Your Topic of Pheromone Attraction

Since she’s in a good mood from smelling the shampoos keep the momentum going by going back to the topic of your conversation on how pheromones work.

She’s touching herself. Getting her to agree to an ambiguous request of “it feels good” you have linked her making herself feel good with you being the source of that feeling true pheromones.

You also just reminded her feeling good isn’t for her it’s for somebody else. Taking away your availability while at the same time suggesting other women find you desirable. Learn more at and

Now lighten the mood by saying, “Hey, this reminds me of what we used to do to each other in grade school. It’s the egg game. Have you heard of this? No?”

The reason you want to lighten the mood is you don’t want to give her a chance to realize she’s turning herself on in the middle of a crowded store with true pheromones.

This would be weird.

Depending on when she was born and the home life she grew up with will determine whether or not she has heard of the game.

It was a common game played at summer camp and in grade school.

Say, “Well, we would go like this [demonstrate the egg game] and pretend an egg broke over our heads. It was fun, but I think it was just an excuse for the girls to touch a cute guy’s head.”

You’re going to demonstrate the cracking and oozing of the imaginary egg with your fingers.

To make the egg you place all of your fingers and thumb together at the tips [it sort of looks like a bird’s beak].

Then tap her on her head twice like you are cracking the egg of pheromone production.

After the second tap hold you fingertips against her head while allowing your fingers to bend slightly.

As you slide your fingertips away from each other let them spread out across her scalp.

When all of this is put together in her imagination she’s lead to think you’ve just broken an egg over her head and now it’s slowly oozing through her hair.

It’s a very convincing gross out that’ll get her to relax and give her chills.

Not only are you shifting her state, but you’re also getting her comfortable with your touch in a nonthreatening way with those pheromones.

The theory that the game was just an excuse for girls to touch a cute guy’s head suggests since those girls chose to play with you that you’re a cute guy. Thus reinforces the idea you are desirable to others. Learn more at

Let her try it on you.

Usually she won’t be familiar with this game and will want to try it herself unable to resist the novelty of it. Learn more at

Personally I think it’s a shame all these simple interaction games are becoming lost in our world of technology.

After cutting your interaction short, just when she’s enjoying herself, makes her feel like she’s losing you.

Now she desires to be the one who’s having fun with you. After all you’re a well adjusted, in demand, and romantic guy.


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