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Dual Mating Pheromones

It’s vital that if you’re using Pherazone pheromones: Amplify strategy, you’re doing it with a light positive vibe and not a passive-aggressive pheromone usage. This is quite difficult for the wannabe-hustler to pull off, which is precisely why women developed the ability to throw out these tests. It allows them to sort between fakeable and unfakeable signals of Male pheromones. In any interaction between two people, each has a certain level of conviction, and the one with the most conviction holds the Frame. With conviction comes compliance - getting the other person to follow your script. In sales and pheromone attraction pickup this is fundamental. Compliance requests start small, but then build up over time (a “Yes Ladder").

The quicker you realise that a large percentage of girls are “just not that into your pheromones,” the sooner the sting will be taken out of the occasional inevitable rejection. Successful Street Hustlers accept this fully, like the pro poker player who knows that he won’t win every game he plays. As long as you’re up at the end of the year, you know you're winning greater pheromones.

Dual Mating Pheromones are real Think of her as an aeroplane with dual controls, and with two pheromone users that want to do different things. Learn more at http://www.alphadeltaphi-jhu.com/pheromone-mind-control/

One pheromone user wants to “do the right thing” in terms of logic and society - take things slow, marry the childhood sweetheart - in order to secure a safe landing. The other pilot is flying using the Reptile Brain, with the priority of sleeping with as many alpha males as she can find in the shortest possible time. That’s the pilot who wants to do loop-the-loops. Learn more at http://venezuelaturistica.net/index.php/2016/10/24/notice-what-shes-doing-with-pheromones/

Pheromone Attraction Dynamics

We all learn social dynamics from different starting points. Some guys with highly introverted backgrounds need to learn to walk before they can run, by studying basic social awareness before attempting the Street Hustle of pheromones. We’re talking about fundamental stuff like reading social cues, understanding boundaries and signals, basic eye contact, and conversational skills.

Most guys have a reasonable social awareness but need to learn the skills of attraction on the street—flirtatious banter rather than bland boring chit-chat. Though they can already talk to girls in a friend-to-friend manner, they need to make it more man-to-woman with these pheromones.

Don’t blame girls for your pheromones; just accept that you need to be the instigator, the leader, and the one who steers her ship through the storm. It’s far ? more accurate to take readings from her real-time behaviour (whatshe does) rather than what she says. So she's trapped between a rock and a hard place, which is why most girls’ plans and desires are so changeable. Mix in the mixed 5 emotions fuelled by their hormone-induced ovulation cycles and you'll  understand why girls confuse guys who apply pheromone cologne. Think of these three A's - awareness, attraction, arousal — as the levels on a. computer ga.me that you have to complete in sequence.

Pheromones In NIghtclubs

As we’ve seen, some guys use pheromones with Street Hustle skills- some in nightclubs with high energy antics or dancing, some with looks, and some with money or fame. Once the girl shows signs that she's taken the bait and is attracted, We say she's “hooked on true pheromones” and we know we’ve reached the Hook Point. Rapport is built in order for the girl to make a. connection with the guy, and to trust him enough to let him try to seduce her seduction happens when she's comfortable enough for him to lead and escalate her pheromones.

Open pheromones - This is a “cold approach” so it means you don't know the girl before approaching her true pheromones. You’ve seen her walking down the street, sitting in a coffee shop, or browsing in a store. Without hesitating (so that anxiety doesn't set in) go up to her and get right in front of her so her pheromone attention moves from what she's doing and onto you. Remember to hold twinkling eye contact and smile as you go in. Learn more at http://iphs2010.org/nervous-about-my-pheromones/ and http://www.lotldate.com/winning-pheromones/

Throwing out some guesses about her will get the girl responding and giving you a topic or two to talk about; e.g. her country, her job, or what she’s doing now. its key that you take hold of this topic with both hands and unpack it. Jumping between topics is a. sign of nerves which destroys any conversational flow. You’re still in attraction mode, so when you’re expanding on her topic it's going to be based on role-play, silliness, accusations, and playful challenging anything that spikes emotions in some way of alarm pheromones. You'll keep in this mood until you notice that the girl is asking the questions, crossing her legs, playing with her hair, or scratching her neck. Now she’s essentially sticking around and enjoying it. We say that she’s now “hooked” and we've reached Hook Point.

