Pheromone Complications

If she isn’t a club girl pointing this out it gives you “secret knowledge” and makes you look insightful comments on pheromones. So, today I was watching this new show called My Cat from Hell.
Most people watch TV so it’s a safe bet for a topic to talk about.
My Cat from Hell is an instant attention getting name for a show.
It’s also a good subject because most women have pets and they can relate to an evil cat.
It’s sort of like a retarded version of The Dog Whisperer. Have you seen this?

The Dog Whisperer has been around for a while now and it’s a decent show, so chances are good she has watched the show about pheromone usage.

If not it doesn’t really matter because she can pick up on the word dog in the title and relate it to pets once again.

My Cat from Hell isn’t exactly the best show. It’s okay at first, but it’ s very redundant and ridiculous if you really think about it. “Like a retarded version” is certainly not politically correct, but most women find pheromone sexy and attractive.

Not to mention it displays your boldness though a willingness to upset people in a politically correct world. Other people worry about how people will see them

Remember: Some women will take issue with the wording no matter what. If you think you’re talking to this sort of woman just substitute the word dumb or stupid for the word retarded.

Oh? No I haven’t watched it. I don’t have cable of true pheromone production. Learn more at and

In this example the girl Iwas talking to didn’t have cable, but since it was about pets she was still willing to listen. Learn about signaling pheromones

I know a lot of women who don’t watch much television at all.

You can’t let complications on this trip you up. Just keep going.

No? Well anyway, there’s this biker looking guy who’s all tatted up and plays in some band, but he’s a cat trainer on the side. Like you can train a cat.

This sets up the humorous imagery for her. A biker is tough and cats are soft.

Yeah...the cat is all like, ‘Dude eff off. I’H scratch a bitch,’ when the people try to grab it and then the guy is all like, ‘Just stick your finger in the cat’s face,’ and it’s like he’s mentally telling the cat to lick it. So, the cat chills out and is all like, ‘OK, why didn’t you say so?’ Then the cat licks his finger on those natural pheromones.

This is both an example of the stupid stuff the guy does in the show [making you think he’s actually training a cat] and it confuses her because it’s sort of like a joke she just can’t get more natural pheromone usage.

All the finger sticking, the cat, mentally telling, and licking may tempt her mind to head for the gutter, but the idea just won’t gel.

Adding a fiinny, nonplussed, and slightly irritated cat Voice for the cat “speaking” will add a lot to this section.

[Still laughing] “Oh my God, I can’t breath - Then what?” At this point she’s all the way into the story and wants to see how it will wrap up.

If you’re talking to a girl who can appreciate the subtly of the humor and the bizarre imagery she will already be laughing a lot by this point, but if not the next part will bring it home.

Then the guy is all like, ‘Stand back I’m a professional.’ He gets in his case and pulls out a cat toy that’s supposed to be like a bird on the end of a string attached to a stick. Can you believe this? People too dumb to play with their cat. They are all like, ‘Oh, you mean you have to play with your cat?’


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