Typically when a woman is preparing to use Pheromones

Whom she came to the club with [boyfriends, guy friends, and girlfriends]. How you treated her friends [especially the less attractive friends].
Her position in her social hierarchy.

If she drove herself, the parking situation, how close she lives to your place, how close you live to the place where you met her, and the time it takes to travel to your seduction location.

If one or both of you have to work in the morning.

Typically when a woman is preparing to go home with you she will run off to the bathroom with her fiiends to work out all of the details. Learn more at http://www.vialucis.us/the-evidence-that-animals-communicate-via-pheromones-is-abundant/ and http://definesuperpac.com/with-those-pheromones/

Remember: If she isn’t the leader of her group or bold enough to go against her social conditioning her friends can become a major problem for pheromone users.

An example of poor logistics is when you’re visiting a friend in another city who lives with his parents and it takes an hour to drive to the city from the suburbs where your friend lives.

Remember: to think ahead if you know you are going to have logistical issues.

You don’t have to go back to your place necessarily. There’s always the club bathroom, secreted away spots, the park, your car, hotels, and the alley behind the bar.

Quick Tip: On a first date pick a few venues to visit and end with the one that’s closest to where you live. It makes the transition smoother with greater pheromones. Learn more at http://acs2013.com/2016/12/03/pheromones-are-useful-for-dating/

Reverse Date:

Here’s a neat tip to get her to ask you out and boosted his natural pheromone productin.

After get her attracted to you say, “You know, I’ve never checked out [whatever you are thinking of doing] .”

Alternatively you can say, “You know I really don’t know all that many people around here and I’m making friends...”

If you’ve attracted her, your pause will cause her to suggest checking out whatever it is you want to do together. Or she’ll give you her number.

However, if she doesn’t say anything you can simply continue with what you were saying or ask her out yourself.

Lead her to ask and she becomes more invested [more willing to go along with the things you suggest].

It makes it seem like she’s the one pursuing you.

Contact Information:

Phone Numbers:

For whatever reason when a guy gets a girl’s number he thinks he has just accomplished a great feat. This is not the case.

Some girls are too polite to say no, some give you a fake number, and some give out their number just to get rid of you.

While other girls enjoy their moment with you, but lose interest because they can no longer justify their feelings when they are away from you.

As suchl only take a girl’s number in a few situations.


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