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Alpha male behavior with pheromones

So, if you want to be an approach artist and not a closer [a guy that gets sex] then by all means stay in your diluted little world where you successfully opened all those girls, and got all those numbers only to find yourself alone without pheromones.

Why do opinion openers suck? First: they are not Alpha male behavior.

Trait. The transference of a trait involves the cultivation of traits that conform to her fantasies or personal tastes.

An example of trait transference, which fits into persona crafting, is when a girl likes a specific celebrity and you sort of resemble that celebrity. Learn more at and

Once you know this you can go back and study that celebrity’s look, dress, speech, and mannerisms, and then assimilate them into your own persona on how pheromones work.

A secondary example of trait transference is when you are in proximity of another person or group of people who hold desirable traits.

An example would be sitting with the cool kids in high school and by that mere association you become one of the cool kids.

Special skills that she finds interesting or desirable, which you have cultivated for the purposes of admiration fall under the transference opener on true pheromones. Learn more at

Let’s say you’re riding the subway and a girl you like is sitting across from you.

So, you reach into your book bag and pull out your Rubik’s Cube [because you’re into puzzles] and you start completing the cube quickly over and over again with your eyes closed.

Either she is going to be in awe and think you are amazing or she isn’t going to care [which leaves you where you started anyway]. Learn more at

Energy. An example of the transference of energy is when your home team just won. Or when she is on a high from some accomplishment. When she is in a good mood she is likely to accept your seductions. I’m not sure whyI said charms when it was only the one turtle, but I guess it sort of worked suggesting her charms were her breasts that she was putting on display.

She says it’s one of the major symbols of the Maori people of New Zealand and how it’s more for decoration than anything specific she believes in.

I think she said it had to do with navigation and she talked about the Maori a little bit.

Then we move on to talk about how she wants to travel all over and join an organization like the Peace Corps.

Meanwhile we’re touching back and forth. We touch each other lightly on the arm, she pushes off of my shoulder when I tease her, and somewhere in there I thinkI said I liked her nail polish while holding up her hand.

The Wrong Mindset with Pheromones

Another mistake guys make when it comes to approaching, and seduction in general, is they have a“What canl get” mentality instead of an approach of abundance of pheromone scents.

A seductive man is not counting the phone numbers, or kisses, or rnake-outs he gets. A seductive man chooses what he wants with true pheromones. Learn more at and

It’s a “what I allow her to give me” mentality. *

* Keep in mind an approach of abundance isn’t going to put more attractive women in any given venue. You still have to properly pick your venues where attractive women gather around pheromone users. Learn more at

Most Common Direct Style Mistakes for Pheromone Users:

1.You seek a reaction from her.

When you seek a reaction from her after delivering your direct opener it shows her you do care What she thinks. A self-confident guy will just come up to her and start talking.

He cares about what she thinks, but doesn’t let it influence him. 2. You have poor body language and/ or appearance.

If you have poor body language or your appearance doesn’t fit your persona then you’ll come across as being incongruent with cheap pheromones.

This gives her an uneasy feeling and it can destroy your credibility. 3. You expect her to put in all the effort on pheromone signals.

You can’t count on her to provide you with material to riff on after you approach. Opening directly displays confidence, but that’ll dissipate if you don’t continue your conversation in a confident Way.

So, if direct openers aren’t some magical fix why should you use them?

Why shouldn’t you just go back to your opinion openers?

Why Opinion Openers SUCK and What to do about it:

I’ve noticed two of the most misunderstood topics in seduction are opinion openers and what it means to be an alpha male. Learn more at

Shockingly many guys tend to lump these two into the same approach! Opinion openers and being an Alpha male are like ofl and water. Ninety-nine percent of the time they do not go together.

Know why?

Don’t worry; if you’re like most guys you’re probably confused right now. You’re saying to yourself, “I use opinion openers without a problem and I’m an alpha male, aren’t I?”

Well, I’m going to explain it to you in a minute, but first let’s take a look at opinion openers and why you shouldn’t be using them

Opinion openers have been shown to be a good, if not neutral, way to approach. Notice I said approach, not close.

Lack of credibility with Pheromones

The credibility is a combination of how you present yourself and the words that come out of you mouth. Combined together this creates your first impression.

The problem with using a scripted routine verbatim is it creates an incongruent perception, which shows a lack of credibility.

Without credibility there cannot be seduction.
So, how do you establish credibility?
Establish Credibility by:
Being an expert. Knowing what you’re talking about shows credibility.

