Pheromones on Your Birthday

Or you’re dating a girl and it’s a birthday gift for you, her, or one of her good friends who secretly has a crush on you who loves human pheromones.

Or you have a few female friends that want to have fun with you while they are drunk, but then one of them decides she wants this to really happen with yur pheromone scent.

Or they are roommates and one has a crush on the other girl who’s attracted to you.

Or a girl is interested in you and your buddy so she invites you both back to her place to have a strange role playing fantasy realized. Learn more about pheromones at and

Or you’ll lose out at the last moment as one girl gets jealous and doesn’t want to share.

Or one of the girls is just too tired and gives her friend to you as a third friend, who is playing video games in the living room, suddenly decides to see what all the noise is about [then tries to stick around to watch].

Whatever the case having a relaxed, nothing is a big deal, and nonj udgmental attitude toward pheromone attraction is important.

You’ll find if you put yourself in these situations you’ll be lucky enough to be around when the subject come up. A lot of strange things happen.

Ideally you want two bisexual girls or a bisexual girl and a curious straight or lesbian girl who likes pheromones. Learn more at

Focus on one girl while still paying attention to the second girl.

You Want it to seem like you haven’t picked a girl. Or one of the girl’s has a crush on the other one and you’re teaming up with her on that girl. Learn about pheromone communication.

Whichever girl you pick will remain as your main girl. You and the other girl tag team the main girl. If you want to be with the girl who isn’t the main girl watch for signs of j ealousy.

This is Why it’s generally a bad idea to have a serious girlfriend and get involved in three—Ways, especially with mutual friends who adore human pheromones.

You have to be direct leading the girls to this point, but the suggestion to have a three-Way should be made to seem like it’s their idea. Learn more at

Tandem Hunting:

I’ve heard of purposely going out with a friend with benefits so you can have her meet and get to know potential girls to bring back to your place with.

I’m sure that approach works too.

The only example I have that’s similar to this is when I went out with a good female fiiend and her guy friend to a nightclub.

I stood close to her, but I stuck around our table while she went off and danced with her other fiiend. Mainly because I’m not much of a dancer and it was a last minute thing.

After this happened a few times a woman caught my eye from across the room. She didn’t approach, nor did 1.

However, later her husband [I didn’t realize she had] did approach me with the suggestion of hanging out with them and coming back to their place.

Evidently he wanted to watch me seduce and sleep with his wife, but I turned them down since that really isn’t my thing.


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