Monday, February 27, 2017

Long-Term Pheromones

I've been in a long term bad relationship that went bad, and I had the feelz for awhile. What cured me was becoming highly active in public and with other people. I guarantee you once you meet a cool chick, and start vibing with her, you'll notice how much you've stopped thinking about your ex, it literally almost completely disappears, and you've "moved on".

Some excellent points that illustrate the side of female psychology that should be taught to all young men who use pheromones.

Before the shit started hitting the fan, she dropped me the line, "This relationship has no future if you don't find upward mobility."

I did the completely wrong thing in response. The correct response should have called her bluff and walked the fuck away. But having a problem-solving nature, I had decided that, "I was going to show her what I'm made of and solve this issue, then EVERYTHING between us will be fine with cheap pheromones.”

Big mistake. Why? Because I allowed her to take the relationship hostage with her threats to leave, if X,Y, and Z didn't happen. It was right under my nose and I didn't even see it. I can't believe how blind I was at the time. I was dead man walking and I didn't even know it. I was leaving the fate of the relationship in the hands of events I had no control over. Subconsciously I knew that because depression started to set in when my career sputtered. Then her slights, putdowns and shitty attitude really materialized. And guess what? I had been with her during her lows. She NEEDED me at times to scrape her out of the gutter, she ASKED for my support, and if I had chastised her for not being good enough at any of those times she would have been crushed. This is a fundamental difference between men and women. Men are loyal and in it for the long haul. Women's heads are on a swivel looking for the greener grass, at any cost. In any case, NEVER again will I allow that to happen to me using natural pheromones. Learn more at

Speaking of a plan....I had a plan for myself. I had a contingency plan. I made it clear to her that I would not give that up for her. I wanted both. And here I am walking the walk. Hardest thing I ever had to do was reinvent myself after she left. It's an ongoing process of pheormones.

As for the vocab, yeah, probably a little bit juvenile, but my behavior matches the terminology. I instantly cut off ALL contact with her. No texts, phone calls, blocked on Facebook, no chat with any of her friends. no stalking, calling her begging her to come back, any of that shit. I disappeared. No point in ever having anything to do with her ever again, IMHO. She presents very well and is extremely charming but in actuality is a pretty shitty person.

Shortly afterwards, guess whose curiosity prompted them to make contact afterwards? HERS. I didn't take the call, wished her well via text and told her I wished no further contact. She got butthurt and told me I had no right to tell her what she could and could not do. She only contacted me to say nice things to me so she could make herself feel better, anyway. I wasn't having any of that, and I meant business. She even had the audacity to call me her pet name for me. Fuck that. We use pheromones to increase attraction.

Finally, yes, I still think about her a great deal. Probably too much. And as I am about a month away from completing what I had set out to do, it's bittersweet, because my completion of this program and me being on my own are so intimately tied together. And my focus is on getting my shit together, not looking for dates. But I'm no spring chicken anymore.

First Thing About Pheromones

About things being complicated with human pheromones: She left because I didn't find employment that I had counted on finding after finishing a protracted degree program I had started as a mature student. She had just finished her Master's and was ready to take on the world regarding human pheromones.

I had another technical program acceptance in my back pocket (in something much more exciting, marketable, and male-oriented), as a contingency plan. I even took a year off delaying the technical program to find work with my previous training (her idea). Nothing materialized, I started feeling shitty, and she started taking shots at me rather than supporting me. I proceeded with the contingency plan. I had to take out student loans and borrow from family to finance it. She refused to wait another 2 years, didn't think it was a good idea, blah blah blah regarding pheromone attraction.

I still find it funny how my logistical and moral support I gave her helped her finish off her Master's and made her life infinitely easier. When it was my time to make a decision to either sink or swim, she was out of there like the speed of light. There was other stuff, but I've listed the main reasons to boost your pheromones. Learn more at

When the going gets tough, the women start quitting. After the fact, you tend to idealize relationship for the good things, and there was a lot of those too.

