Alpha A314 Pheromone Review

When it comes to the opposite sex, A314 is best at creating love, fantasy and "daydreamy" responses in women. A314 helps project the image of you as an Ideal Man. It's perfect for creating long-term relationships with women who were previously "out of your league".

More than ever, women will feel at ease and deeply in touch with you. Inside their heads, they'll be thinking "There's just something so special about him, I can't put my finger on it... but he's fascinating".

You can turn A314 from love-and-fantasy inspiring daywear into lust-and-fantasy inspiring nightwear by using it with our sexual excitement product, "Turn Up The Heat!" (you'll learn more about this one in a moment)

Pheromone Benefits

A314 is the world's first truly classy, high-end pheromone product that increases status, trust and cooperation

Goes beyond pheromones alone, in technology and results. The combination of pheromones with factors from nature and human territorial markers combine together to form NeuroInfluence Technology™

Rule the day, with the first pheromone product designed specifically as daywear. (also stellar as nightwear when combined with our product "Turn Up The Heat"™)
  • Turn the odds in your favor in every social situation: work, interviews, presentations, sales (buying or selling), dates
  • Gain respect and authority from your boss, coworkers, strangers, and your peers
  • The first pheromone product ever developed specifically to increase your success and make all aspects of life easier - not just romance
  • An ALL ACCESS pass to a new level of people, and for many, a new way of life. Get access to people who were previously "out of reach" or "out of your league"
  • Why climb? Run up the ladder of success at work
  • Become the envy of your friends and neighbors
Learn more about Alpha A314 pheromones.

Alpha A314 Pheromone Review

If you've been looking for the most sophisticated pheromone for men on the market - you've found it. Alpha A314.

Alpha A314 gives you an air of authority, leadership, and respect. A314 has been called the closest thing to "James Bond in a bottle". Bond is utterly competent with a dash of boldness and excitement - exactly the "vibe" that A314 gives you. Bond is the ultimate in charismatic men. He's not just charming but makes others feel that he can handle anything.

If Bond applied for a job, the question would not be whether or not to hire him, but... "can we afford him?" When Bond approaches women, the question is not whether or not he's attractive... but "am I good enough for him?". We can't give you Bond's moves (for that, study the long series of Bond movies)... but we can give you much of his "instant" appeal.

A314 Summary

Finally! Behind your back, people will talk about "that something special" about you. The "something special" that all truly charismatic men have Now with 6,667 micrograms of 9 bonafide pheromones per bottle. Each drop contains approximately 24mcg of potent, human pheromones.
  • Comes out just one drop at a time, so you can easily repeat doses every day. Takes 17 seconds or less to apply
  • Extremely light (less than .3125%), all natural essential oil blend masks the pheromonal odor. OK to use in most "fragrance-free" environments
  • Over 3 years of continuous R&D (research & development) from one of the world's largest suppliers of human pheromones to the fragrance and research industries
  • Professionally & discreetly labeled. Only you'll know that your bottle of A314 is the world's most advanced pheromone product
Natural, seamless effects - conversation flows naturally and smoothly, without the negative effects many of the few other legitimate pheromone products have. Learn more about pheromones at


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