Wingman Pheromones Full Review

With Wingman Pheromones, getting a date or spicing up your love life will no longer be a problem. All you have to is spray away. So what’s the secret? Wingman Pheromone products are not just mixed with a generic formula, but an optimized blend of pheromones designed for the complexity of a woman’s sense of smell, thus triggering sexual response.

Studies have shown that men who have applied Wingman Pheromones have increased the frequency of dates, sexual gestures, foreplay and sexual intercourse. Now their products might be a bit more expensive than other pheromone brands in the market, but the effectiveness and satisfaction they give will be worth it.

The Developer

HAX Pheroceuticals Inc. Is the mastermind in the production of Wingman. With over 16 years of pheromone research experience, they are experts in creating the best pheromone products for men. Pheromone compounds are produced to exacting pharmaceutical standards, ensuring high potency, clean scents and maximum effectiveness for their products.

The Product

Wingman Pheromones has a total of 4 varieties of pheromone blends designed specifically for men. The first one is Wingman Element 7, their original blend containing 22.4mg of a 7-pheromone blend. The next one is Wingman Element 9 which is like an upgraded version of their original formula, with two extra pheromones included in the 24.3mg concentrated blend.

Another available blend is the Wingman 9+0 which adds oxytocin and copulins in the formula. Oxytocin is a popular trust enhancing compound while copulin is a chemical given off by ovulating women.

And last but not the least, there’s Wingman Element X which is their optimized product yet consisting of twice the dose of pheromones and oxytocins found in Wingman 9+0, plus triple the copulin content.

All of the Wingman Pheromones products are composed of different pheromones that allow users to signal dominance, attract potential mates, increase sexual arousal and many more.


  • 100% Safe
  • Uses optimized pheromone system
  • Increases sexual attraction
  • Gives dominance aura
  • Available 4 varieties

How Pheromones Work

Did you know that over a decade of scientific studies have proven, without any doubt that men who emit a virile, healthy pheromone enriched scent have MUCH more sexual partners and success with women than the average men? It’s true – women just can’t resist the pheromones that fertile, healthy men release. It’s just hard-wired into their brains by the millions of years of evolution. Women are designed to be magnetically drawn to the pheromone scent that some man release – they just can’t fight it. Learn more at

Not every guy naturally gives off the pheromone scent that females can’t resist. Medical studies have shown that only the strongest, healthiest and most fertile men tend to emit the pheromones that girls preferred. The pheromone scent of out of shape, less attractive men is just not as powerful. So, what can the average guy do to get the “pheromone edge”?

Most people usually think that attraction is caused by a wide variety of factors. What they don’t know is that there’s such a thing called pheromones – chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to women that naturally trigger attraction, arousal, and readiness for sex.

This is perhaps the most vital factor in attraction. These pheromones are detected through the nose and it immediately sends signals to the brain, making the woman subconsciously attracted to whoever is using the product. Through tedious scientific research, Wingman has perfected a way to make sexual attraction a whole lot easier. Learn more at


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