Using Pheromones Abroad

By the time my Eurostar arrived back in London Mafalda’s visit to London was half over but we'd meet the next day, Friday night. I needed to rustle up a wing for the double date so I pinged Fernando, my best friend at the time with greater pheromone production.

"She's coming with an escort, and I have no idea what she'll be like. The last one seemed like a nice girl, but she was built like Attila the Hun," I told him as I laid it all out. About using pheromones for pleasure.

Fernando laughed and agreed to take one for the team. I made arrangements with Mafalda for the two girls to meet us at London Bridge that night. I don't know if it was the lazy holiday attitude or what, but the girls turned up almost two hours late. We were raging. Fernando stuck it out for me though, and we waited in a nearby pub, and so I was extra happy to see that the ”obstacle” was actually reasonably good- looking and used Pherazone pheromones. A tall Libyan twenty-something called Azhar. I could see my Brazilian friend let out a low whistle of relief. She was worth a poke.

Most pubs were shutting up shop this time of night but we found one by the river. Mafalda and her escort both admitted that they had never drank alcohol before. We told them we would start them off gently with some sweet cocktail drinks. Pretty soon the girls were demanding more and getting off on the alcohol buzz. Although things were going very well throughout the night, I doubted that the logistics of the hotel where the girls were staying would be conducive to banging them that night using unscented pheromone perfumes and sprays. Learn about the effects of pheromones.

We hung out at the pub for a while, and in a very short time, Mafalda and I were holding hands, and I could tell that Fernando’s girl was really into him. I suggested that we take a walk along the South Bank riverside. Mafalda and I walked along, hand in hand, and Fernando was keeping a good distance behind us, at least a hundred meters, with his girl. Learn more at

I pushed her up against a wall and kissed her. She kissed back offering no objections or resistance at all, until she heard footsteps approaching. She didn't want her escort to see us kissing although it was a safe bet that her friend was doing the same thing with Fernando when she wasn't looking. I wondered if she really didn't know that, or if it was just a denial of sorts. Either way, she wanted to keep it all on the down low. Learn more at


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