Pheromone Communication is Always Key

In Hong Kong people believe that inequalities amongst people are acceptable if they use natural pheromones. Recently the British gave Hong Kong back to China, but it still stands apart as a magical place separate fiom Mainland China. Learn more about pheromones at

Multicultural Hong Kong is rapidly changing and the people seem to tolerate this change Well. It’s an economic powerhouse, but despite this the people still act in the best interest of the group.

Schooling is very important. Children in Hong Kong learn English at an early age. After children finish their schooling and get a job they often send money to their parents to help out. The majority of children live with their parents until they get married with true pheromones.

Competitiveness can be seen in the long hours people will work. Learn more at

Communication is indirect and harmony between members of the group is most important. Conflict is avoided. Learn about specific odor of social pheromones.

People are typically quiet and mild-mannered with true pheromones.

Smiling at others or saying, “Good morning,” on the street makes people wonder if you’re after something from them who happened to wear Pherazone pheromones.

When it comes to communication the people of Hong Kong will rarely say no outright. They instead say things like, ‘‘I Will think about it.”

To an American this may lead them to think that person is actually going to think about it when they are really saying no. Learn more at

Seduction Keys: Approach indirectly at the typical places like bars and nightclubs. Then get into social circles.

Western men visit certain locations Where the women in Hong Kong who are interested in dating these men frequent.

Other dating options come from women that have traveled and thus are not necessarily local. Hong Kong has a surplus of women.

However, some men may be put off the princess syndrome and materialistic ways held by many Women.


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