Use Pheromones From The Beginning

Use pheromones from the beginning; you’re a man who’s interested in her with strong eye contact, deep vocal tonality, and being physical in your approaches.  The bolder and more courageous moves you make, the better results and growth you will have in your life. If the approach is socially out of context, then say it’s weird and acknowledge the weirdness. “I’ve never done this before.” “I know this is weird but....we know the true power of human pheromones”

“I’m really shy and new to this...” “This is my first time out in months. I just finished a (insert show) marathon on Netflix” It’s okay to say the truth and in many ways it’s appreciated by the woman. Remember it’s not about the words, it’s the fact that you’re making moves. Choose the bold action over the easier one of sex pheromones. It’s more polarizing and arousing for the woman to experience. Listen, women want you to succeed. They want a confident, fun, Grounded Man to introduce themselves to her. Be the dream man she so badly wants to meet. You have to be able to take action. Do not become a self-help reader or professional YouTube watcher on this stuff and not take any action with cheap pheromones. Learn more at and

You will be in the same position you are in now five years from now if you do that. You must go out, stand in front a woman, express yourself, be vulnerable and okay with the fact that she may not like you. Overall, you want your thoughts, words, and actions are all aligned. Fully express yourself, let them experience you one hundred percent and hold nothing back. You must remove the story in your head that tells you you’re not ready and you can’t go up to a woman who likes real pheromones. If you want to meet a girl, then go do it. I don’t care if she’s at the gym, on the phone, with friends, or family. Go do it. If the opportunity presents itself and you want it, then go get it. Women like it when a man makes a bold move and is honestly expressing himself with no hidden agenda. You have to do it. The good reactions won’t come to you. You have to get in there, approach, and express yourself. It’s going to take work with sexy pheromones. Learn more at and

Let go of expecting positive reactions from other people because it’s out of your control. There are too many variables to consider: her upbringing, personality, sense of humor, culture, age, how she’s feeling that day which go into whether or not she likes you. Take control of the only variable you can which is if you took action. Action equals internal fulfillment for yourself which makes you a success no matter what, got it? “Should I say it, should I say it...” SAY IT! “Should I do it, should I do it...” DO IT! You cannot take responsibility for what you can’t control. As long as you have good intentions, you win. There is nothing more of what you could do anyways, so let go of the outcome. You should feel good because you are taking action with your own intentions and living in alignment to what you value – personal growth of pheromone production.


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