Alpha 7 Pheromones Review 2018

Hi all, today we are taking a look at Alpha 7 unscented pheromone for men. This has been a staple returner for many users of pheromones with most people ensuring they have a well-kept supply. They have had a special on right now here if you wanna check it out here:

Alpha 7 contains arone and anone pheromones and comes with 40% more active ingredient than other pheromones such as ‘Chikara‘.

The version of Alpha 7 that I got to play around with was the unscented version. I decided to try it out one day while I was out of town on a business meeting.

About Alpha 7

The bottle is quite a small dropper bottle with the alpha 7 sticker and some other information, I’ll try to get a pic of it up here. It easily fits into a wash bag and the bottle is quite good for applying exactly the amount you want to use.


My meeting was over a lunch with the clients. Alpha 7 although unscented does have a bit of a musky husk to it so I also used some of my favorite cologne that morning. I used approximately 4 drops of the Alpha 7 pheromone.

One on each side of my neck and 1 on each wrist. I lightly dabbed my wrists against my neck and patted the pheromone into the skin, afterward I fairly liberally applied my favorite cologne.

The meeting went quite well although we had met each other on previous business trips. We were two men and 3 women, the man almost didn’t agree with everything I said but it was easy to silence him as the three women were in utter agreement with me. I believe this could have something to do with the macho image Alpha 7 can be said to give you.

Overall a success here but not one we can put down solely to the pheromone. The biggest test still lay ahead of us tonight.

Later that evening I was very excited back at the hotel. One of the women from the meeting had called me and asked me if I was staying in town for the night, I was quite chuffed as she was the hottest one of the three. We arranged to meet for a drink not far from her hotel. I got ready and this time applied 6 drops of the pheromone.

The night in the bar was very short lived so I don’t have that much to write about there. I’m not saying my night was short though, we ended up staying in her suite oh and I think I slept for about half an hour. I can't really be talking about that there though so I’ll leave it up to you to try for yourself.


Alpha 7 for Men Scented Pheromone Cologne boasts 6mg androstenone and 1 mg androsterone. Alpha 7 Scented Pheromone Cologne contains a blend of high-quality essential oils known for their attractive effects. Most are familiar kitchen spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, and clove.

Lots of Sexual Tension

Alpha 7 has a high amount of androstenone which is the main leading pheromone substance for sexual attraction and sexual tension. Androstenone gives off a male dominant aura or alpha male. This is often associated with sexual vibes and sexual tension.

Most products only offer less than 5mg of pheromones but Alpha 7 offers 6mg androstenone and 1 mg of androsterone. This 7mg pheromone combination often leads to lots of sexual tension and smooth talking.

Is It Worth It?

I highly recommend alpha 7 for people who need an extra male dominant image. If you are one of the nice guys, a gentleman, and need more sexual tension then alpha 7 is just right for you. Androstenone often give good hits and it can even improve sexual performances in bed. Learn how to find most effective pheromones.

Ever read articles about the best foods for sex or sexual performances? Most likely you will come across a food called celery. According to Judy Gaman, Dr. Walter Gaman and Dr. Mark Anderson, authors of the new book, "Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health," eating celery actually increases the pheromone levels in men's sweat, making them more attractive to women.

Why is this? It is because celery increases the production of androstenone that can be found in male sweat. Rather than eating lots of celery before going out, we now have the technology to apply androstenone in our body like a cologne just by using alpha 7.

Like most androstenone products, I recommend not putting too much. I would even suggest combining this product with androstenone pheromone concentrate (APC) if you feel that alpha 7 is too strong.

Too much androstenone can lead to negative side effects like irritability, bursts of anger, etc from people around you. But having just the right amount and can lead to great posibilities and positive effects.


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