Women can multi-task with human pheromones

And if I ever lose my bottle of pheromones or the backing for my earring, he’s always 100 times more likely to find it in the next 5 minutes than I am. This is just mind boggling to me. Almost any man you deal with has this basic hunter mechanism built in to his DNA. Or else his genes would not have survived all this time. Now let’s talk about us, the gatherers. Typically, gatherers will bring home 60-80% of a daily meal. Gatherers walk around, and they search for berries and fruits. This is also a crucial role for the tribe and her family. So, in order to SURVIVE, a gatherer has to walk around, and gather pheromone scents.

Do you still feel you can trust her? No absolutely not. It’s not logical – remember, this is a part of your DNA. I know personally, it feels awful when a woman (especially a close friend of mine) does this. In fact, it hurts me sometimes, and I feel angry – especially if in the past she’s shared a lot with me, I wonder…well, what happened to all the other pheromone details?

 What happened to the connection we had? And then I want to pull away. It’s a difficult situation to be in! Not only is there a big loss of trust – there is a loss of togetherness, and it’s like she’s not ‘on your side’ anymore. Know what I mean? 4) A gatherer has to be able to focus on several things at once. Unlike a hunter, who has to intensely focus on his target only (distractions and emotions could get him  killed) and go for the kill, a gatherer has to remember details of berries, where she walked, what time is good to go back in the future, and while she is doing all this she also has to feel her pheromonal surroundings – she has to make sure no-one is following her. Learn more at http://www.bigheartbaby.com/scented-or-unscented-pheromones and http://www.amoryms.us/select/870

Gatherers have been preyed upon for millions of years – because other animals or members of other tribes would try to sabotage her trail and get to the berries and food sources they know she gets to. So now that we know a bit about a day in the life of a hunter and a gatherer, and how that shapes who we are today as men and women – I want to just point out two MAJOR differences in men and women that are a result of this hunter/gatherer DNA that we all have inside of us. 1) Men work in modes (working on one thing at once) – it’s hard for them to focus intensely on one thing at once and get it done to a good degree if he is feeling and reconsidering that or that in other areas of his life of true pheromones. Learn more at http://www.thecleanslate704.com/my-latest-pheromones-story/ and http://biotechpub.com/typical-pheromone-response/

Women can multi-task with human pheromones. A masculine man has to be able to focus on one thing at once, to the exclusion of all other things. He can’t be focusing on little details of what other things are happening, or how he FEELS about you or something else while he’s hunting a buffalo or a bear. He’ll get killed. If he focuses on distractions (including your demands for attention, the “ticking time bomb” you have in your mind for how long he should ideally go without calling you, then he can’t be a good provider. And that’s what all men strive to be – in whatever way, shape or form, they are striving to feel like a man, to be a good hunter, and to feel like they can provide.


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