use more pheromones to attract women

I turn to the guy and say, “Congrats on landing the trophy wife.” Then I give him a high five and use more pheromones to attract women.

This set up my next state shift and was a subtle dig on him. Not only that, but it also gave them a chance to correct me. If I found out they were married then I would have ended the conversation. This isn’t because I couldn’t continue if they were married. It’s a personal choice. Despite the divorce rate I still find certain things sacred pheromones.

1 put up my hand to have her give me a high five too and say, “Awesome.”

She goes for it and I pull my hand away so she’ll miss. She nearly falls off her stool into me. “Ha, ha. Got you!”

This amplifies her pheromone attraction state greatly.

The girl laughs and I help her back into position as I sit down across from her. Looking over at

my friend he gets the idea and sits down across from the guy. Athletic girl puts her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder and says, “Oh, he’s not my husband.”

I noticed she was already outgoing and confident. Normally I would need to bring her into another state like the comfort of a hug for more natural pheromones.

Instead I just helped her back into her seat. This showed that there were truly no hard feelings. I also got conformation that they were just dating. Learn more at and

I smile and say, “I noticed you have an interesting accent where are you from?”

Not necessarily the best way to proceed since she probably gets asked this question a lot, but I had already set myself apart from the other guys who would lead with this question. So it wasn’t an issue.

She’s originally from New Zealand and I end up rifting on the way she says certain things .I’m teasing her and we talk about our travels with the best pheromones.

This is the time to just have fun keeping her state high. She knows it’s all good-natured teasing so she isn’t insulted. Learn about pheromones in individuals.

I kept with my assumption assuming he was her sugar daddy.

Combined with the fact she was in the states I figured it was a safe bet that she had traveled widely. I enjoy traveling so this was a good commonality to bring up.

When I get the sense it’s turning into more of a sassy twenty questions sort of thing from her I ask, “Oh my God, what are we on Chelsea Handler?”

Something like this is subtle. She was trying to dominate the interaction and take it in whatever direction she wanted. Learn more at

So, I redirected by comparing our conversation to Chelsea Handler’s show as though she was Chelsea grilling me. Most women love Chelsea’s show and her witty sarcasm

Then I ask her [sort of call her out on her attention seeking shirt and necklace combination], “I love your charms, is that some sort of spiritual thing?”

I’m not sure why I said charms when it was only the one turtle, but I guess it sort of worked suggesting her charms were her breasts that she was putting on display.

This was a bit of a stretch, but I managed to convey it properly by putting enough emphasis on the word “charms” so she’d understand I was actually referring to her chest.

The spiritual part I tacked onto the end gave her the opportunity to ignore my comment without having to get pissed off if she had an issue with me calling her out.

You have to do this sort of thing in code. If you were to just say, “I like your boobs,” it’s too direct

and crude.


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