sexual pheromones in nature

This is a questions style game that’s usually sexual pheromones in nature.

It allows each person to ask a question starting with the words “have you ever” followed by a scandalous topic. For example: “Have you ever kissed another girl.”

The general idea is to get her to become open to doing adventurous things with you sexually in a short amount of time of pheromones. Learn more at and

Also it allows you to judge how experienced she is when it comes to being sexually adventurous.

It doesn’t matter what show it is as long as it’s interesting to you and lets you continue with what you were saying.

Ye ah, I can totally see that! Never throw anything away it might be worth something when you’re old. She will just keep agreeing here.

Sometimes she’ll offer a counterpoint like maybe they are really just looting the hoarders stash and doing them a favor of greater pheromones. Learn more at

As long as she’s agreeing or being an active participant in the conversation this is a good thing. Learn about pheromone cues in animals.

Personal Story:

You know that reminds me of the time my dad and uncles were splitting the cost to buy my grandma a car for Christmas. She couldn’t afford a new one and she had to be able to drive to the store and the doctor and stuff.

Anyway, I remember they were fighting over how to split the cost. See, my dad and my one uncle wanted to split it evenly, but my other uncle wanted to pay less since my dad and his other brother made so much more than that uncle made You understand her when nobody else can, you are both special, and you can create your own little world where anything goes.

The real world is out there and it doesn’t count. While you two are together nothing else matters. Add physical escalation and she’s yours. Step 1: Identify a quality you both share that makes you stand out from the crowd. Point it out.


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