I was still there with natural pheromones

I introduce my friend talking him up a bit by telling her he is a champion thumb wrestler. They thumb wrestle. Cheating she wins by using two hands and insists it still counts.

Even though I have my arm around her my focus is on getting my friend into the conversation. The thumb wrestling set a fiin state, offered her a challenge, and gets them used to touching each other. The fact that she got into it means she was interested in continuing the interaction.

We all Vibe for a while and I lose track of What is going on. I’m casually looking around for another group we can get ourselves into.

I haven’t decided if this is a smart move or just sort of rude to the girl. I like to think it gave her some private time with my friend even though I was still there with natural pheromones.

I notice a girl near the back of the patio fighting with her boyfriend.

The couple was off to the left and people kept walking past so I have no idea if they noticed me before I went to talk to her or not. Learn more at http://www.telion.fr/true-pheromones-user/ and http://www.ccas-mad.com/he-tried-more-pheromones/

I bring my attention back to my friend and the girl [I have my arm around] they are talking about 80’s movies. He’s quoting movies and the red haired girl is guessing which movie they came from He’s animated and she’s having fun with Pherazone pheromones. Regressing her back to a time in the past is a strong move. Nearly everyone has some level of nostalgia in them, which they attach strong and favorable feelings. His animated delivery really helped. Learn more at http://insb.us/sharing-your-pheromones/

I jump in and say, “You know the one 80’s movie all the girls love? The Princess Bride.” I have yet to meet a girl who does not like The Princess Bride.

She goes nuts at this suggestion. So, my friend starts quoting from the movie and she finishes the quotes for natural pheromone users.

The game they were playing went from giving her a small role to a larger one and intensified the happy state she was feeling. Learn how to tease a women intensely.

I’m thinking about logistics, which seem too difficult, so I tell the girl my friend really likes her. She feels the same way. Pulling out my cell phone I tell her to put her number in since my friend doesn’t have a cell and I wfll have him copy it down later. She quotes The Princess Bride again and says, “As you wish.”

Since I shut out the other members of her group and didn’t even ask about theml had no connection to them

My friend was unable to go off somewhere with the girl so I went direct.

This kept us from wasting anymore time and made it clear that he was the one who was interested in her and vice versa.

I have no idea why doesn’t have a cell phone. I thought everyone had a cell these days for pheromones.

After I took her number for my friend we didn’t really have to stick around after that, but it’s always a good idea to stay bit longer.

The first warm-up was done and a number came out of it. Not bad.

Considering the situation it was probably the best possible result for that one.

I go straight up to the guy who was fighting with his girlfriend a moment ago.

The last group could’ve been a difficult approach, but it worked out so I had momentum going into the next approach.

It’s always a good idea to do a few warm-up approaches to get into a social mode.


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