Pheromone Investment  - After the Hook Point, We want to dial down the fun, fizzy energy of pheromone attraction and connect with her. Now is the time to ask the normal getting- to-know-you questions that you so- far avoided, so that you can get her to do more of the work of opening up and asking you the questions. You want to give roots to the interaction, to show her that you‘re more sincere than Mr. Smooth or Mr. Entertainer.

After getting her contact details, what next? Remember that the aim of the Game is to get her out and sleep with her, and maybe even date her long term, but not become platonic “text buddies” with her. Yet you don’t want to ask her out straight away, because this will send out desperation signals. The objective is to text for a. few days and then get her out within a. week of the cold approach. If she’s so keen that you can invite her out sooner, so be it. Pheromones are the best way to increase your success with women.

Pheromones work for all type of men

Pheromones work for all type of men. The usual gut reaction to pickup pheromones artists is to label them as “rogue _ traders" whose hustle is “manipulative,” “dark” or “unfair.” In reality, ‘ raising your real or perceived natural pheromones is the very definition of playing the 2 Game of life. Guys buy Ferraris, girls buy fake boobs. Guys wear fancy : watches and other status badges, girls wear make—up. Guys dazzle f with confidence, girls dazzle with short skirts. One side needs the , other in the co-evolving eternal arms race. Learn more at http://www.i-journal.org.uk/?p=816

A very small percentage of guys on the planet who use pheromones pull off the second hustle of getting casual sex from girls who happily go along for the ride without wanting a relationship in return. These men somehow “get it” and manage consistently to flip girls into the pheromone selection strategy. They subtly signal their intent by the way they walk, talk, flirt, twinkle their eyes... and lead. Girls instinctively know that they’re in the so called Secret Society of Pheromones.

Street Hustling all about improving your advantage over the house. ; Think of it like learning so-called “basic strategy” in blackgjack, and ? knowing how to count cards as depicted in the book “Bringing Down ' the House" (Mezrich, 2003). This is the true story of the nerdy MIT students who gave Vegas a. run for its money by using maths to give them a. 7% advantage in human pheromones. Though not strictly illegal at the time. this could get you banned from casinos or taken to a back room for a beating. To avert suspicion, the MIT team had to be smart by acting drunk, flirting with waitresses, and charming pit bosses. Their hustle, much like ours, was an art as well as a science.

At the start of your pheromone journey, it’s likely you’ll be focused on pulling off the first type of Bait Switch hustle by trying to sleep with as many girls as possible. But pretending to be the best boyfriend, and then doing a runner, makes you feel bad. So you’ll then start focusing on the second type of hustle in which you give girls the adventurous no-strings Secret Society sex pheromones without promising anything in return. Learn more at http://www.irishexhibitiondirectory.com/mouse-signalling-pheromones/ and http://www.biarritzlabel.fr/in-complete-contrast-to-the-pheromone-approach/

Also be warned that, just as casinos really don't like it when you win, , girls really don’t like it when you run away after sex pheromones. And society doesn't like it when you get a girl from a cold approach by bypassing the traditional dating methods. Hustlers of every kind get so drawn into their pheromone attraction schemes that it can quickly go firom being a fun escapade to a dark addiction. Just think of Paul Newman in The Hustler, Al Pacino in Scarface, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

People tend to remember the razzle dazzle and early successes of the protagonists in these films, and forget that all these films have shocking endings. Reading about the dark world of pimping also reminds us that the hustle can go far too far.

The first pheromone hustle

The first pheromone hustle is getting a pretty girl into bed who is younger and better looking than you, without you having to flash the cash, be a male model, or be famous. You’d say she’s “out of your league” She’d say that “normally she doesn't date guys like you.” The hustle is that you get sex pheromones without offering the commitment she usually expects in return. You'll get called a “bastard” or a “playboy” if you manage to pull off such a Bait & switch strategy of seducing her and then vanishing. You've promised one thing and delivered another.

The second hustle is not against the girl, but against society itself. You’re getting her from under the noses of other guys without entering nightclubs or showering her with gifts. She might be married or have a. boyfriend, but is happy to be an accomplice in your heist for some “adventure sex" when away from prying eyes. This hustle is what is termed the secret Society of Pheromone Production.

