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Sex pheromones are fine

Sex pheromones are fine. It is natural. I'm talking more about your control over your sexual energy. I feel as if there is healthy ways to do this and unhealthy ways. I believe suppressing it leads to eventually acting on it(masturbation/porn). What I mean by suppressing is pushing it away and resisting the pheromone attraction there.

A healthy way is to do something with the energy or letting the energy pass on it's own. Working out, sex pheromones or meditation. Allowing the sensations to be there fully without masturbating or watching porn. It's just energy. It comes it goes. This is easier said than done in the first few weeks to month, maybe longer.

In my opinion, as a man, it's important to be able to handle this new pheromone cologne. To me it ties into anything you do. Your will power and your ability to socialize and talk to chicks. For me when I go on real long spurts of nofap I'm so much more focused and able to do the things I want to do.

My pheromone communication skills are sharper and less anxiety or a better ability to handle the anxiety if it's there. To me there is no stronger feeling in a man than his sexual energy. Reason why pheromone signal is a problem. To conquer it is one of the harder things a man can do but opens up the most doors if done. Learn more at and

So, when you have that pheromone behaviour, then you have the Alpha male. So, let’s break this down. So, if I am…if I decide I want get 3 pheromone numbers and I wanna have 2 women next to me at all times. So, that’s a fairly defined, ideal future scene, future image of ho w I want things to be.

So, then I know that, if I go into the bar or club tonight and if I spend an hour and I have only got 3 - 4 hours. Then I know, my pheromone behaviour is not consistent, am not really taking responsibility. Cause I really don’t know whether it’ s gonna happen. So, the thing I need to do is, I need to get into action. So, I want 3 numbers, I wanna be surrounded by 2 women all the time.

Okay, What do I need to do? Well, I need to, there is a 2 set over there, am gonna go ta lk to her, am gonna talk t o those two , there is a 3 set over there, am gonna go talk to them. Am gonna try these 3 women to come with me, to meet these 2 women, so that now I have 5 women and am the focus of attention, they are all talking to me. And, you will go into action, and i f that doesn’t allow…you will look for another set, and then you will look for another set. So, some people supply action, but they don’t have any ideal image. So, they don’t know how to get things done, because they have no ideal to match it up against.

So, there we have the basics there, so you have got the idea that, you don’t’ need permission to talk to anybody. You should come in opening with a cause view point, not in a affect viewpoint, you are going to open someone because you want to have a conversation with them and that’s all the justification you need regarding pheromone perfumes.

Pheromones usually constitute androsteone

Pheromones usually constitute androsteone and copulins and perfumes. Because, one of the things you are doing is, where am I now with real pheromones? Verses where I need to be? And letting their mind, see what the differences are between those two pheromone compounds.

The current position they are in and their ideal future position, so that they can line out actions to take. So, that’s the basic zest of the Alpha Male pheromone cologne. And the ideal future image, and if you were to go through life, having ideal future images , taking responsibilities for it, kicking out things which would interfere with it or jeopardize your pheromone compounds. So, applying MASSIVE doses of pheromones helps. Learn more at

If you were that guy, walking through life and doing all these other things that I have lined out in the video, I mean in the audio. What problems you really think you would have opening with real pheromones? What magic opener, do you think you are looking for? There is no magic opener, you are the magic. You are the one, who is gonna walk in and change emotions. So, you don’t need whole bunch of openers, they don’t need to be super fancy.

You are the guy who is walking in and you are walking through life doing these things. When you open, they already know that they are dealing with someone who is way above anyone else that they have ever talked to natural pheromones.

Learn more at

So, you can take any basic openers that you would like and by doing this stuff before pheromone attraction for men experience, than you have had before, because you are opening from a different place.

You are now opening from a level of pheromonal cause and not effect. Remember you are not asking anyone’s permission to interact with any other human being on earth. So, then it’s really just a matter of what openers of what you are you going to settle on or what are you going to create, if you are just going to be little more direct and say, “Hey you know, I noticed you, from across the room and I want to come say hi!, I wanted to come talk to you.”

 Remember you don’t need anyone’s permission for talking to someone because you wanna talk to them and that’s the end of that story. Okay, so I hope this has been helpful. You can always e mail me with any questions that you have regarding the material on this. Any points of clarification. And I thank you for listening and I thank you for being a customer of pheromone brands.

And it would be a point of responsibility of no responsibility if they didn’t kick things out that weren’t moving towards their ideal future of pheromone traps. So, there you have r eally the description of what a real alpha male is. That is someone who has an ideal image that is supplying massive action to get that done. That is taking responsibility for it, so that they kick out anything that could endanger or interfere with human pheromones..

Pheromones influence women

Pheromones influence women. And that you have to be certain that you gonna leave her in a better shape than you found her and that is the key to power is to convince yourself that, you know you are gonna do good and you are gonna have a positive effect on her pheromone production.

 So, that you can stop and be yourself. And we talked about the awareness and agreement exercise, when you become aware of when people first become aware of you and acknowledge it and if they shift then you also shift and that puts you in the body level of agreement with everyone around you. So, the very last piece of this, once you have kindda built those and you have
got those actual pheromones.

 The real last piece of this is what ac tually brings it home. And, I did a whole audio on this, may be 4 - 5 years ago. And has to do with the ideal future and the Alpha male mind - set. I don’t have a full hour to go over the whole thing here, because we are already at about 50 minutes of pheromone production. Learn more at

 So, I will give you a brief version that will serve for what we are doing here. Now, I have mentioned a couple of time that one of the main things I do is marketing and do a lot of marketing consulting and that puts me in pheromone communication with a lot of business owners.

