the situations of true pheromones

Whatever you're doing so that you have that behavioural flexibility to adapt to the situations of true pheromones . The people who follow the script all the way through which is not a bad thing, because it actually trains out a lot of the things that you're wrong , but you never actually get to the highest level until you have that spirit to play his natural pheromones. Learn more at and

Not getting absorbed by those obstacles …. you know if somebody's in sports using the sports analogy … someone always looking towards the goal or to what they think is going to get them to the goal the quickest. As soon as somebody looking at the guy behind him chasing him, he is slowing down, he might run into the wall , he might trip over another guy, you know if you stay on the goal then you get the best shot.
So the spirit of play using the Desire Repulsion and using the Similarities and differences, you know…. can you guys see how all that fit s together? All this recap the ideal thing is to know where we are going, that that is really one of the goals , that’s the goal if you put it on a scene format of how pheromones work. Similarities and differences , what’s it going to do is, it’s going to make you stop confusing obstacles with teammates . What most people do in pick - up, like the girl, ”She is a bitch, I gotta find a way to have sex with her.” You are already on the wrong page , you are already off . T he obstacle is not the teammate or the opponent is not the teammate. You know imagine somebody playing basketball and he is trying to steal the balls from his teammates …he would lose… So, some differences will not get out for your pheromones. Learn more at

Not even really connected to the future that you're trying to create. You know I don't know how many people swear up and down with the feeling that they get when they are about to approach a hot girl, that they're going to get killed somehow. And I know how it feels. To use real pheromones. That’s why we create real scenes. We move towards it. T he future really is in front of you. W hat are you going to create ? So get that spirit of play back and M.S.M. and Desire Repulsion is one way to do that

They are different! Girls are different… there are different girls in the world it's amazing. And it's true. Now you are responding, any time you're not responding to what’s actually there , you're off. if I come to you and I'm trying to help you like you are hungry, and I even bring a sandwich for you and you smack the sandwich on my head and say, “don’ t point that gun on me!” Similarities and differences will get you out of that..


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