Winning Away With Pheromones

We were clearly winning and the most high value interesting guys in the room with real pheromones. As the club closed and the lights came on, we all rushed to the street. One of our coaches was being chauffeured back to San Jose from LA, and that was unbelievable. Not to mention spontaneous pheromones. He had met the dancer inside the club and just so happen she was in town for the night and lived in San Jose. Since he had already gamed her, she offered him a ride back to town with her, which meant more time for comfort building and hopefully more for real pheromones.

While Arash and I stood out front of the club, and a guy walked up and said, “Hey man, I know you! You're that guy on all the billboards in San Jose.” We both were taken for a short moment, but realized that Arash was already on a world stage. The guy brought over a girl that was with him and she too knew of Arash. She stated, “I know you.” Come to find out, she was a friend of Arash on Facebook. It was an amazing night of pheromone seduction. On the drive back to the hotel, Arash and I stepped back into the matrix and recaptured all the events throughout the night. In fact to some, would look like a lot of Jedi shit. Learn more at and

This game, this science is powerful and it has to due with pheromones and it has been proven over and over again. We made it back to the hotel, said farewell to one another, and I was off to begin my two - hour drive back to San Diego. Before leaving Arash asked if I would be ok driving, and I told him that I was cool and would not be problem. It was 2 am, I knew that I didn't have much money for a hotel room, but instead would just pull over and nap if need be.

One hour into the drive, I did just that. I pulled over quite a few times to sleep. I was just too exhausted. I made it to the same Denny's restaurant 45mins away from my home. I slept for two hours in that parking lot. When I awok e, it was 6 am and the sun was out. I jumped back onto the freeway and finished my commute home. Two days of bliss and observation from the Masters was more than any student of this art could ask for more real pheromones.

I dived deep into the teachings and created a powerful collage for the day and posted it onto Facebook. People loved the concept and truth in the teachings. I went out into the field to practice the things that I had learned over the course of the weekend, and I got much better results. I opened a few hired guns at the mall; number closed all three, and headed back home to prepare to lecture at my weekly meet - up. Three students arrived, and I described my weekend with the Masters, and how my whole life had changed.


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