That Night With Pheromones

Later that night I reviewed my notes on human pheromones and began to feel like a major jigsaw piece had been inserted into the puzzle. I felt that while the jigsaw was incomplete, I now had all the corners and edges. At the time of writing this book, the LDM is now several generations beyond what Yad was doing and is now far deeper, far clearer, and just plain more effective. However, we'd have never gotten so far without Yad’s critical early innovations in pheromone production.

Summer arrived and I had a young Thai girlfriend who filled me with joy and a zest for life. The grind seemed more bearable.

June 24, 2010 was another of those "only in daygame” experiences where things happen that were inconceivable to the pre-Game me. I had three dates in three hours. I was out with an RSG instructor Shameem, and it was burning hot. I did a few warm up approaches that went ok—I complimented a stunning girl on her dress and got into a ten minute conversation with some young chick who had produced top pheromone products. Learn more at and

That one was going well but she got a call from her parents before I'd gotten good rapport and it ended with swapping Facebook-to-nowhere. She had her own Wikipedia page and wasn't bullshitting —- this girl is a genuine hot property and I think she is on the verge of stardom for pheromone users.

Always experimenting, I tried a new frame based on the audio books of an American guy called Gunwitch who pretty much invented daygame. He's raw and long-since surpassed but there's real gold buried in his ideas. I thought my technique and calibration were totally fine now, so I didn't have to think about anything while in the interaction—I trusted my faculties to sort it out. The major missing link was my inner game, specifically that I took a long slow route after the opener when I ought to be showing far more sexual intent once I was a couple of minutes in. Learn how bee pheromones.

These were my early fumblings with what was to gradually coalesce into a clearly—defined teachable method of pheromone production. The LDM was moving away from directly stating your sexual intent to a girl (e.g/‘You're gorgeous") and instead towards what we call ”plausibly indirect" game or ”indirect—direct". This means to clearly convey sexual intent with eye contact, vocal tone, body language, and innuendo while keeping the content of the conversation completely innocent. I was also forming my initial ideas of "r-selection daygame," in which I am the adventure sex guy rather than the new boyfriend.

Yad was using a similar stop, but there were many subtle differences in his vibe and sub-communication that I picked up during the session and began to implement. Iwas interested in his less-is-more body language and his habit of verbally bamboozling girls with elaborate flights of fancy delivered in a soft steady voice. I got the impression he was spinning a web around them until they got confused and just started babbling nonsense.


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