She would sleep with your pheromones

All seduction accesses states, but there’s no universal law that says there has to be a time limit imposed on how quickly states can be accessed.

In the early days of organized seduction one guru suggested it took, on average, seven hours of interacting with a woman before she would sleep with your pheromones. Learn more at

Seven hours of pheromone usage!

It really makes me wonder how many poor guys out there were with a woman who was ready to go after twenty minutes, but the guy screwed himself over because he thought he had to wait seven hours.

Seven hours...there’ s nothing rapid about that. So, let’s get you up to speed.

I’m going to give you a chance to take a look at rapid state modulation in action, but first let’s go over a few of the basics. Learn more at and

All states are not created equally.

Typically you want to shy away from accessing negative states, or if you do, you make sure you direct her into another state quickly. Learn about pheromone signal manipulation.

If you cause her to access a negative state, or if she gets into one on her pheromone scent.

Then she’ll avoid you because she doesn’t like how she feels when she is around you.

Chances are she won’t consciously realize why she feels the way she feels, she just knows how she feels around you.

This is not good.

Remember: Keep those states positive!

So, how rapid is rapid?

It takes however long it takes, whether it’s a single minute, 15 to 30 minutes [average], or longer.

It isn’t uncommon for guys to become intimidated at first when they see how quickly this works.

Insecure boyfriends will sometimes come out of the woodwork wanting to fight, while most will just get out of your way and watch you work those human pheromones. Learn more at

At first it’s odd to see a girl having a good time and completely forget her boyfriend whose standing/ sitting right next to her.

She’s attracted. He’s awestruck.
And you’re just one moment away from figuring out the logistics for a bathroom pull. Remember: Just because she has a boyfriend doesn’t mean she’s off limits.
You have no way of knowing her situation ahead of time so don’t assume.

But, when you do find out that she’s in a good long-term relationship I would suggest excusing yourself or putting her in the friend zone.

Listen I’m not the morality police, but there are enough girls out there that you don’t have to destroy other people’s happiness to get one particular girl.

Speaking of girls with boyfriends let’s look at a personal example.


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