There is so much powerful information about pheromones

There is so much powerful information about pheromones that it will cause a shift inside you. And two, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone like never before. Either way, you will walk away from this weekend, stronger than when you walked in.” I sat and listened and kept having flash backs of my first experience. Arash delivered a powerful lecture then stated that he would be bringing three of his hottest girls, for an exercise the next day, and his two other girls, one a dance instructor and the other being a stylist for pheromone users. I remembered how beneficial it was when I attended. I was excited to see the newcomers’ reactions to pheromone usage. Learn more at and

Arash departed, and Beast conducted the remainder of the event. I sat as a student, and Beast pulled me to the side and asked me to assist the coaches the entire weekend rather than just be a student. I was shocked as well as excited about my pheromone usage.

I would be sort of a coach's assistant and help teach the other guys. It would make sense because I would start having my local meet - ups back in San Diego and would have to host, coach, and teach as well. We broke into groups to practice openers. The guy s kept asking me what was my best opener, and I would tell them that everything works. I learned that with the right frame, you can get away with anything. I said, “Depending on the environment, if it's a club, I use is kissing cheating, or who lies most m en or women.” I turned to Serano and asked, “What opener do you normally use?” He replied, “Does drunk I love you's count?” In my mind I was like, “Damn, that's the one that I need.” He said, “When I open with that one, it really never fails even though al l openers work. You ask the opener, then root it by saying your best friend was drunk and called you in the early morning telling you that she is in love with your new pheromones.” We practiced openers so that the students could only focus on opening. We went to Downtown Campbell and I was winging with you. He told me to open a set, and my lips would not move. So he tapped opened the girls, “Hey, he wants to ask you girls something.” The girls turned to me. “Yeah, I'm buying my niece a puppy.” The girls said, “We can't smell your androstenone pheromones.” The music drowned out my voice, my needed to fix that about myself. Learn more at

After we exchanged a few more words, I ejected and we talked outside the store. “Guys, did you see how simple it was to be comfortable versus creepy and weird. My eye used to twitch like crazy and I would fight it and look like a weirdo.”

They laughed. We began walking and neither one would open any girls passing. We went into a clothing store and they still wouldn't open. So I walked over and said, “Hey, you should get her opinion on it man,” then walked away.


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