Alpha male behavior with pheromones

So, if you want to be an approach artist and not a closer [a guy that gets sex] then by all means stay in your diluted little world where you successfully opened all those girls, and got all those numbers only to find yourself alone without pheromones.

Why do opinion openers suck? First: they are not Alpha male behavior.

Trait. The transference of a trait involves the cultivation of traits that conform to her fantasies or personal tastes.

An example of trait transference, which fits into persona crafting, is when a girl likes a specific celebrity and you sort of resemble that celebrity. Learn more at and

Once you know this you can go back and study that celebrity’s look, dress, speech, and mannerisms, and then assimilate them into your own persona on how pheromones work.

A secondary example of trait transference is when you are in proximity of another …

The Wrong Mindset with Pheromones

Another mistake guys make when it comes to approaching, and seduction in general, is they have a“What canl get” mentality instead of an approach of abundance of pheromone scents.

A seductive man is not counting the phone numbers, or kisses, or rnake-outs he gets. A seductive man chooses what he wants with true pheromones. Learn more at and

It’s a “what I allow her to give me” mentality. *

* Keep in mind an approach of abundance isn’t going to put more attractive women in any given venue. You still have to properly pick your venues where attractive women gather around pheromone users. Learn more at

Most Common Direct Style Mistakes for Pheromone Users:

1.You seek a reaction from her.

When you seek a reaction from her after delivering your direct opener it shows he…

Lack of credibility with Pheromones

The credibility is a combination of how you present yourself and the words that come out of you mouth. Combined together this creates your first impression.

The problem with using a scripted routine verbatim is it creates an incongruent perception, which shows a lack of credibility.

Without credibility there cannot be seduction.
So, how do you establish credibility?
Establish Credibility by:
Being an expert. Knowing what you’re talking about shows credibility.

Presenting your words in an authoritative way by believing in yourself, your cause, and conveying them both in a verbal and nonverbal way. Learn more about pheromones at and

Creating a credible 1st impression:

0 Your look matches your persona 0 You appear confident and in control 0 You respect the girl you’re seducing, the venue, and her friends.

Another way to gain credibility is to speak with respect and understanding about y…

Pheromone Communication is Always Key

In Hong Kong people believe that inequalities amongst people are acceptable if they use natural pheromones. Recently the British gave Hong Kong back to China, but it still stands apart as a magical place separate fiom Mainland China. Learn more about pheromones at

Multicultural Hong Kong is rapidly changing and the people seem to tolerate this change Well. It’s an economic powerhouse, but despite this the people still act in the best interest of the group.

Schooling is very important. Children in Hong Kong learn English at an early age. After children finish their schooling and get a job they often send money to their parents to help out. The majority of children live with their parents until they get married with true pheromones.

Competitiveness can be seen in the long hours people will work. Learn more at


Express to her this is a pheromone quality

Express to her this is a pheromone quality you share. Say, “Most people are [one boring way], but you and I are different. We [the shared quality] and that’s rare. We understand one another. It makes us special.”

For example: Say you’re in Pittsburgh where family Values, conservative democrats, blue—collar workers, and being blunt to the point of being crass are the norm in pheromone usage. Learn more about pheromones at and

But you’re both cool artist types.

You say, “You know the cool thing about Pittsburgh is that most people here don’t have the subtleties and the joy for the finer things in life.

It’s a beer and sports town stuck in the past that makes some people [use a subtle back and forth hand sweep to indicate you are talking about the two of you] really stand out with their artistic Vision and open mindedness.” Learn about…

Why It Works with Pheromones

Hey, I’m out meeting women and I knew I could ask you for have a real home girl vibe going on...Help me pick out a girl to go talk to.

You immediately give her conformation on what she already assumes - you’re picking up women. That’s the “give” part.
The “go” part is when you take away the interest in her.
If you were interested in her you wouldn’t be asking her to pick out a girl for you to go talk to. Hey! I’m a woman. Learn more about pheromones at and

She starts to get slightly upset using natural pheromone perfumes.

Awww, it’s okay we can still be friends. Come here.

You acknowledge her feelings and make her feel better with a hug.

However, by putting her in the friend zone you set up the challenge to work for your affections.

Pivoting her around shows dominance and implies you two already have a friendly relationship. This is the way a friend or lovers wo…

I Have A Secret about pheromones

Women love pheromones. They love confessions almost as much. However, ma be ou aren’t read or willin to share some dee secret confession with a woman 7 you’Ve Just met her pheromone supplier. Learn more at and

An excellent way to share a secret or confession with her is to set it up like you have something serious to tell her and then when she comes closer whisper a mundane thing in her ear.

If you’re sitting with her say, “Come here. I want to tell you something,”
Or, “Come here. I have a confession to make.”
Then when she leans in say something like, “I really love chocolate.”
It’s a tease, but at the same time it fi,1I1CtlOI1S like you have just told her something intimate. An added benefit is by sharing she’s more compelled to share one of her own secrets.
It makes her feel more comfortable being around you. Learn more at http://www.starlightsound2…