What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Pheromone

Not picking up on this signal will have your girl sitting, waiting, wishing, and slowly and silently becoming more and more disdainful Telling you we want you to kick it up takes away from the fantasy of it… So a lot of women will subtly drop hints or secretly HOPE that wearing this sexy new lingerie will ignite a BIGGER fire in her man…but most men just don’t get it! And if YOU don’t get that the fantasy is for her to be LED and to be TAKEN… Then chances are someone ELSE will take her there =( Exactly What It Looks Like As I mentioned earlier, some women will TRY to HINT to their men that they ready and willing to try just about ANYTHING by doing something SLIGHTLY out of the ordinary sexually… Maybe she’s not wearing panties at dinner…  Maybe the dress she’s wearing out tonight is MUCH tighter than you’re used to seeing… Or MAYBE it’s your first time together and you’re noticing she’s being a LIIIIIIIIIITTLE more rough than you are with kissing, touching, licking, biting! Whatever it is she’ll BE out of the ordinary in attempts to bring YOU out of your ordinary routine.  Learn more a http://herenciasenespana.com/non-verbal-pheromone-communication.html/

BONUS: Secret Signal That She’s Finally Ready and Willing To SERVE You This signal means that she feels emotionally connected to you in ways that makes her want to fulfill your every wish and desire. And the EASIEST way to tell that you’ve achieved THIS is quite simply, you feel it in your gut… You see it in the way she looks at you… The things she starts doing for you… The little ways she shows you’re different than any other guy out there… You start to FEEL special in her life because you’re starting to see little hints in her actions that you ARE. Maybe she makes a point to text you good morning and good night… Maybe you notice she’s been doing her makeup more and dressing sexier around you… Maybe she’s doing little things to go the extra mile like cooking more or buying you something when she’s out shopping for herself. Learn more at http://www.sempermac.com/choose-your-pheromones/

Either way…you notice that LITTLE extra… And it just HAPPENS to be…for YOU =) The biggest thing I want you to take away from this is that women don’t WANNA be seen as emotional… And most of all…they don’t wanna be seen as EASY. So sometimes that manifests as them keeping a close watch on showing you what they REALLY mean… ESPECIALLY if showing you means looking like an easy, crazy hoe! More importantly, you deserve to be happy with a woman who deserves YOU… And by being the one to see, catch, and DISARM her signals… What you’re doing is taking control of the situation to steer it where YOU please… WITHOUT her running the show and running all over you…which is what can happen if you don’t catch these signals before it’s too late! So while us ladies don’t necessarily have any malicious intent with these in the least…it’s important that you pick up on these signals to  avoid getting the shitty end of the stick when it comes to women who can’t be clear with you… So that you can get EXACTLY what you WANT and DESERVE when it comes to going after and keeping these crazy creatures ; - )


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