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Sex pheromones are fine

Sex pheromones are fine. It is natural. I'm talking more about your control over your sexual energy. I feel as if there is healthy ways to do this and unhealthy ways. I believe suppressing it leads to eventually acting on it(masturbation/porn). What I mean by suppressing is pushing it away and resisting the pheromone attraction there.
A healthy way is to do something with the energy or letting the energy pass on it's own. Working out, sex pheromones or meditation. Allowing the sensations to be there fully without masturbating or watching porn. It's just energy. It comes it goes. This is easier said than done in the first few weeks to month, maybe longer.
In my opinion, as a man, it's important to be able to handle this new pheromone cologne. To me it ties into anything you do. Your will power and your ability to socialize and talk to chicks. For me when I go on real long spurts of nofap I'm so much more focused and able to do the things I want to do.
My pheromo…

Pheromones usually constitute androsteone

Pheromones usually constitute androsteone and copulins and perfumes. Because, one of the things you are doing is, where am I now with real pheromones? Verses where I need to be? And letting their mind, see what the differences are between those two pheromone compounds.
The current position they are in and their ideal future position, so that they can line out actions to take. So, that’s the basic zest of the Alpha Male pheromone cologne. And the ideal future image, and if you were to go through life, having ideal future images , taking responsibilities for it, kicking out things which would interfere with it or jeopardize your pheromone compounds. So, applying MASSIVE doses of pheromones helps. Learn more at
If you were that guy, walking through life and doing all these other things that I have lined out in the video, I mean in the audio. What problems you really think you would have opening with real pheromones? What magic ope…

Pheromones influence women

Pheromones influence women. And that you have to be certain that you gonna leave her in a better shape than you found her and that is the key to power is to convince yourself that, you know you are gonna do good and you are gonna have a positive effect on her pheromone production.
So, that you can stop and be yourself. And we talked about the awareness and agreement exercise, when you become aware of when people first become aware of you and acknowledge it and if they shift then you also shift and that puts you in the body level of agreement with everyone around you. So, the very last piece of this, once you have kindda built those and you have got those actual pheromones.
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 The real last piece of this is what ac tually brings it home. And, I did a whole audio on this, may be 4 - 5 years ago. And has to do with the ideal future and the Alpha male mind - set. I don’t have a full hour to go over the whole…

Basic Steps With Pheromones

So, here’s the basic step, you start off in a neutral state and then you imagine a circle on the floor in front of you. And you step into the circle and begin to generate whatever pheromones is that you are trying to generate.
So, in our case it would be androstenone pheromones. So, you step into the circle and begin to generate the emotion of curiosity. Learn more about pheromones at
And as long as you are increasing or holding that state of curiosity you stand and as soon as it begins to drop then you step back out. And you get back to the neutral state and then you step in and begin to generate more pheromones.
Once you are able to generate it at a higher level then you could do it on command, then it seems we are done with that one, and then you can go on to the next one, so sexually intrigued pheromones.
You start off in a pheromonal state and then you go in and you develop, bring up that e…

because lot of the pheromone interactions

Doesn’t mean you will do it, because lot of the pheromone interactions will be very short, but even if you could just make her feel better, throughout the d ay, You know, just the idea, that someone took out time to interact with her pheromones to make her feel better, to talk to her, to converse with her, is an improvement.
So, maybe she feels better for the rest of the day and then she gets a bad news or something that doesn’t turned on the way she expected later on, but she is turning off at a higher point in pheromone production. Learn more about pheromones a
And she feels better, and she doesn’t goes as low as she would have before without her pheromone perfume. And in some cases, going too low, means she could have done something stupid, you know, like maybe in a huff quit her job and then cause herself financial difficulty.
So, even those small impacts make a difference with real pheromones. …