This is really easy to do with pheromones

This is really easy to do with pheromones. All you have to do is with a calm expression on your face slowly look up into her eyes and hold her gaze for a few seconds.

Quick Tip: If you have trouble looking into her eyes feel free to use the forehead or single eye workaround where you focus on her forehead or look at the inner corner of one of her eyes. Learn more about pheromones at

Now, what you’re doing here is looking for verification of the truth in her eyes.

Her embarrassed state will conflict with the new nonverbal information your gaze is conveying to her.

In other words you’re silently asking, “Are you attracted to me by touching me?”

By nonverbally asking her this question she’ll naturally assume that she created a display of attraction by touching you. Her initial state shifts to one of attraction of cheap pheromones

Since most women filter the world through their emotions this shift creates an even stronger bond between your pheromones at and

Holding her gaze allows you to display even more self-confidence amplifying her attraction and from here your pheromone communication options are:

a. Reward: Give her a complement for feeling attracted to you.

b. Release: Look away. The feelings between you became too intense and thus you released the tension.

c. Return: If her attraction is strong kiss her. Or forget about the rest of the meal and ask her if she wants to go home with you.

Reverse Proximity Attraction Street Approach:

Here’ s an example of using reverse proximity through nonverbal eye coding. Step 1: When you’re approaching a woman on the street while walking look into her eyes. If she:

Holds your gaze she is attracted. 0 Looks down then returns your gaze assume she’s attracted and a little shy. 0 Looks to the side before returning your gaze proceed with caution. This might be a sign of disinterest or she’s playing hard to get. 0 Looks to the side, but does not return your gaze means she is not interested.

Step 2: As you near her take a path that will collide with her if one of you does not move.

Use nonverbal eye-coding to determine your direction. Look to the left if you plan to walk to the left and vice versa with greater pheromones.

Step 3: Step in the opposite direction.

If you eye-coded to her you were going to walk around her on the left you will go to the right and vice versa pheromones.


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