The Wrong Mindset with Pheromones

Another mistake guys make when it comes to approaching, and seduction in general, is they have a“What canl get” mentality instead of an approach of abundance of pheromone scents.

A seductive man is not counting the phone numbers, or kisses, or rnake-outs he gets. A seductive man chooses what he wants with true pheromones. Learn more at and

It’s a “what I allow her to give me” mentality. *

* Keep in mind an approach of abundance isn’t going to put more attractive women in any given venue. You still have to properly pick your venues where attractive women gather around pheromone users. Learn more at

Most Common Direct Style Mistakes for Pheromone Users:

1.You seek a reaction from her.

When you seek a reaction from her after delivering your direct opener it shows her you do care What she thinks. A self-confident guy will just come up to her and start talking.

He cares about what she thinks, but doesn’t let it influence him. 2. You have poor body language and/ or appearance.

If you have poor body language or your appearance doesn’t fit your persona then you’ll come across as being incongruent with cheap pheromones that make dating easier.

This gives her an uneasy feeling and it can destroy your credibility. 3. You expect her to put in all the effort on pheromone signals.

You can’t count on her to provide you with material to riff on after you approach. Opening directly displays confidence, but that’ll dissipate if you don’t continue your conversation in a confident Way.

So, if direct openers aren’t some magical fix why should you use them?

Why shouldn’t you just go back to your opinion openers?

Why Opinion Openers SUCK and What to do about it:

I’ve noticed two of the most misunderstood topics in seduction are opinion openers and what it means to be an alpha male. Learn more at

Shockingly many guys tend to lump these two into the same approach! Opinion openers and being an Alpha male are like ofl and water. Ninety-nine percent of the time they do not go together.

Know why?

Don’t worry; if you’re like most guys you’re probably confused right now. You’re saying to yourself, “I use opinion openers without a problem and I’m an alpha male, aren’t I?”

Well, I’m going to explain it to you in a minute, but first let’s take a look at opinion openers and why you shouldn’t be using them

Opinion openers have been shown to be a good, if not neutral, way to approach. Notice I said approach, not close.


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