looking around for better pheromones

Since I scouted out the next approach while I was in my last conversation I didn’t need to take time looking around for better pheromones.

I already knew there was some sort of issue going on with the couple so I didn’t have to worry too much about wasting my time talking to a girl who was completely into her boyfriend.

I open the guy with my state breaking curiosity opener. I say, “Wow, I cannot believe she just did that.”

This instantly creates curiosity. I approached the guy first so he wouldn’t automatically object to me talking to his girl about how pheromones work in humans. Learn more at http://3ody.com/goal-of-pheromones/

They look at me for a moment seemingly confused. I wait. Then she says, “You can’t believe what?”

This was only a second or two, but l’ll be damned if it didn’t feel much longer. You just have to hang in there. One of them will say something eventually. They can’t resist. Learn more at http://all-accountancy-jobs-uk.co.uk/?p=408

“What you just did. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway.”

This amplified her curiosity. Also, since her boyfriend didn’t immediately tell me to get lost he was interested in what I had to say, or at the very least not defensive. Learn more about experimental pheromone systems.

“What? What?”

She can’t stand it any longer. Stacking a second what after the first showed she was so eager that I didn’t even get a chance to respond between her first and second word of these natural pheromones.

“Oh, it was nothing...I think it’s cute how you scrunch up your face when you take a sip from your drink.”

I explain it away. At the same time I offer her a complement. “Oh...it’s a fruity-sour girlie drink. I’m more of a beer girl.”

This is interesting. It seems like she’s self-conscious about making these little faces. Or it could just be her need to explain.

However, the way she explains seems to suggest her boyfriend bought her the drink because he doesn’t like the fact she’s a beer girl. Then again maybe it was just to get her drunk quicker? I don’t meet a lot of good-looking girls who prefer beer to mixed drinks. and better pheromones

The girl is wearing a scoop-neck tee that shows off her cleavage, a necklace with a large charm dangling from it [a turtle with a swirled design on its shell], and jeans. She has an athletic runners build. The guy is about twice her age in business casual and is going gray early.

Based on how she’s dressed I figure she enjoys attention, but still likes to keep it casual. I also made a quick judgment call and assumed she was with him for his money.


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