Would you enjoy pheromone love?

Would you enjoy pheromone love it if you could add/negate anything! Hope it was a worthy read.

This is why the following are big no-nos with human pheromones:
1) Shitting on the person about their problem in a manner that they wouldn't shit on themselves
2) Not expressing the problem they're going through in emotional terms and in a way that they would express it themselves
3) Not validating them - pushing them down for being where they are - making them feel like lesser human beings because of their problem..
4) Rushing them to fix their problem - you need to be at their pace, you need to say that the problem is going to be fixed in a manner that they would say if they realized there was a solution <-- if you're too strong, they are gonna be broken from the trance
5) Coming in with pity, or a sense of judgement
6) Skipping over their current problems and spending most of the time on how they can be helped
7) Not using a story, metaphor, idioms, and so forth to convey the expressions of the person in that situation with pheromone scents.

To add onto this just a bit on human pheromones:

When I speak about disqualifying yourself -

This is something that most copywriters don't do, but something I will be sure to do -
After qualifying them as right for the product by validating their internal and external environments, I will disqualify the product - painting a small notion that it might not be right for them, causing them to really want it.

This reverses the roles - causing them to start validating me.. Basically, I break through their screening process by validating their existence and qualifying myself. Then I disqualify the product in a small way to make them feel like they are being screened, forcing them to feel like they need to qualify themselves to the product. 
Making them rationalize that the product is awesome for them in whichever perfect way they do in their unique minds.

From this different strategies and tactics follow. Diametrically opposite pheromone compounds. What you'd do in pickup (tell the truth, be honest) is death of marketing. What you do in marketing (lie 24/7) is death of pickup.

Qualify does not mean form a connection. It simply means do you qualify as my mate? Are you sexy enough? Are you smart enough? Are you too crazy / too boring? etc etc  etc What you are mixing it sounds like forming a connection - completely different concept. Learn more about pheromones at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/she-responded-really-well-to-my-pheromone-cologne

When PUA becomes similar to pheromone marketing is when you don't love yourself and think noone wants you. Then you are attracted to manipulative marketingy PUA schemes like mystery method. When I said PUA, I specifically meant the type of game that someone does when they do not have any self-love - when they are immersed in tactics to win a girl over // the type of game a girl throws your way when you are full of self-love and are showing up as yourself completely - not to impress. Learn more about pheromones at http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2015/08/application-of-pheromones-in-mammals.html


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