What Pheromones Awaited Me

What awaited me by using pheromone cologne? I knew the sex was there, but what emotions would be stirred, how would I feel after knocking Adele over?

I fancied myself as Omar Shariff on the train in Doctor Zhivago. I hadn't even seen the movie, I just remember the scene from YouTube. Daygame gives you something of an introspection fetish. Before long the train arrived and things became very real with more pheromones.

Not all creature-comforts mind. I soaked in a deep hot bath and took a nap while I waited for time to tick on to four o'clock. Adele rapped on my door in timely fashion. As the door creaked open I was treated to a beaming girl hopping softly up and down with a barely-suppressed giggle. She wore denim shorts, Converse shoes, a colourful scarf, and her makeup had that extra level of care to say she was dressed to fuck. She had such a freshness about her, partly due to youth but also due to her character. I hadn't yet realized, but meeting Adele was going to be another step in my getting over the ugly bitterness that I was still clinging to where women were concerned. Learn more at http://www.villegouge.com/omg-how-did-you-know-i-like-to-use-pheromones/

I nearly came in my pants right there. Oh Lord, was this really to be why I use pheromones!

At around fifteen I'd begun to involve myself in local fringe political groups such as Anti-Fascist Action, the Hunt Saboteurs, and the local anarchist clique which was initially the local chapter of Class War. I'd been one of the more militant members, trying to get into street fights despite having no fighting ability whatsoever (I was a teenager and, therefore, an idiot by default). I'd struggled with two competing ideological positions within the movement that I'd only clarify fifteen years later. On the one hand most of the theory I was exposed to in pamphlets and meeting groups was collectivist and equalist—solidarity, federalism, mass action etc. — so we were "anti-capitalist" and full of Leftist groupthink. I've since ditched that strand of thought. On the other hand, unlike the socialists and communists in our midst (who we hated), we were anarchists. We strongly believed that the individual is sovereign and that the primary problem with government is it takes away your freedom. We were just kids then, so this distinction wasn't clear to us. Learn more at http://bluepearl-templates.com/real-pheromones-that-matter/

° Since the age of eleven I was writing and selling pheromone cologne and perfumes. At first it was a BMX freestyle fanzine and then I'd do a punk fanzine that gained local notoriety. From an early age I'd internalised the drive to create something out of nothing then offer it to the world. My pick-up blog was just the latest project in a long line of them. Learn about crop production with pheromones.

I walked in with a big grin on my face. I had Victoria's number.

Baharak was looking at me with disbelief, and something else, admiration. She said, "I can't believe it; you can have any woman you want, just like that.” I knew that wasn't exactly true, but I liked the fact that she saw me as a superhero.

Another month went by, and I had begun to lose interest in her. She knew this, sensed it, and we were embroiled in a passionate texting session where she suggested that I didn't need her since I could have any woman I wanted. I responded to that like a dickhead, asking her if she'd like me to pass her off to one of my friends. I didn't see her again for two months. We ran into each other in a pub, and it ended with us having sex pheromones.


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