Toward your overall pheromone seduction

Showing you’re able to have humorous insights on your own pheromones allows her to see you can deal with whatever life throws your way.

Remember: Insight game by itself will do little toward your overall seduction [she still has to be attracted to you and care about your opinion], but when you combine it with the other elements of seduction it’ll set you apart and supercharge your pheromone attraction results. Learn more at and

How do you come up with a topic to have insights about? Find something that has universal appeal.

Pop culture topics that she’s heard of, but not necessarily experienced are good.

It allows you to convey a deep understanding of her attitudes and beliefs, which connects with her on an emotional level of pheromones. Learn more about how to manhandle your wife.

Inwardly she says, “He understands me! That’s just how I feel and think [even though I might not be able to express it or have thought about it in exactly that way].”

Look for a weakness, or something that’s absurd [presented in a straightforward way] in your topic on pheromones. Learn more at

Something unexpected that’ll put her off balance when she comes to the realization that while it isn’t how she would typically think about the subject, she can still relate to what you are saying.

This is done by comparison to a similar subject without the weakness of your example.
Before I get to my personal example let me say one last thing.
How a girl reacts when you reveal your insight can tell you what sort of person she tends to be. If she responds in a positive way she’ll use the word admire.
This is a word with a positive connotation.
However, if she responds in what only seems like a positive she will use the word envious. This is a word with a negative connotation.
Negative: “I’m so envious of you right now.”
Translation: “I’m so jealous I didn’t think of that. I want to ‘destroy you. ’”

Positive: “Wow. That’s so cool. lreally admire you.” Translation: “Thank you for telling me that. You bring value to my day. I enjoy to being around you.” Keep in mind she won’t always comment specifically on an insight.

Many times she’ll agree with your words while you lead her to the insight.

Or she might say something simple like, “That’s awesome,” when you finally reveal the insight.


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