My Experience with Human Pheromones and Do They Work

My first time using pheromones was wild like she was an animal. She was primal. And to me, it was like the pheromones where counteracting her subconscious mind and would bring out her primal instincts. That's what I felt like was happening. And then, you know, I had another experience with a different girl with these pheromones, I tried it again.

My Experience with Human Pheromones

This is a girl who I have been off and on with friends with benefits. So, she came over drunk one night and you know, for lack of better words. She ripped my clothes off and started blowing me and it was insane. She was also like an animal and she was drunk.

And this definitely helped. But every other time I've been with this girl, it has not been anywhere near as intense as it was this time. This was really cool. So I was really impressed with the Turn Up The Heat pheromone.

This is what happens when you are in a situation with a girl that's comfortable and can let go of your inhibitions.
I'm going to get more into that in seconds. So don't go out and you know, get super excited about these pheromones just yet. When girls come over I think they really do work because I'm not doing anything differently and I didn't even have a placebo effect.

The other pheromones, Ammo and Instant Honesty and everything I used when I went out to go meet people and hit on women. And to be fair I was not nearly as good as meeting women as I am now when I used them. But I didn't notice any crazy things with girls coming up to me and buying me drinks.

So, Do Pheromones Work?

This went on for a few weeks. I didn't notice anything crazy. So it led me to the conclusion that yes, pheromones work, but they only work in a certain way. What I mean is that since we are humans and we do have the conscious capability and we are able to make our own decisions, we don't run purely on instinct. Learn more at

So when you meet a girl in real life on the street or in a bar, she may be affected by those pheromones. And she may feel something. But I believe that she's always going to overreact or override those sensations and feelings and urges with her conscious mind.

The girls aren't going to be coming up and crawling over you and not being able to control themselves because they are in control. Now, this may change when they get very drunk because this is when inhibitions go out the window and they are not in control. Learn more at


So essentially what I'm saying is here, is that if you're not great at meeting women buying pheromones is not going to help you. Learn more about pheromones at


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