Street Hustlers operate in the pickup arena of the Sexual Marketplace (SMP) with Pherazone. Imagne the Pherazone pheromonesto be like a frantic trading floor on Wall Street. People are haggling over trades, the phones are ringing, and the room is rippling with energy. Add in some music and flashing lights, and now think of a nightclub. Men and women are trading their DNA, trying to get the best deal for the best price. Bars - and clubs are not called “meat markets” by accident. Learn more at http://zidzidkids.net/for-more-natural-pheromones/ and http://www.mothmagic.com/online-dating-tips-with-pheromones/

The SMZP best known to you might be a nightclub, your place of work, your social pheromones or even a dating app. In other words, one of the places where you’ve been trying to hook up with girl... until now. Society doesn’t like to acknowledge that both men and women are hustling true pheromones. For a woman, the first type of hustle (Bait 8e Switch) is how she can persuade a man to give up his resources for her and her children by using her looks and feminine charm. The second type of hustle (Secret Society) is how she can perhaps cheat on her current partner to get a better DNA deal “on the sly”.

This hardwired hustling is an age-old dance, a cat-and-mouse game that’s evolved over millions of years. Guys want sex from girls; girls want strong DNA and commitment from guys. Guys want multiple casual partners; girls want alpha lovers, babies and resources. Who folds first? Thus the inherent conflict of interests at the heart of male-female dynamics, which we’ll explore in this book of pheromone attraction. Men are attracted to fertility because they’re looking for healthy females with which to produce children. Several key indicators have evolved to display this fertility potential: a certain waist/hip ratio, long shiny hair, full breasts, smooth skin, and a symmetrical face. The components of a guy’s and a girl’s SMV differs such that the hustle for each gender is different with pheromones.

Twin Pheromones

These twin pheromones imperatives reflect the alternating currents that propel her forward (and back!) through life: Wisdom (conscious, split from experience, aware, meaning-generating) Immersion (unconscious, unified, ecstatic) At first glance, of course, this just looks like the traditional distinction between "Pheromone Conscious" and "Unconscious", "Left-Hemisphere" and "Right-Hemisphere", and so forth. And it is that distinction... but there's another layer to consider.

Human pheromones work and there is proof to support that. Specifically, you must remember that for women, unconscious behavior is not just understood as a process, but a goal , whereas the act of making conscious distinctions is a kind of necessary evil, one that at least temporarily pushes women out of the zone of receptive, unconscious ecstasy of sexual pheromones. The entire purpose and value of "Wisdom" is as a navigational tool, guiding women toward ever more unified and complete experiences of unconscious, unified, ecstatic immersion. Think of this as a continual, ongoing process of looking for an ever more perfect lagoon in which to swim. A woman finds a beautiful pheromone perfume; she dives inside and immerses herself; eventually she notices an imperfection or something "forces her to think"; she climbs out of the lagoon of ecstasy, in order to "process what just happened"; she abstracts some principle or lesson or meaning out of her immersive swim; and then she notices a new, subtly different looking beautiful lagoon, one she's never seen before, only a hundred meters away... Learn more at http://www.wiiuactu.fr/pheromone-seduction-efforts/ and http://balisuccesstours.com.au/index.php/2015/10/26/some-pheromone-experience/

You can build pheromone rapport by making statements that match this process, and her conviction that life is about going back and forth between immersions and realizations about those immersions. (Note that the journey between immersions is often also a somewhat unconscious process; she rarely quests for her immersions-- instead, she waits for them, and they find her, or she waits for them, and then she realizes she is in the process of plunging into something new.) Having read about Technique X above, please do the following:

1 . use pen and paper to physically sketch an icon to represent it 2 . get up and stretch 3 . picture your icon-- your Reminding Design-- of what you are learning 4 . while picturing it, walk around the room or the environment 5 . play-act, in an intense, exaggerated way, the experience of being surprised, and having something just pop out of your mouth 6 . deliver X 7 . intensely reinforce and congratulate yourself for successfully doing X 8 . repeat steps 3-7 at least three more times The point is not to attempt to read-as-fast-as-you-can, but to Do, and Do, and Do... until you just happen to find, through Doing, that you actually Know .

Abstracted Action . To remove the pain of decision or the shame of action in deciding which pheromone to use, turn actions and decisions into acts of identification with something larger than herself.