Timing With Pheromones for Attraction

The voice is a bit of humor that relies on comedic timing and it adds versatility to your game. It’s highly usefiil in these sorts of situations, but it can be applied in a general way without a problem Remember: this is a cheesy, homespun humor that’s less likely to work with attractive party girls who adore human pheromones.

Step 1: Create an “Us vs. Them” mentality by pointing out some negative trait others have, but you two are above related to natural pheromones.

For example whenl came up with this I was at work complaining about the workers not doing their job. This was evident by having to pull most of the previous day’s work back off of the shelves.

Step 2: Reinforce your original position by pointing out two or three more examples of this behavior with pheromones. Learn more at http://herenciasenespana.com/i-hold-the-pheromone-scent-without-air.html/

Why? The reason is because this type of girl enjoys feeling morally or intellectually superior to others. Step 3: Make an unexpected statement on pheromone usage.

Vary your voice and stretch the words out while adopting an over-the-top persona when commenting toward the object of your  pheromone desire.

Think of a distinguished gentleman smoking his pipe with a booming voice. It should be pompous, yet jovial. The delivery is one of being overjoyed as though this is an old friend you haven’t seen in years of pheromone research.

I located a package of canned tomatoes. When I found theml realized they were also part of the previous day’ s stock that went unworked.

So I said, “Well hellooo! Ihaven’t seen you since yesterday.” This was a reference to the fact that, yet again, the work wasn’t done.

The juxtaposition between what seemed like a greeting to an old friend [directed at an inanimate obj ect] and having used the word “yesterday” heightens the humor.

Voice shifting amplified the humor while keeping within the bounds of the stereotypical “better than you” theme.

Step 4: After creating fits of laughter in her you’ll reach a point where you can cycle her laughter back on itself to create a fit of hysteria of pheromones.

You accomplish this by underplaying your attempt not to laugh at her laughing, which only causes her to start laughing again.

An added bonus of creating such a strong response, besides gaining her goodwill, is attracting the attention of everyone around you.

They will wonder what’s going on and ask themselves who’s this guy that can bring a girl to tears of laughter so easily?

Sending your social status through the roof. Remember: When adapting this for the bars pick a topic she’s likely to feel above with good pheromones.

Perhaps this is the behavior of drunks, or maybe it’s all the lame guys hitting on girls, or even all the girls she feels are slutty and pathetic.

Then point out to her a few more of these people.

Finally come up with a cheesy modulated line that one of these people might say to another person.

It could be an incredibly bad pick-up line, a discombobulated line a drunk might spew out when attempting to act smooth, or a highly sexualized and blatant statement one of these easy girls might


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