The Emotions of Pheromone Attraction

He was getting her turned on by rubbing her thigh and created an aroused state. Meanwhile I was engaging her mind and emotions of pheromone attraction

If it weren’t so obvious that he was insecure I would’ve guessed he was helping me along for some sort of group activity. Learn more at

His attempt to make me look bad while he still had the upper hand gave me an opportunity to see just how willing his girlfriend was to side with my human pheromones. Learn more at

One look to her, then to her boyfriend’s hand on her leg let her know, I knew. When she brushed his hand off it said, “I’m getting turned off by my boyfriend’s insecurity.” Learn more at

All I had to do was give her a knowing gesture. I was fit to be with her more so than he was, which was demonstrated by my eye contact and a slight smile.

I tell my friend he should go buy us a pitcher of beer. He refuses. I almost push the point of him getting the first round, but I have a better idea.

Logistics are really screwed up for this one. So, I go all or nothing. I say, “Fine, I’ll get the first round.” Then to her I say, “Come on. Help me carry the glasses.”

At first this was a mistake on my part. Everything was ready to go, but I wanted more time to figure out the logistics of pheromone production.

Telling her to come with me to help carry the glasses gave her the perfect excuse to spend time alone with me. I was also counting on my friend to keep the boyfriend company for a while.

As busy as it was inside I figured there would be a long line, which bought me time.
I take her hand and pull her toward my body. “Come here, I have something I want to ask you.” Againl almost made a mistake getting her number. If I had I probably would’ve never heard from her again.
So, I figure I have nothing to lose. I take charge. I go for it, all or nothing.
At this point many things could’ve gone wrong. Learn about familiar pheromone odors.

The boyfriend could’ve come to find her. We could’ve been thrown out by security. Or enough people could’ve been paying attention that we wouldn’t have had a chance to even get started in the bathroom But in the end it all worked out.

I push her up against the wall and we make out. Then we change positions and I walk her

backwards until we ran into the sink. Pants start coming undone as I focus on her neck.

Another display of dominance and which amplified her sexual state. Focusing on her neck brought her state up even more while we fumbled with our jeans.

Then ten minutes later we’re back outside without any beer. I say, “The line was long and we didn’t feel like waiting anymore.”

So, everything seems cool, but she keeps looking at her boyfriend. Probably trying to see if he knows anything is up. I teH him it’s okay, that I can see that I’m making him nervous, and that maybe they should just go.

Waiting in line at that point would’ve taken too long and I just didn’t care. Although, she seemed awfiilly interested in telling on herself with her paranoia.

My friend and I talk to some more people throughout the night. I lose track of him and ask a

cute twenty something bartender with curly hair [that reminds me of a poodle] if she has seen him.

It’s about closing time and I didn’t want to leave without my friend. She gives me a hard time by saying she saw me go into the bathroom with the athletic Kiwi and how she could’ve had me thrown out.


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