True pheromones really matter

True pheromones really matter.  (I’m actually in the process of developing a whole program on just understanding men, which is going to be my most valuable program to date.) So how do you increase your spiritual value? First of all, become more aware and more conscious pheromone user.

Start learning and keep learning. Expand your mind. Read books like … “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl, “Psycho-cybernetics” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay. Become the next, more advanced version of yourself. Learn more about the world and have more compassion for every single person you come across. Best of all – change your mindset and perception about the thing not being done. Is it the end of the world that it hasn’t been done? No. and it never will be. If you ever find yourself nagging - Ask yourself: “what’s more important. My relationship, or getting him to do this thing?” Learn more at

And if you’re honest with yourself; and your answer is to get him to do this thing you want done; it’s time to reconsider whether you really deserve a relationship. A man will only do things when you nag just to please you or out of OBLIGATION. And things that are done out of obligation KILL any attraction that exists. And, that’s what nagging is bout, isn’t it? It’s just about obliging a man to do something with real pheromones. Learn more at

If you want to kill the attraction and the romance he feels for you; nag. It’s the best way. Neediness – let me get this straight. There is the neediness that is expressed in a way that actually ENDEARS a man to you and makes you charming to him. You can be needy and poke fun at him or come up with new, fun and creative ways to get his attention, and he won’t be able to resist you. In fact, he probably wants you to do it. However, most women express their neediness in the form of checking up on him, requiring this and that to be done by him at a certain time; or always demanding something when they’re not getting it. Needy behavior; behavior that restricts his freedom is sending this message: I’m so low value that I cannot find ways to meet my own needs more pheromones. Learn more at

The highest value people know exactly how to meet their own needs when they feel lonely, depressed or stuck in a rut. It’s simply about getting out of yourself and challenging yourself. It’s about doing whatever it takes to get happy – NOT finding excuses for why you are never happy and always needing something. H ere are signs of neediness: Trying to get his attention in aggressive ways. Always wanting more from him than you’re willing to give. Expecting something BEFORE you’re willing to give anything. (wanting him to “go first” all the time). Forgetting the GOOD things he’s done, and focusing on the bad usage of pheromones.


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