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Nexus Pheromones Review - What I Discovered

Nexus pheromones is a popular spray sold by Leading Edge Health. But then here's the kicker, and this is why I really think it worked for me. When she was walking down the aisle, she looked back and she gave me like a stair and didn't think I was looking. If I was in the dating scene right now, I totally, totally could've gone up and talked to her.

However, I didn't do anything. I didn't even try to flirt with her. I didn't even really, you know, smile at her. Instead, I just kind of just looked at her at her as quick as I could before she notices. If you think about it, it a simple. Pheromones bypass the rational brain and they target women's ancient instinctive meeting behaviors.

Impressions of Nexus Pheromones
So maybe that woman was thinking she can mate with me because I'm giving off these pheromones. It was just interesting that she actually took the time to do a double-take as she was leaving. And I seriously never happened to meet her before.