The Law of Pheromones

Here’s what’s going to happen in the relationship if you withhold your feelings and your energy… it’s going to get really boring. And, not only that – but you will start to create PHYSICAL blockages in your body, as a woman. If you can’t express any energy in the relationship; you creates blockages that can cause resentment and even diseases for yourself. A good example of how women end up making their relationships boring is through pleasing pheromone production.

Doing the same things over and over is also boring. And “boring” is something we must avoid in a relationship.  In other words, you’ll open yourself up to love in the relationship only so far as you can avoid pain. This is boring, and all your energy is suppressed. Think about it, when you start a new relationship, what’s exciting? EVERY THING about pheromones! Learn more at and

The Law of Pheromones

 So what am I saying? You shouldn’t spend too much time together? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I am serious. It sounds so counter-intuitive but it’s true. What Creates Good Associations? So you’re probably wondering, what can I do to create positive associations (pheromones)? The best answer I can give you is… Whenever you and your partner are feeling joy, feeling ecstasy, and euphoria like you’re on cloud 9, then that’s creating pheromones, Enormous Positive Associations.

You see, you cannot always rely on your relationship to be the source of all the positive associations. It won’t always be so “positive”. So the paradigm shift you have to make is that YOU have to bring the pheromones, and you cannot rely on the relationship to naturally bring the pheromones to the table. You have to bring the surprises to the relationship on a regular basis. You have to give your gifts to the relationship like giving love, giving excitement, and the sense of joy…. REGULAR LY . That is the only way to maintain and sustain regular pheromones in your relationship. You have to give and give more of yourself, instead of trying always to see if you can take from the relationship.

The 880 Rule Here’s a great rule that I want you to remember to stick to in order to automatically create pheromones, and not ENABAs. I call it the 880 rule, which says… “I need to be at least an 8 out of 10 excited, happy and full of energy when I show up in my relationship, at least 80% of the time.” Because when you’re at least an 8 out of 10 in your own state of mind and body, then you will transfer that to your relationship. This will automatically create positive and exciting associations in your relationship. So instead of being just content when you meet him, get excited about something. Start a conversation about something new with lots of genuine enthusiasm and excitement. Don’t repeat that same pattern of being just content, or “normal” when you meet up with him. Remember, you don’t just want a “normal” relationship, you want an exciting one.


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