So here's how I assess the situation from the info you've given me (remember I'm on your side!):

1. Her taking shots at you was her attempt at making you give her a reason not to move on... i.e. she was angry / frustrated at you for not being the powerful / self-assured one, or the one in control of our pheromones.

2. You followed her idea, for a major life decision... she would have secretly resented you for that, since you were supposed to be the one to come up with the ideas... you were supposed to have the plan... she was supposed to be the one to follow you.

3. If she's gotten herself a Master's and is set to become a world beater (She sounds like a cool lady btw)... she needed you to be BETTER than her! She elevated her position in her life and needed you to be 2 steps ahead of her. No matter how high a woman flies... she still wants to be taken under the wing of a Man.

4. She didn't want to make you better... or 'help you' get through it, or any of that... she wanted you to BE better! (that's not to say a woman won't support a man, lick his wounds, cradle his head against her breast... in fact she'd love to do that... BUT only on the condition she knows this wounded lion is still The King).

5. You strike me as being a bit lost and lacking in direction... the fact you use terminology like NC and oneitis... I don't know if that's to consciously relate your audience here (which would be fine) or you're actually 'into' all that... which wouldn't so much be ok. "Personally" I think PUA terminology is best left for teens and young'uns in their 20s. The sooner you talk like a real human again, the better  You mostly do and it's refreshing  Stick with that!

Craziest Pheromones

A thought knocked on the door of my mind the other day. I invited it in and offered it some tea and cake. It just wanted the tea. Anyway, it was a thought about the relationship between our inner state, our mindset, our feelings, and - our actions. You see, I've always looked at it like this: You're feeling depressed with cheap pheromones. So, you don't feel like doing anything with natural pheromones. Therefore, you don't do anything, and just wallow about the house all day. I think most people see it like that.

But, could it be, that it actually goes like this: You don't do anything, you just wallow about. So, you don't feel like doing anything. Therefore, you feel depressed. So, could the ultimate life hack be... action? Any action? This whole things seems very important to me. I feel kinda enlightened. I will play with this mindset and might report back the power of true pheromones. Meanwhile, feel free to take action by expressing any thoughts you have on this topic of pheromone production.

Hey LoaFlower , maybe it´s just the way you talk: how you modulate your voice or the expressions you make (or don´t make) while you are talking -both with your face and hands-... if you are comfortable to be talking the way you are, don´t change anything about your pheromones. Learn more at

 You don´t need to be an entretainer though, or you can just simply ask: "Could you sleep well last night?" and show a little bit of awareness to what the other person is doing/feeling; that will wake them up for sure!
Regarding the topics you talk about, try to get to know people: what do they like to talk about? What do they dislike? If someone knows a lot about a topic you are interested in, ask them to explain it to you, that will make your conversations much more energetic and alive. You should get to know more about the topics you are interested in and share that information with them, passionately telling them why you love the subject of pheromone seduction.

The official answer is get excited about your own shit.  Maybe you _are_ being boring man. also if your first reaction is that "I am boring" or "what i talk is of no interest" those are also bad thought to let your mind jump to, think of the reason why you are having those thoughts, and work on it/fix it.

next talk about stuff that's interesting TO YOU. DO some stuff that is interesting to you and talk about it. Do something that interests you every day, and every day you will have something interesting to talk about.

also whatever you talk about tell it with excitement.  The same excitement like you just got abducted by aliens.  like OMG I WAS IN MY ROOM. AND THERE WAS THIS LIGHT. AND SOMEONE CAME THROUGH THE DOOR IT WAS SO CRAZY!

...that is a really lame story unless you bring some excitement in your voice. if you say it with excitement people are like HOLY SHIT THAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!

