Pheromone Gold Review

There are many pheromone products on the market that cater to men, but many women are looking for excellent pheromone products as well to help them attract men. Learn more at

A few products do exist that are specifically for women, but before buying it’s always a good idea to investigate the product. Here is a close look at Pheromone Gold to help you decide whether this may be the product you have been looking for to attract men. 

Pheromone Gold is a special liquid powder that has been developed and released by Marilyn Miglin, a formal model. Her goal is to help women feel beautiful and she also wants to help women attract men as well. 

The product comes in a twin pack with two 8 oz bottles of the liquid powder that is supposed to contain pheromones in it. It is fragranced with jasmine, iris, cassie, and sandalwood and is supposed to refresh the skin leaving it rejuvenated, cool, and smooth.


The product is supposed to be used daily after bathing, and the scent does last quite some time. Unfortunately, since the scent is so powerful, the fact it sticks around for some time is not really a good thing in this case.

You will find that Pheromone Gold is a product that is easy to use. Before you apply it, you are supposed to shake it up well. And then after your bath or shower, apply it on the body.
Although the product did feel nice on the skin when it was applied, the smell was far too strong. 

Pheromone Gold is supposed to contain pheromones. However, when we tried it out it didn’t seem to affect men at all, which was a disappointing find.


  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • May not work for everyone
  • Scent is overpowering
  • Pheromones not listed


  • N/A

Final Verdict

I wanted to give Pheromone Gold a try to see if it really worked, and I didn’t think that the price of $22.00 for a twin pack was too bad, although I had to pay to ship as well. 

When I received the product, I took a shower first before opening it because you’re supposed to apply it after showering. When I opened up the product the smell was overwhelming. It had too much fragrance, but I tried it out anyway, smoothing it all over my body like directed.

I was trying this out at work to see how it worked on the guys. There were a couple cute guys I had been wanting to attract, so I thought I’d see how it worked on them. 

The problem is that by the time I got to work, the scent had given me a horrible headache and I just wanted to wash it off. Once at work, I saw the cute guys I was interested in. 

Apparently, the pheromones in the product didn’t work because they didn’t act on me at all. In fact, one of them commented on the overwhelming smell, which was really embarrassing. Learn about pheromones to attract men at

After I got home from work, I jumped in the shower and scrubbed this product off. With a horrible headache and no results at the end of the day, I definitely won’t be using this product again or recommending it to anyone.


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