How to Use Pheromone Perfumes for Best Results

You’re not the first woman that wonders why she’s generally ignored by men. Do you see men ask your friends to dance at nightclubs, but they always overlook you?

Do you wonder why men don’t ask you for your phone number? Or if they do ask, they never call you? Why are some women more popular than others? Do they use some type of dating trick? Learn more at

Advice for Women

Maybe they’re using pheromones. The following are a few tricks and tips you can use to your advantage when purchasing pheromone products:
  • Apply the right number of pheromones on body parts such as ankles, behind the ears, neck, wrists and behind the knees. This is the best way to make pheromones last a long time.
  • Mix unscented pheromones with your own scented cologne for the best results. You don’t want two scents competing with one another and become overbearing for others around you.
  • Use over the counter perfumes that contain pheromones. They are a good choice if you don’t want to use more than one perfume at a time.
  • Always carry a roll-on pheromone product in your purse for unexpected occasions.
  • Don’t use too much of a pheromone product. You want to have a natural scent instead of an artificial one. Always apply to clean, fresh skin.
  • Make sure pheromone products remain tightly sealed when not in use. Pheromones lose potency when they are unopened for long durations.
  • Apply pheromone products on clothing to ensure lasting power.
  • Eat a good diet that does not contain bad odor ingredients such as garlic or onions. These things do nothing for sex appeal.

Studies Prove Pheromones Really Work

A lot of people think they don’t work and that manufacturers make spammy claims about their pricey products. However, there are numerous studies that prove pheromones are effective.
In 1995, The University of Bern Switzerland’s study entitled The Clause Wedekind proved that when people used pheromones, others noticed them and viewed them as approachable.

Basically, the pheromones reached the brains of others around the wearer and determined that the wearer was a good match. Learn more at

Over the years, there have been other studies that have proven the same. For instance, during one study, pheromones were piped into a room while men viewed pictures of different women. The men thought all of the women were attractive.

The same pictures were shown to another group of men while they were in a pheromone-free room. This group of men only found some of the women attractive. As a matter of fact, many of the women were deemed unattractive. Learn more about pheromone perfumes at


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