Nexus Pheromones Review - What I Discovered

Nexus pheromones is a popular spray sold by Leading Edge Health. But then here's the kicker, and this is why I really think it worked for me. When she was walking down the aisle, she looked back and she gave me like a stair and didn't think I was looking. If I was in the dating scene right now, I totally, totally could've gone up and talked to her.

However, I didn't do anything. I didn't even try to flirt with her. I didn't even really, you know, smile at her. Instead, I just kind of just looked at her at her as quick as I could before she notices. If you think about it, it a simple. Pheromones bypass the rational brain and they target women's ancient instinctive meeting behaviors.

Impressions of Nexus Pheromones
So maybe that woman was thinking she can mate with me because I'm giving off these pheromones. It was just interesting that she actually took the time to do a double-take as she was leaving. And I seriously never happened to meet her before. 

Super Primal For Her Pheromones

From the fragrance of a fresh rose to the aroma of our favorite foods, scents create a lasting impression on us. They’re also one of the most effective ways that a woman can attract a man. And that includes Super Primal for Her. But what exactly makes this scent so magnificent?

About Super Primal For Her

Super Primal for Her is a fragrance that’s been specifically designed for women. In the natural world, animals and insects use pheromones to impact the behavior of animals and insects of the same type.

The objective is for females to attract males, via the pleasant scent of a cologne. Dr. Pugliese, a researcher in the field, created this product with an enticing aroma.

What makes it so effective is that it combines natural plants along with pheromones that originate from humans. Learn more about pheromones at

How Long Does It Last?
Clinical studies show that various colognes that contain pheromones last for roughly 4-6 hours. This depends on how active y…

Realm for Women by Erox Review

Realm pheromone perfume by Erox is a casual perfume that works best for mature women. This fragrance begins with a top note of the Italian Cassia, Egyptian Tagetes, and Sicilian Mandarin – an exhilarating and exotic combination that cast a spell on men.

Although Realm has not disclosed which pheromones they use, by user accounts we suspect they include copulins.
Do Pheromones Work? To answer the question "do pheromones work", scientists isolate a number of pheromones and pheromone-like substances in humans, and studies have shown that pheromones do have an effect on a variety of human behaviors and hormonal processes.

Not all of these are of interest to those searching for a mate.

In fact, some pheromones have been shown to decrease testosterone levels and thereby the mating instinct!

In all the "do pheromones work" studies there are 3 human pheromones that have been found effective for attracting members of the opposite sex: androstenol, androstenone, and copulin…

Primal Instinct for Her

Primal Instinct has been around for a while and it’s one of the more popular products on love-scent. Primal Instinct is oil based and contains androstenone with 0.5 mg of androstenone per ml, which is quite significant!
Copulins One of the main ingredients are naturally secreted into a woman’s vagina around the time of ovulation, and the scent of this pheromone can elicit up to a 150 percent increase in testosterone in men, causing male arousal and sexual attraction to the woman.
Duration Primal Instinct is rated to last for 4-6 hours and only requires 2-3 drops.
Concentrated pheromone increases physical attractionMakes men more social and friendlyPositive reviews from customers
Unscented. Should be used with perfumePheromonesAndrostenolCopulins
Review While not the shining star of this bunch, Primal Instinct pheromones pack some real power. In fact, this is the most easily overdosed pheromone out of the entire bunch - for me, it often results in anger, unrest, argu…

True Pheromones Review

Scent works in many wonders. A good scent does not only bring pleasure to the sense of smell but it also has the ability to dictate social behavior and increase sexual attraction. The secret is in pheromones. These are emitted from our bodies and are nature’s way of allowing us to connect subconsciously just by smelling.
True Pheromones uses a special blend of different molecules and ingredients in its products, thus acting as scent aphrodisiacs. 
With its special line of scents that you can mix and match, you can be more confident, open, approachable, dominant and sexually appealing. Thanks to True, you can achieve all that you want to be with the opposite sex even without having to rely much on your physical appearance. The Developer True manufactures a wide range of products for both men and women which incorporate attractants functioning as sexual and behavioral stimulators. Some of their products include cologne, body spray, massage oils, lotion, shampoo, candles and any more. T…

Wingman Pheromones Full Review

With Wingman Pheromones, getting a date or spicing up your love life will no longer be a problem. All you have to is spray away. So what’s the secret? Wingman Pheromone products are not just mixed with a generic formula, but an optimized blend of pheromones designed for the complexity of a woman’s sense of smell, thus triggering sexual response.

Studies have shown that men who have applied Wingman Pheromones have increased the frequency of dates, sexual gestures, foreplay and sexual intercourse. Now their products might be a bit more expensive than other pheromone brands in the market, but the effectiveness and satisfaction they give will be worth it.
The Developer HAX Pheroceuticals Inc. Is the mastermind in the production of Wingman. With over 16 years of pheromone research experience, they are experts in creating the best pheromone products for men. Pheromone compounds are produced to exacting pharmaceutical standards, ensuring high potency, clean scents and maximum effectiveness …

Copulin Pheromones For Men

Even though Copulins are produced exclusively by women, many men find that when they use a product that contains these aromatic molecules, they receive benefits as well.

Some of these effects seem to tap into the deep recesses of our primitive brain and may affect how a guy is perceived socially by both men and women alike.
Copulin Pheromone Products There aren’t many products for men with Copulins out there, but there are a few if you hunt around. I still maintain that Essence of a Woman is the best of the best as far as the pure stuff is concerned, but it does require skill to use effectively. Guys may be better off just using a fragrance that has it added in.

Learn more about pheromone perfumes at and

It is logical that if a man wears these synthetic fatty acids that a part of his pheromone signature would signal to others’ subconscious that he just had sex with a fertile woman.

This could make him more appealing or desirable to lad…