Presenting your words in an authoritative way by believing in yourself, your cause, and conveying them both in a verbal and nonverbal way. Learn more about pheromones at and

Creating a credible 1st impression:

0 Your look matches your persona 0 You appear confident and in control 0 You respect the girl you’re seducing, the venue, and her friends.

Another way to gain credibility is to speak with respect and understanding about your former girlfriends and others.

The Wrong [but most common] Direct Approach for Pheromone Users:

The most common direct approach, after you walk up to a girl, goes something like this: “Excuse me, you are absolutely stunning. I could never forgive myself if I didn’t come say hello.”

Now, this approach is better than doing nothing at all, but it overlooks a few key points. First: it automatically rules out unattractive girls. Learn more at
They will not believe you or think you are making fun of them.
Second: the most attractive girls are going to be ruled out as well.

An extremely attractive girl already knows she’s good-looking and giving a complement to her [on top of your desire] proves to her you don’t deserve her.

That’s unless you’re attractive enough for her [already meet her threshold].

Otherwise she’ll just blow you off.

So, what’s the problem?

You failed to differentiate yourself from all the other guys out there. As a result all you did was approach.

Just approaching limits your interactions to a numbers game.

Which means if you approach X cute girls this way then you can expect to have Y cute girls receptive to you. Roughly speaking this will be between 6% and 10%.

And this assumes you’re skilled at approaching.

I don’t know about you, but I’m interested in being able to choose the women I want, not the women who happen to be receptive to me already.

And I don’t want to have to do hundreds of approaches beforehand just to walk away with only 10%.

Pheromone Communication is Always Key

In Hong Kong people believe that inequalities amongst people are acceptable if they use natural pheromones. Recently the British gave Hong Kong back to China, but it still stands apart as a magical place separate fiom Mainland China. Learn more about pheromones at

Multicultural Hong Kong is rapidly changing and the people seem to tolerate this change Well. It’s an economic powerhouse, but despite this the people still act in the best interest of the group.

Schooling is very important. Children in Hong Kong learn English at an early age. After children finish their schooling and get a job they often send money to their parents to help out. The majority of children live with their parents until they get married with true pheromones.

Competitiveness can be seen in the long hours people will work. Learn more at

Communication is indirect and harmony between members of the group is most important. Conflict is avoided.

People are typically quiet and mild-mannered with true pheromones.

Smiling at others or saying, “Good morning,” on the street makes people wonder if you’re after something from them who happened to wear Pherazone pheromones.

When it comes to communication the people of Hong Kong will rarely say no outright. They instead say things like, ‘‘I Will think about it.”

To an American this may lead them to think that person is actually going to think about it when they are really saying no. Learn more at

Seduction Keys: Approach indirectly at the typical places like bars and nightclubs. Then get into social circles.

Western men visit certain locations Where the women in Hong Kong who are interested in dating these men frequent.

Other dating options come from women that have traveled and thus are not necessarily local. Hong Kong has a surplus of women.

However, some men may be put off the princess syndrome and materialistic ways held by many Women.

Express to her this is a pheromone quality

Express to her this is a pheromone quality you share. Say, “Most people are [one boring way], but you and I are different. We [the shared quality] and that’s rare. We understand one another. It makes us special.”

For example: Say you’re in Pittsburgh where family Values, conservative democrats, blue—collar workers, and being blunt to the point of being crass are the norm in pheromone usage. Learn more about pheromones at and

But you’re both cool artist types.

You say, “You know the cool thing about Pittsburgh is that most people here don’t have the subtleties and the joy for the finer things in life.

It’s a beer and sports town stuck in the past that makes some people [use a subtle back and forth hand sweep to indicate you are talking about the two of you] really stand out with their artistic Vision and open mindedness.”

Now, I know this is a gross generalization about Pittsburgh as it does have many old world artistic institutions like the symphony, ballet, theater, and so on, but the beer and sports people outnumber them with natural pheromone production. Learn more at

Ah, memories. It was fiin taking a look back, but I think this is a good place to wrap things up. Hope you enjoyed the advances l’ve made since Absolute Alpha Male vol. 1 1 was released.

As always, never settle, have fun, and play safe. Learn more at

Oh, one more thing: Now that you’ve finished the book please let others know the benefits you got from it.

The best way to do this is to leave a review of the book. This will not only help others to reach their dating goals, but is also incredibly rewarding to me.

