With pheromones it makes you a rock star.

With pheromones it makes you a rock star. All it amounts to is being able to observe and recognize situations you have encountered before. pheromone production Edgar Allen Poe knew all about quick reading. For example: “The Purloined Letter”.

An eight-year-old boy is constantly winning at a game that requires the other player to guess if he’s holding an even or an odd number of marbles in his closed hand of pheromones.

He figures out how to win by taking into account the other player’s approach. When asked the how he managed to figure this out he said. Learn more about pheromones at http://oynay.net/index.php/2016/11/02/everybody-knows-that-pheromones-work/

“When I wish to find out how wise, or how stupid, or how good, or how wicked is anyone, or what are his thoughts at the moment, 1 fashion the expression of my face, as accurately as possible, in accordance with the expression of his, and then wait to see what thoughts or sentiments arise in my mind or heart, as if to match or correspond with the expression of true pheromones.”

Guess what?
This works.
So when faced with a confusing situation, step back, and give face mirroring a chance. Another guy who knew a lot about being able to quickly read a person was Carl Jung. Jung developed a personality typing structure that can be useful when we first meet someone.

Here’s a quick reworking of his personality structures applied to seduction of pheromones.

Personality Structures

Look at whether she is: Outer Focused: These girls have a lot of energy, are easily distracted, and talk a lot.

Inner Focused Pheromones: Talks less except if it’s about a topic she’s interested in or when she’s comfortable around you with greater pheromones.

Determining whether she is outer or inner focused is fairly straightforward. If she is outer focused she’ll give you more input based on her reactions to your seduction.

Inner focused girls need time to warm up and will require you to talk a lot more. However, once she becomes comfortable with you or you find a subject she finds interesting she’ll open up and contribute more to the conversation on how pheromones work according to http://www.xatired.net/pheromone-frames/ and http://acmhc.info/you-know-were-buying-a-pheromone-cologne/

Next determine how she takes in information about the World. This is the most important aspect when quick reading her personality of pheromone users. She’s either:

Practical: A practical girl is action oriented. She lives in the moment and is a realist. She’s also more aware of the world around her and is tune with her body.

Insightful: Easy.

Finally looking at how she approaches the future will determine how easy it’ll for you to get her to go home with you and continue to see your new pheromones.

These are:

Planner: She tries to structure her activities. She’s neat, organized, and tends to stick to a schedule. She finishes what she starts, but has trouble getting started with greater pheromones.

Free Spirit: A free spirit is spontaneous. She adapts to the situation, but has a hard time committing to anything.

A planner needs to know all the details and is less likely to flake on you.

Sometimes it’s better to get her number instead of trying to take her home when you meet her.

The free spirit is ready to run off with you to the beach at a moment’s notice, but getting her to hold to a specific date and time is difficult.

It’s important to recognize you’re not going to be able to change the free spirit. If you’re too strict with her she Won’t stick around for long.

Pheromone Communication Style Preferred:

Okay now you know the types, so let’s look at quick ways to sort one type from another and how to present yourself in the best possible way.

Outer or inner focused is going to be immediately evident and it only determines how long it will take to seduce her.

The division between planners and free spirits is also clear. So, when those considerations are removed it leaves us with four types. These are:

1. Practical-Logical: With this type of girl be specific, back up your actions with a reason, and present yourself in a confident way. Demonstrate your status immediately in a visual way.


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