Realm for Women by Erox Review

Realm pheromone perfume by Erox is a casual perfume that works best for mature women. This fragrance begins with a top note of the Italian Cassia, Egyptian Tagetes, and Sicilian Mandarin – an exhilarating and exotic combination that cast a spell on men.

Although Realm has not disclosed which pheromones they use, by user accounts we suspect they include copulins.

Do Pheromones Work?

To answer the question "do pheromones work", scientists isolate a number of pheromones and pheromone-like substances in humans, and studies have shown that pheromones do have an effect on a variety of human behaviors and hormonal processes.

Not all of these are of interest to those searching for a mate.

In fact, some pheromones have been shown to decrease testosterone levels and thereby the mating instinct!

In all the "do pheromones work" studies there are 3 human pheromones that have been found effective for attracting members of the opposite sex: androstenol, androstenone, and copulins...

How Do They Work?

To the scientist, pheromones work in a very different way from normal smells. Some years ago, researchers discovered the existence of a small organ in the nose of many animals (known as the VNO), which has a direct effect on social behavior.

What makes this discovery important is that the VNO/pheromone effect is not dependent on any conditioning through experience.

It is direct. But, do pheromones work on humans was the big question, and scientists discovered that the organ does physically exist in humans just as in other animals.

Although humans are not as greatly led around by their VNO as pigs and cows, 100% uselessness of the organ is also hard to believe. Probably just weaker than in other animals.


One of the main ingredients are naturally secreted into a woman’s vagina around the time of ovulation, and the scent of this pheromone can elicit up to a 150 percent increase in testosterone in men, causing male arousal and sexual attraction to the woman. Learn more about pheromone perfumes at


Realm pheromone perfume has a scent life of 6 – 10 hours giving women the power to attract men all day. We found that it works best in casual environments including work. If you’re more of an evening person and enjoy the nightlife than we suggest a more “edgy” pheromone such as Max Attraction Silk. Learn more at


Spicy/oriental scent
Comes in large bottle
Long lasting fragrance


More of a casual pheromone.

Final Verdict

Realm perfume for women has been a favorite among older women with its sophisticated and enduring fragrance and powerful pheromone solution. Men love the aroma and will take notice of women who put it on. Works best in casual social environments. Perfect for work, getting coffee, and other daytime activities.  Learn more at


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