Thanks! Now, get out there and make it happen! There are pool tables are in the back.
The odds: About five guys for every girl.
Not good, but it’s a non-issue if these guys lack game.
We wait in line for what seems like forever to get a beer. Both of the bartenders are attractive. I ask one if there’s somewhere around that’s less crowded.
She tells me to look for the door near the restrooms. It takes you out to the smoking patio. Mental notes: Two attractive bartenders and the layout of the bar.
To the patio!
Outside it’s still somewhat packed with a few tall tables and picnic tables.
A privacy fence around three sides makes it seem cozy.
The patio odds: Three guys for every girl.
I tell my friend to go ahead and pick out the girl he likes for our first warm-up conversation.

Why It Works with Pheromones

Hey, I’m out meeting women and I knew I could ask you for have a real home girl vibe going on...Help me pick out a girl to go talk to.

You immediately give her conformation on what she already assumes - you’re picking up women. That’s the “give” part.
The “go” part is when you take away the interest in her.
If you were interested in her you wouldn’t be asking her to pick out a girl for you to go talk to. Hey! I’m a woman. Learn more about pheromones at and

She starts to get slightly upset using natural pheromone perfumes.

Awww, it’s okay we can still be friends. Come here.

You acknowledge her feelings and make her feel better with a hug.

However, by putting her in the friend zone you set up the challenge to work for your affections.

Pivoting her around shows dominance and implies you two already have a friendly relationship. This is the way a friend or lovers would embrace. Learn more at

So, you’ve shifted her state from one of disbelief, to happiness and confusion. Then you shift her back a state of disbelief and attraction.

On the other hand if she said: Well, what do you look for in a woman?

This means she’s either not attracted to you, but is still willing to help you out. Or it means she’s insecure and has accepted her role as a friend of pheromone attraction.

[Start describing someone that looks like and acts like she looks and acts.] The more you describe her the more likely she is to catch on that you’re actually describing her.

In that short time frame she had you, lost you, and then regained you shifting through several states and is more attracted to you now. Learn more at

11. Proximity Notice:

This is a situational opener where your pheromone laced nvironment allows you to be close to her and then notice her outside of what you were doing.

For example let’s say you’re in a bookstore and you’re standing in the magazine section flipping through a magazine.

So, you give her what she wants - a date with a night of sensual romance.

Running Out of Things to Say:

If you find yourself running out of things to say ask her if she likes [something you like]? Or you can perform a cold read, “That reminds me of... [Cold read].” Or just direct the conversation onto a topic you can speak passionately about.

Worst-case scenario you suddenly have to go do something and you ask for her number before you go.

I Have A Secret about pheromones

Women love pheromones. They love confessions almost as much.

However, ma be ou aren’t read or willin to share some dee secret confession with a woman 7 you’Ve Just met her pheromone supplier. Learn more at and

An excellent way to share a secret or confession with her is to set it up like you have something serious to tell her and then when she comes closer whisper a mundane thing in her ear.

If you’re sitting with her say, “Come here. I want to tell you something,”
Or, “Come here. I have a confession to make.”
Then when she leans in say something like, “I really love chocolate.”
It’s a tease, but at the same time it fi,1I1CtlOI1S like you have just told her something intimate. An added benefit is by sharing she’s more compelled to share one of her own secrets.
It makes her feel more comfortable being around you. Learn more at

She feels you won’t judge her and she can say anything to you.

Sexual Tension Secret: Add some sexual tension to this when you’re standing by grasping her hips and pulling her towards you before you whisper in her ear. Then push her away. The dominance and closeness turn her on.

Flowing Hands:

bar games.

Token Resistance:

Sometimes things move along too quickly for her and she feels she shouldn’t be doing this or she doesn’t Want you to think she’ s easy when I use natural pheromones.

Never argue, disagree, rationalize, or beg in such a situation.

No means no, but if she says something like: “We shouldn’t be doing this,” you agree with her and then redirect [either physically or Verbally].

Let’s say you are making outwith her. A good redirect at this point is: “You’re right We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Then go back to kissing her with scented phermones.

Beyond Seduction: Logistics

After you attract her and make her comfortable you might be tempted into thinking your Work is done. And that’s assuming you don’t screw up one of the most important considerations - the logistics. Learn more at

Resource management is perhaps the most important element of seduction that doesn’t deal directly with seduction.

You can do everything right, but if you have poor logistics you can still fail.

Basic logistics include:

When do I take her number?

If I talk to her in the daytime and she has other obligations she needs to attend to at that moment. If I don’t have time to talk, but still Want to contact her.
If the logistics are poor and I can’t get her back to my place.
After We’Ve slept together and I’m interested in seeing her again.