The Physical Love of Pheromones

I believe that all men want the experience of romantic love… Your Idea of Love May Not Be Someone Else’s With all the conflicts that we have as women, and that men have – there’s always another point to keep in mind: that’s the issue of different perceptions of what love really is. This is especially true when you look at things from a man’s perspective, and then look at things from a woman’s perspective. In my quest to learn more about these three types of love, and how us women can fulfill ourselves and our men better, I suspected that women probably (at least subconsciously) value attachment love more than men do with natural pheromones. Learn more at and

The life from his eyes, and really understand and anticipate what he might need. This is a commitment you need to make yourself. It sounds effortful, I know, and I’ve thought the same thing. But the great news is that when you do this on a consistent basis of pheromones. Learn to understand first, and then you have more power to take a smart empowered action of true pheromone attraction.

With pheromones and you make it your standard (to put yourself in his shoes), you will experience rewards and bliss and admiration and love and passion well beyond your wildest dreams. So before you jump ahead and check out our tools for maintaining romantic love, just take a moment to think about your current relationship, or a past relationship if you are currently single. Use an ex love for these exercises if you don’t have a spouse who adored his pheromones. Learn more at and

I’m sure you have some idea of what those experiences and those moments are for you personally. So keep that end goal in mind, as we progress through this module. So before I start, let me ask you this. Why do you want to have a man or multiple men feel attraction for you? Why do you want to be desirable? No, really. Think about this just for a moment. Why do you want to have that deeply committed relationship where your man pays you more attention than any other man to their woman? Well, you may say… “if he was to be deeply committed to me, then I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I can feel secure and I can be assured that I can have kids.” Ok, so my next question is… “why do you want to be assured and why do you want to have kids?”

You may answer… “well, if I’m assured, then I will feel safe and secure. If I have kids, then I will be able to give my love and receive love.” But why do you want to feel safe and secure, or love and receive love? “Well, then I will feel… good!” I think at the bottom of all of this, (and the bottom of everything that we do), we just want to feel good. W e want to experience “good” feelings and stay away from the bad feelings. We all want a quality intimate relationship where we can be our real selves and experience moments of joy, love ecstasy, and euphoria. So in this volume of Attraction Control Monthly, we’re going to look into what gives you and controls those amazing feelings in your relationship using natural pheromones.

The Quality of Your Relationship… I think at this stage, it is fair to say that we all want to feel deeply connected to someone where we feel like we know their soul and they know ours. And we all want to feel that sense of attraction or be in the state of “being in love”. We all want a quality relationship where we feel like we’re the most important thing in the world to that person. We all love to be worshipped and cherished using natural pheromones.


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