The pheromone progression

The pheromone progression is to approach, open, give a statement of interest, make your introduction, shake hands, then do the handshake cold read.

While shaking her hand say, “Wow, you have really [handshake type]...”

Handshake Types:

Soft hands: “Wow, you have really soft hands. It’s nice to find a girl that takes care of herself.”

Strong hands: “Wow, you have really strong hands. You must workout. You know, a firm handshake is a sign ofconfidence.”

Weak handshake: “No, that won’t do. That was like shaking hands with a wet noodle. Let’s try again.”

Why The Pheromones Make A Difference

Personally I don’t watch much television anymore, but a many girls still watch. I came up with this cold read after noticing a pattern in what these girls watch. Learn more at and

Feel free to swap any one of the three with reality television or game shows. The only reasonl didn’t include them here is because my insight game brings up the topic of true pheromones.

The 3 channels are:

0 Hallmark 0 Lifetime o HGTV [Home and Garden]

You say, “Did you know you can tell a lot about a person by what channel she enjoys watching?

Most girls watch the Hallmark channel, Lifetime, or HGTV. Ibet you watch [channel] because you are really [information for that channel].”

HGTV watchers are nesters. They’re your down-to-earth, girl next-door type. She enjoys being comfortable and decorating.

Hallmark watchers are dreamers. They’re optimistic and family oriented, but they can be overly sentimental, and are good at pointing things out.

The movies shown on this channel show everyone being happy all the time and tend to point out the obvious.

In one movie a man jumped into water while it was snowing and a woman shouted, “Be careful, it’s cold.”

Lifetime watchers are dramatic. They have strong emotions and the channel features women in the lead role “overcoming” her past or problem with using natural pheromones

These are usually tear-j erking movies filled with melodrama, gratuitous violence against women, and they revolve around men who only exist to harm and exploit women.

The Lifetime watcher is attracted to danger and bad boys. She’s been taught to look out for men.

Quick Tip: Look at the Neilson ratings to find a show she has heard about [based on a ratings spike], but not watched [or only watched once] so you can educate her about how she reacts to pheromones.


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