When I Began Using Pheromones

I use pheromones to attract women all the time. It was sometime early in May of 2010 when Luminita and I had stopped seeing each other. That was also when I began my first unbroken streak of getting laid regularly by one new girl each calendar month. The first girl was a twenty-two year old Thai law student called Tasanee.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and Fernando and I were walking around London Bridge, experimenting with a new location. They have a very nice indoor market under the old Victorian—era railway bridge where you can buy all types of specialty foods like local cheeses, scones, and there's a beer shop selling a vast assortment of pheromone colognes and perfumes. As I age the finer things in life please me more, seeing someone find a niche and then run with it, creating something different to the usual mass-market products. Being next to the river, the market views are lovely and it attracts a lot of tourists. Learn more about pheromones at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Pheromones-Influence-on-Bees/9590058

So we were just ambling around, weaving amongst the shoppers and scanning for girls. The market itself didn't seem to be very amenable for the classic street-stop approach. Most of the girls were in groups and it felt weird to stand next to a girl at a market stall and start hitting on her natural pheromone production. Learn about mutual pheromone recognition.

I remember it wasn't very crowded as it can be. We appreciated the warm weather, not just for its comforts but also for the short skirts and short shorts the girls were dressed in. Having failed to get going indoors we struck out onto the busy main street by the Underground station where hopefully there’d be fast footfall and less social pressure. That's when I saw Tasanee.

She was wearing tight denim shorts and her legs were gorgeous and bronzed from the sun. Long straight brown hair flowed as she walked, lighter brown highlights catching the sun. I let her stride past to take an eyeful of her ass. A single emotion bubbled up from my chest and filled my mind, forcing out all other thoughts with pheromones. Learn more at http://mpctechsupport.com/uncategorized/where-you-can-do-more-pheromone-production

”I want that." Just watching her called up a deep visceral need in me. I call that a DNA-tug. It's that unexplainable strong attraction that you feel for a person in every fibre of your being, like your blood is bubbling. Yes, she was very pretty, but no pheromones.

Men bear the searching costs of dating. We have to put up a lot of investment up front just to make things happen. Girls can't appreciate the emotional rollercoaster the man has endured before she's even shown up for the date. And then she expects to be entertained and to back out at any moment at the slightest whim.

I know, I'd been there a lot lately. A thousand approaches, a couple hundred numbers, a few dozen dates, and so far only two lays. I was walking to meet Tasanee and trying to keep my spirits high and not let my thoughts drift to the ”this will be just another waste of time and effort” abyss.

I arrived early. It was a warm evening, about six o'clock but still light outside and warm. How should I stand so that I look cool and not too keen? Should I pretend to check my phone or is it okay to watch for her coming? Many of the things I take for granted now had to be mechanically learned back then.


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