, let’s break it down.

The odds: About five guys for every girl. Not good, but it’s a non-issue if these guys lack game.

The only time the odds like this won’t be in your favor is when it is a room full of guys who know what they are doing. Learn more at http://www.fabiocoronas.com/data-of-his-pheromone-production/

My friend and I head for the patio while I make a mental note of the layout of the place.

Going outside seemed like a less noisy and cramped option. I always make a quick mental note of where things are located in the places I visit. It can help later like it did in this example by knowing the bathroom was close to the patio.


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