And one of the community idea was an Alpha male was somebody who is, if you really bother down, somewhat as an asshole. If you look at the common community ideas, that was somebody who, like kind of rude, who push people off the way, who ignore people, w ho talked over people, kindda rude to women. And, you know whenever I sat down to really analyse this pheromone formula and think about this, I realized, the guys who were accomplishing the most, weren’t really like that. The guys who are accomplishing the most really, they could be that way, but they were also be very laid back. That could be someone I would actually call timid to human pheromones.

So, I really wanted to boil down, “Okay, what is this?” And what it came down to, those guys were able to create the effects that they wanted to se e in the world, what I consider to be Alpha. So, they have a ideal future. They have some image of how they wanna things to be related to human pheromones.

And what they did was, they noticed when things weren’t going towards that image and they supplied action, so that massive actio n, not just action…MASSIVE action, so that the image could become a reality.

They also kicked out things that interfere with it or endangered it. Which sometimes, did had the appearance of being an asshole. But, really what it was is that they had taken responsibility, personal responsibility to see that, that future image came into existence with their pheromones.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Basic Steps With Pheromones

So, here’s the basic step, you start off in a neutral state and then you imagine a circle on the floor in front of you. And you step into the circle and begin to generate whatever pheromones is that you are trying to generate.

 So, in our case it would be androstenone pheromones. So, you step into the circle and begin to generate the emotion of curiosity. Learn more about pheromones at

And as long as you are increasing or holding that state of curiosity you stand and as soon as it begins to drop then you step back out. And you get back to the neutral state and then you step in and begin to generate more pheromones.

Once you are able to generate it at a higher level then you could do it on command, then it seems we are done with that one, and then you can go on to the next one, so sexually intrigued pheromones.

You start off in a pheromonal state and then you go in and you develop, bring up that emotion of sexually intrigued pheromone. And then you do same thing with playful. Here’s one thing that I haven’t seen in the other versions, but you do the same thing with certainty.

So, you have done this on four emotions 1) Interested or curios 2) sexually Intrigued 3) Playful and 4) Certain. So, then you change these together, so you have four circles la id not on top of each other, but in a sequence, so that as you are walking, each step puts you in another circle. So, lets say you started the walk and you right foot comes in the curious circle so you master up curious and then you take your next step wit h the left foot and then you are in sexual pheromones circle and then you use your other foot, your right foot and then you are playful and then your left foot again and then you will be in the certainty. Learn more at

The goal there is that as you are moving, as you are walking forward you are able to generate these emotions and you are doing it in a very smooth and powerful way so that as you are walking you have all these emotions with your pheromones.

And if you have those things, those emotions as you are just walking around with the intention of opening, you will experience that lot the things that the fears and so forth that I read about in your surveys. Because when you have those emotions, you don’t have access to those other doubts and fears and other feelings with pheromones.

 So, of course you can add any other emotions that you think that would be helpful. But I would caution you against adding too many because they begin to compete with each other and create strange things. So, really I feel like those are the basic four that are gonna get you the most mileage and caution you against over complicating pheromone perfume.

because lot of the pheromone interactions

Doesn’t mean you will do it, because lot of the pheromone interactions will be very short, but even if you could just make her feel better, throughout the d ay, You know, just the idea, that someone took out time to interact with her pheromones to make her feel better, to talk to her, to converse with her, is an improvement.

So, maybe she feels better for the rest of the day and then she gets a bad news or something that doesn’t turned on the way she expected later on, but she is turning off at a higher point in pheromone production. Learn more about pheromones a

And she feels better, and she doesn’t goes as low as she would have before without her pheromone perfume. And in some cases, going too low, means she could have done something stupid, you know, like maybe in a huff quit her job and then cause herself financial difficulty.

 So, even those small impacts make a difference with real pheromones. So, there is a exercise, that will help pull all of this together. All these emotions together, because you want them available on pheromones.  And really the ultimate is that, they will all become a part of you, who you are, so really you won’t need to do this. These are the things that, you know, I do easily, they are just kindda part of who I am now, I don’t have to think about it with androstenone pheromones.

 If I g o and open, I just go and open, and they are gonna get the full, you know, force of my power when I open and it’s not gonna be anything like a lot of effort on my part. It’s gonna be a very easy, very smooth level of power and they know that they are talki g to someone different with real pheromones. Learn more at

They know that they are talking to someone who, is not getting himself downgraded by all his other stuff like, what will people think? What will that guy think? What will people think if she rejects me due to her pheromone attraction? And all that stuff. I read a lot the question that were post before the teleseminar and ya, I mean its, there is a lot of crazy stuff going on, and it’s not necessary and has nothing to do with opening, it’s just there pheromone power.

But, these thing will help you just kind of like…push those of to the side, like whatever. So, the exercise is called, circle of excellence , I got it from NLP. There are many versions out there, if you can google it.

But, make sure you pick the simple pheromone spray. There are lot of knuckle heads who go and complicate things, and over - complicate things. It’s a very simple exercise. And in 2006, I actually took a bunch of lair members through this. And, I have forgotten how powerful it was. But, on examination of, you know, going back and dating back through and looking at what t he results were. I realized that it was very beneficial and now I am giving it to your pheromone review.