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Dual Mating Pheromones

It’s vital that if you’re using Pherazone pheromones: Amplify strategy, you’re doing it with a light positive vibe and not a passive-aggressive pheromone usage. This is quite difficult for the wannabe-hustler to pull off, which is precisely why women developed the ability to throw out these tests. It allows them to sort between fakeable and unfakeable signals of Male pheromones. In any interaction between two people, each has a certain level of conviction, and the one with the most conviction holds the Frame. With conviction comes compliance - getting the other person to follow your script. In sales and pheromone attraction pickup this is fundamental. Compliance requests start small, but then build up over time (a “Yes Ladder").
The quicker you realise that a large percentage of girls are “just not that into your pheromones,” the sooner the sting will be taken out of the occasional inevitable rejection. Successful Street Hustlers accept this fully, like the pro poker player who …

Pheromones In NIghtclubs

As we’ve seen, some guys use pheromones with Street Hustle skills- some in nightclubs with high energy antics or dancing, some with looks, and some with money or fame. Once the girl shows signs that she's taken the bait and is attracted, We say she's “hooked on true pheromones” and we know we’ve reached the Hook Point. Rapport is built in order for the girl to make a. connection with the guy, and to trust him enough to let him try to seduce her seduction happens when she's comfortable enough for him to lead and escalate her pheromones.
Open pheromones - This is a “cold approach” so it means you don't know the girl before approaching her true pheromones. You’ve seen her walking down the street, sitting in a coffee shop, or browsing in a store. Without hesitating (so that anxiety doesn't set in) go up to her and get right in front of her so her pheromone attention moves from what she's doing and onto you. Remember to hold twinkling eye contact and smile as you g…

Pheromones work for all type of men

Pheromones work for all type of men. The usual gut reaction to pickup pheromones artists is to label them as “rogue _ traders" whose hustle is “manipulative,” “dark” or “unfair.” In reality, ‘ raising your real or perceived natural pheromones is the very definition of playing the 2 Game of life. Guys buy Ferraris, girls buy fake boobs. Guys wear fancy : watches and other status badges, girls wear make—up. Guys dazzle f with confidence, girls dazzle with short skirts. One side needs the , other in the co-evolving eternal arms race. Learn more at
A very small percentage of guys on the planet who use pheromones pull off the second hustle of getting casual sex from girls who happily go along for the ride without wanting a relationship in return. These men somehow “get it” and manage consistently to flip girls into the pheromone selection strategy. They subtly signal their intent by the way they walk, talk, flirt, twinkle their eyes... and lead. Girls …

The first pheromone hustle

The first pheromone hustle is getting a pretty girl into bed who is younger and better looking than you, without you having to flash the cash, be a male model, or be famous. You’d say she’s “out of your league” She’d say that “normally she doesn't date guys like you.” The hustle is that you get sex pheromones without offering the commitment she usually expects in return. You'll get called a “bastard” or a “playboy” if you manage to pull off such a Bait & switch strategy of seducing her and then vanishing. You've promised one thing and delivered another.
The second hustle is not against the girl, but against society itself. You’re getting her from under the noses of other guys without entering nightclubs or showering her with gifts. She might be married or have a. boyfriend, but is happy to be an accomplice in your heist for some “adventure sex" when away from prying eyes. This hustle is what is termed the secret Society of Pheromone Production.
Street Hustlers oper…

Twin Pheromones

These twin pheromones imperatives reflect the alternating currents that propel her forward (and back!) through life: Wisdom (conscious, split from experience, aware, meaning-generating) Immersion (unconscious, unified, ecstatic) At first glance, of course, this just looks like the traditional distinction between "Pheromone Conscious" and "Unconscious", "Left-Hemisphere" and "Right-Hemisphere", and so forth. And it is that distinction... but there's another layer to consider.
Human pheromones work and there is proof to support that. Specifically, you must remember that for women, unconscious behavior is not just understood as a process, but a goal , whereas the act of making conscious distinctions is a kind of necessary evil, one that at least temporarily pushes women out of the zone of receptive, unconscious ecstasy of sexual pheromones. The entire purpose and value of "Wisdom" is as a navigational tool, guiding women toward ever…