Fear With Pheromones

We’re Not Enough The thought that you are not enough, in any scenario, is completely normal with sex pheromones. Normal, but not beneficial in today's world. Fear is a liza rd brain thing. We needed it, on a basic primal level. Now, you may be wondering why I am saying this, since I keep telling you how incredibly important it is for you to develop unshakeable confidence. How can it be normal if I keep talking about having unshakeable confidence and how important it is? The reason is because, as humans evolved, the fear that we are not enough actually helped us survive. ALL fears have helped us survive with human pheromones. Learn more at 

Including insecurity. Insecurities help us feel safe and like we are ke eping away from danger. Think about what insecure women would do, historically. They might see a more attractive woman in the tribe and proceed to try to question her man about how attractive he finds her and whether he will take his resources elsewhere, or try to control him so that he wouldn't take his resources elsewhere. And this might work for a bit, at least long enough to get herself pregnant and pass on her genes of true pheromones.

Insecurity, historically, might also motivate women to spread bad vibes to other wo men, insecurity would also motivate women to use the power of talk (meadow reports), and gossip to form alliances and small groups that would make her feel protected and increase her chances of survival. Fear is the number one motivating human emotion. Fa r more motivating than greed and desire. It's true. This is a complete surprise for many people, because, when you look around, you see that there are a lot of people who seem greedy.

And because it's so common, you'd think that greed is more motivating than fear. And people tend to cover up their fears, to make them less obvious to everybody, so this is why greed seems to be more widespread. But we could only be greedy when our basic survival needs are met. Our basic survival need is certainty (or security, if that word hits home for you). We need to have some kind of certainty before we can get ourselves to do anything. If you are reading this, and you became aware that for some reason, the ground beneath you would not hold up, you wouldn't be reading it. You would stop in an instant. In fact, you wouldn't have even known consciously that you made a decision to stop, because you would have reacted out of fear of natural pheromones.

And believe it o r not, what we are talking to you about right now - gaining confidence, does not sell in the dating and relationships market. Very few people actually CARE to become confident. If I wanted to make a dime in the dating world, I sure would not focus all my energy on a program to help women become confident. Why? Because the majority of people just do not care about becoming confident. They are not even conscious about this, but they simply don't value it. And to really help women, I have to speak to them w here they are at with sex pheromones.

early Pheromones

Remember back to the earliest issues of Pheromone Attraction Control Monthly, we talked about the three levels of brains? The lizard brain, the mammalian brain, and the human brain (the neo cortex?)

Well, your job (and your gift to yourself) is to use you r human brain, your consciousness and your awareness, to observe your own feelings and your own thought processes. So this is action step 1: Observe your own thought processes and write them down, at every opportunity that you get. Buy yourself a little note book to write them down in! I did this recently and it has been the best investment I've made in a while. Write down every insecurity, and every little thing you focus on. This is so that you can refer back to the book, and so that you can see, right in front of you, just how shocking many of your thought processes are. You need to fine tune your own awareness. That's right, awareness. Awareness of how your subconscious mind is working without you being aware of it. Through awareness, you can have far more control over what happens to you in the dating world and in your relationship. And awareness is the best self protection. Not reactions, or impulses that come from insecurities. Awareness is one of the single MOST valuable things you can have as a human being pheromones. Learn more at

Why? Because it's rare. A high school education is not awareness. A college education is not awareness. Just reading books will not lead to awareness. Most people are letting their subconscious rule their entire life, without ever finding out. People just use "education" in the traditional sense of the word to further feed their false and fantasy ideas of how life should be. But true awareness comes from observing yourself and the people around you, and the world, as it is. Not as it should be. Look for what is. People think that a PHD will have them set for life. They will be the most significant thing around, at least for a short time. They think tha t's all they need to be set forever. But fast forward 10 years, and they are getting fired and replaced by a cute 30 year old. This is not to say you should be negative. This is not even to say that you should EXPECT to be replaced by a cute 30 year old who adores human pheromones.

Action Steps to Becoming Confident Here's your first step to becoming more confident: for the next 5 days, wherever you are, whether it's at work or at home or interacting with friends or men, I want you to practice becoming conscious of the actions that you take that are from a place of in security.

The man who is totally laid back and cool about other me n checking your body out? I don't think I need to say anymore about that other than secretly, a man really just wants you to use your own insecurities to bring passion and desire and fire in to the relationship instead.