Warm Approach With Pheromones

Start with trait transference.
This is accomplished by looking as much like the lead singer Peter Steele as possible.
Then once you arrive at the concert you would mingle with the people there.
Attempting to attract the girls now is a mistake* since it doesn’t make further use of transference. * Mistake in this case meaning making things more difficult on yourself.

Instead travel from group to group talking to each for a few minutes. This way the girls you talk you are more likely to remember you from earlier in the night about how pheromones work.

Re-approaching is also called warm approach with pheromones, which has a higher percentage chance of being successful pheromone user. Learn more at http://www.2007nbamockdraft.com/the-other-side-of-pheromone-attraction/ and http://www.sempermac.com/insane-pheromones/

Now it’s show time with your new pheromone spray.

The band plays and gets the girls into a highly charged state. They feel good and their fantasies are firing at filll throttle.

After the show talk to the girls from before.

The energy from the show transfers to you as well as her fantasies of sleeping with the dark, yet sexy lead singer via trait transference of true pheromones.

She wants to get laid and you sort of look like the lead singer. It’s only a matter of time.

Talk to her about the concert and suggest heading to a bar or someplace a woman who attended a Gothic metal concert would be interested in going. Learn more at http://www.richardsgoldsmithing.com/we-know-pheromones-work/

Then take her home as the scents, sounds, and your touch finally fill her with sensory transference.

More than 40% of women under thirty had a romantic encounter while on Vacation according to a survey by the Website Miss Travel.

Transference at the club:

Knowing the DJ and club promoters will give you a lot more status with the women than a doorman will. Befriend them

Other examples of places where transference is at work are music festivals, which are a hybrid between concerts and Vacations, playing Video games that require a lot of moment, and karaoke night at your local bar.


Creating attraction is at the center of any good seduction system Without it you become her friend or she isn’t interested in even speaking to you.

The probleml find with many systems is they either assume she is already attracted to you or they take far too long to gain attraction and progress the interaction forward.

Data Sharing: Or how not to be attractive

A problem most guys have when it comes to seduction is they focus on sharing data either through talking about boring everyday things or by the rote presentation of routines.

There’s no persuasion here, no zest for life, but it’s what the majority of so-called seduction artists do.


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