Max Attraction Silk Review 2018

A very powerful yet sexy pheromone. Max Attraction Silk contains 3x the potency of the leading pheromone brands and comes in a warm, sensuous fragrance that men love. 

Included in Max Attraction Silk are copulins, one of the main ingredients in female pheromones includes.


One of the main ingredients are naturally secreted into a woman’s vagina around the time of ovulation, and the scent of this pheromone can elicit up to a 150 percent increase in testosterone in men, causing male arousal and sexual attraction to the woman. Learn more at


Max Attraction Silk is rated to last for 4-6 hours and only requires 2-3 drops. We found that using more can be overpowering and unnecessary.


Max Attraction Silk is a new pheromone perfume which made it hard for us to know what to expect as there wasn’t an abundance of reviews and information available. The first we noticed out of the box was the gorgeous aroma, classy yet very bold and sexual

Combined with the high pheromone potency, we noticed a significant boost in men's attention and interest. It becomes very difficult to ignore women when she smells this good and is emitting powerful pheromones.

The real surprise was the bonus package of lip enhancers. Having gorgeous lips is a major turn on for men and the Luscious Lips enhancement kit did a great job of “plumping” them up and making them fuller,sexy, and more seductive. 

Of course, not all women will need them but for many it is a great enhancement that makes you look sexier and more attractive. I was amazed at how much more sexually attractive I became.


  • Sexual aroma entices men
  • Perfect for dating
  • Overwhelming positive reviews from customers


  • A little more expensive than other brands


  • Androstenol
  • Copulins

Final Verdict

Manufactured by LuvEssentials, Max Attraction Silk is one the best smelling pheromone perfumes we have reviewed. Men will be in total awe of the addictive sweet scent. It’s beautifully done, and has a velvety-soft, sexy aroma that men adore. 

Luvessentials has developed quite a cult following and has become the “style guru” of female pheromones. Learn more at

If you want something that screams sexy then Silk is a great choice. Men won’t know what to do with themselves. Used in conjunction with their Luscious Lips enhancement kit, Max Attraction Silk provides the best results we’ve seen compared to any other female pheromone. Learn more about pheromones at


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